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First published year 2008
Chaminda Preethi Kumara
Author’s note
     Doing something new has become a fashion in the society. However this society will not accept all new things as new creations. Mostly it is because of the inability to erase the old things in the hollows of human head. I am a person trying to create something new by means of studying the old things well. Anyhow I do not try to highlight my work as a new product which hadn’t been done in this world here before. I am trying to travel as an isolated creative person. My true aim is to reproduce different the thoughts establishing in my mind and to give them to my dear readers without any expectations or privileges. Their response is my success. I won’t tremble. I’ll
proceed on my way.  
          This series of stories is reproduction with full of creative thoughts. These stories are full with facts those could be real one day or never can be any day forever. Read this, I believe that you will enjoy a good time while on run.
            You can feel traveling through wonderful places and you will see wonderful things. It won’t be dreaming but you can feel like real creations before your eyes.  Then you may feel that you too are a person living in that world. If someone wants to get relief from monotonous, without any effort he will prefer to send his mind to another place. I invite you to be my dear readers and to be familiar with this strange taste.           
            My dear readers who have gone through my work, you welcomed me within a very short period. You never abandoned isolated in this creation world. Therefore I made an attempt to create this piece of work with transforming your strength into my strength. My heartily thank to my dear readers. I owe you and expect that you will stay with me in future as well.
            Creating non existing facts on this live world is a matter done by mind. It couldn’t be done over night and some sort of meditation is needed to handle our mind. I never left anything to develop this ability. I am always devoted to achieve this discipline.  
            It is a reason for my regret that nobody is trying to get some sort of benefit from my education or knowledge. However my parents and teachers who guided me in this courage path are seated in the front line of my heart.
chaminda preethi kumara
            My dear children you are going to read a wonderful story about Keer Koor Moor Island. It’s full of unimaginable interesting incidents. It’s written in very simple language. This is a very long story so I am going to give it to you in five parts. It will take a little long time to complete your reading this story. You must stay with me until that. Then only uncle can gather strength to write this story in a very interesting way. Uncle has decided to reveal the location of this island at the end of this story.
            My dear children, you should not make any attempt to try to do the things in this story. Some of them are impossible, you can never do.
            Uncle is going to give you some thing about Keer Koor Moor Island in brief. Those who are living in this island are children like you.  Children from all over this world with different talents are selected and sent to this island. That is for improving their talents. Children like you there have unimaginable talents.  They improve these talents and become the best in the world. Six pupils like you from those who go to this island in a term gain surprising talents.
  Koor is a one who can walk on water. 
  Kau can talk with trees; he has the ability to make the trees walk.           
   Rebrew can reach any place in the universe with in a second. 
Keeth can keep on changing his body into any shape and appear as he wants in any place.
 Rayr can become invisible; he has the ability to turn anyone into a condemned stone.
                                    The only girl in this group is Moumi. Everyone loves her. She is garrulous, pretty and the place where she stays is very colourful. If one can get her consent and help to do something he can get it done perfectly. Therefore many try to get her help. Nobody can cheat her easily. She cannot be cheated.  She is a very sensitive and intelligent child. In a certain period these six come to learn in this island. In the beginning they were not familiar with each other, but later they became friends after identifying the talents of each other.
            They are known as The Group of Six. They become famous not only in Keer Koor Moor but also all over in the entire universe. All love them as well with a little fear due to their abilities.
            They are staying in this island nearly for twenty seven years. They have come to Keer Koor Moor when they were between eight and twelve. They became familiar with each other within a few years. Their talents come out only when they reach sixteen.
            You can read the story from this point interestingly. There a lot of boys who love Moumi and there are many boys who disturb her.  The punishment they get for are surprising. However the six in the Six Group love Moumi. Moumi too loves this six but there is only one who over takes others and wins moumi’s love at the end. Who is that?           
            Uncle will tell you about him definitely. Who is that hero who travels around the universe with Moumi after winning her? What are the reasons those caused Moumi to like him? What are the techniques these clever ones use in this task? Wait for it. One day you may get a chance of landing on Keer Koor Moor unexpectedly. You must try to be a full child with cleverness and intelligence. That’s the wish of your uncle.
I wish a bright future for my dear children.
Keer Koor Moor Island.
          What’s This Keer Koor Moor Island?

  Who can help without mouth- watering when one you see a sweet honey laden bee hive? But you can’t eat much because you will be intoxicated. The time period given for one person will be only thirty seconds. Only the quantity that would be dropped into your mouth within these thirty seconds will be your chance.  
            What a pity! For some will not get even a single drop during this period. But those children won’t give up; they make a second try. Sometime they succeed in the second try but one a single drop. Some get more that one cannot bear up. They swallow all that honey and lie down there and here intoxicated.
            But the problem is this. Where from this honey comes? No one knows. It’s real bee honey. There is no starting point or any honey bowl to be found. There is a certain place where one has to go, open his or her mouth and wait for thirty seconds. Then it will honey drops fall into mouth.  That’s all, no use of telling with friends. Nobody can help. This honey fall on one’s own ability. It’s like miracle.
            Do you know where such places are?  The places are in none other than Keer Koor Moor Island. Those who can go there only will be able to see and enjoy this.
            “Then madam how can we go to Keer Koor Moor Island?”
            “We provide you an opportunity for that, in every year we select twelve children from Sri Lanka to send to Keer Koor Moor Island. This number is from the children selected from all schools in Sri Lanka.”

            “Madam We don’t know how to join this group”

            “We chose the talented children from our school, and then send them for national levels. The children succeeded from the contests there will be dispatched to Keer Koor Moor Island. They can come back only after twenty seven years. They won’t be able to see their parents during this period. They can’t come back too. There won’t be any accidents or danger. No death. “
            “How could be?”
            “Nobody entering that island will face death in that island. It’s due to the great power there. No illness can attack as well.  There are no hospitals even.”

            “When mischievous children run there and here won’t they fall? Won’t be any injuries madam?”

            “It’s a very good question! I even have that question with me. But as far as I have come to know there won’t be such incidents. They say that when a child falls by entangling legs while running, immediately there will be an antagonistic power from the opposite direction against the gravity. It will keep the child up without falling. Therefore there won’t be any chance of getting injuries.”
            “I have heard that when children land on Keer Koor Moor from other countries, they drop some sort of powerful medicine into mouths on their arrival. Thereafter there will be no illness. This has been told by the children who had been to Keer Koor Moor.”

            “Where are they now, madam?”

            “They are here. We bring them to train you so that you will get special abilities. You will learn a lot from them. But there is a slight problem. They are not completely matured to perform wonderful things. Though they had been sent to Keer Koor Moor they failed tests their and have come back. There are no any Sri Lankan children who have completed the total twenty seven years in Keer koor Moor and become qualified for wonderful performances yet. They are here. I got information from them only. But they have no sufficient memory to tell all about that island, especially about the very special things pleasantness of the island and specially the location of that island because they have forgotten all these information.”
            “Really where is this Keer Koor Moor Island, Madam?”

“I don’t know exactly, we are going to bring one of them here next week to train you for the test. We can know more about this island from him about the location of that island. As I have come to know the children go there by a ship.  In a certain period President of the country gets a letter without the address of the sender. It says “If the qualified twelve children from your country are ready to be sent to Keer Koor Moor Island one of our vessel will have been anchored at a certain place, take the children there and handover them to our government official who is on duty in that vessel.” The letter says. But only one child will be going there at last. Others come back. The one who goes becomes the super talented.”
            “The wonderful thing is the vessel is invisible, you can’t see boarding even. They will feel it when they have been taken and boarded by the officials. That’s all.”
            “ Waw, it’s very wonderful!”

            “And really no any other person in this world knows about this island?”

            “Many are there, but no use of knowing. There is no use of coming back from there after failing the tests. They don’t have any special abilities; they just live as they lived here before. In the meantime there are many children in many countries who have successfully spent twenty seven years in Keer Koor Moor and they perform wonderful talents. There are very special information about them.”
            “Once I read in a news paper about such a person. He is from Madagascar Island. The talent he improved was very interesting and useful to his country. He gives a very good service to his country with ability. People of his country treat him as a deity.  The only thing he does is this; he uses his improved ability to bring riots in his country under control and keeps the external conflicts away. He does these in a strange method. One and only thing he does is, he makes all the rioters or invaders motionless    by means of his ability. Hence they cannot do anything.”
            “They have a big reputation in their lands, aren’t they? Can’t we go to Madagascar and meet him madam?”

            “You can, but he will never tell anyone the way of going to Keer Koor Moor, perhaps he might have promised not to declare anything on that island. That’s why the importance is much.”

            “How can it be madam, technology has been so much developed at present and why can’t they find the location if such a place is existing within this earth? It’s not a difficult task.”

            “Don’t say so. I think we are not yet developed enough to get that technology and to use it. Perhaps in a day when we developed ourselves up that stage in technology, that won’t be much difficult.”

            “Sudantha are you going to do your homework well after going home?”

            “Sure madam. Anyhow I’ll be going to Keer Koor Moor Island this time.”
            “You are very good! It’s a good attempt. I think it is not going to be difficult for you. However Sudantha you are a clever boy. Others should not mistake that I am in favour him. You all too can try.”

            “Do your homework well. As well doing your studies well be well obedient. Be kind to everyone. You should not get angry. Then your abilities will increase automatically. It’s a good qualification.” 

            “Well, my time is over now. Finish this homework at home. Good bye!”

            “Good bye madam!”
            “What’s wrong Menu? You have any problem?”
                       “Really, I like so much of going to Keer Koor Moor Island. Will you help me to get their? Madam told you are capable. I wish I could join. I feel so sorry about myself.”

            “Okay don’t worry, I shall teach you all whatever I know. “

            “Not only Menu you must teach us too.”

            “That’s right! Sumitra, Banu, Noor, Kirala you all come together with whoever wish to my place in the evening. Let’s try together.”

            “Exactly at what time in the evening we have to Suda?”
            “Come after 4.30.”        
                                       Hero Dill

explained many things. I have been given permission for only six hours per school. There are nearly eight hundred and sixty schools in all over Sri Lanka. I can’t go to all these school within a period of one year. That’s why take at one time two three schools together for training. That is the maximum I could do.”

            “Dila Ayya how long you had been in Keer Koor Moor Island?”
            “Almost seven years.”
            “Why couldn’t you stay longer?”
“They sent me back because I couldn’t pass the test in the seventh year.”
“Do they know about Sri Lanka?”
                       “Very little. They don’t care much about countries. They keep only
            the clever children. They don’t care where they are from.”
            “Dila ayya will you tell us all about their details, won’t you?”
            “It is not possible. When they send us back, we forget everything
            not allowed to bring anything what we used there.”
            “How did you get there Dila ayya? Will you tell us a little?”
            “I got that opportunity about six years ago.  I was not aware
            anything. Our school principal said in the morning assembly that
            the president of our   country had received a letter from Keer Koor
            Moor Island. He told that the letter was an invitation to twelve
            Selected children from all schools in the country who have extra
            abilities. They brought selected children from all schools to one
            place and again selected the twelve in the final test. That day our
            principal asked us to put our hands up if we wished to go there. I did so. Age should be over eight. Four students from our school agreed. We four were taken to his office room and he gave information about this.

            “We were glad. Thereafter we participated in a competition with some children from nearby schools. We had been told there to perform something to prove our extra talents. We did what ever we could. I didn’t know any special thing, so I did jumping up.  The examiners asked me how long I could jump up in that way. I said as much as they wanted. Others started to do many different things. One by one they slowed down and the number of children came down in a short time. Some fell down fainted.  Some gave up because of tiredness. I kept it on.
            “Didn’t you get tired?”

            “That was the surprise. I kept on jumping up nearly for an hour. I didn’t feel till the end. I got going up and down without any effort. Others who were there were surprised. All other children lost while I was at it. Only I remained. Nobody else was there with such a talent. So I got selected. Even in the national levels the same thing happened.”

            “It’s really wonderful. You were so lucky Ayya.”

            “The story doesn’t end from there. My parents were surprised when I came home after my victorious selection.  They never thought that I would be such a child with such ability. I was proud of it. I started to thing of going to Keer Koor Moor Island as the child who could keep on jumping up for the best. I used to go down the garden without knowing others did jumping after school everyday. I did it for a long time. My ability of doing that developed, time lengthened gradually. I was used to it.”

            “I had to go to Colombo for further tests. We had been there for about three days. There were nearly about twenty children of my age. I was much excited. When I heard their conversations I never thought of being selected to be the one of the twelve. Anyhow I could. They were much talented. They did things that you could not imagine even. I did well what I could do. On the final day I had been selected because others could not do their performances continuously. I was the only one who got that gift. When I started to jump up I needed no effort, it kept on going up and down itself. That’s all what I knew. I didn’t think it was a talent but anyhow I had become a hero.”

            “What was your plan to overtake others, Dila Ayya?”
            “In fact, my aim was going to Keer Koor Moor Island. I was ambitious on it strongly. I believe that was the reason for this result. My will power had been credited to my action. I won as a result.”

    There are hundreds of children around Dill while he explains about Keer
Koor  Moor. There are a large number of crowd surrounding him to watch at him.
School teachers too are listening to his lecture with much interest. It was not
disturbing Dill.
                                 Dill was a youngster between 18 to 20 years in age. Now he is giving information about what went on six or seven years ago. It was not a matter of any importance to him even though it’s an unimaginable important matter to the others who are there. Why does it happen so?   Dill is handsome and thin. He has got curly hair. As he has cut his hair short, it gave him some sort of pretty hypnotism. Dill was very social and cute. Most people identified Dill as a being been to another planet. Dill denied it because he has never been to such a place. Anyhow if you compare a recent picture of Dill with one taken in his childhood you can really find a new thing. It is not obvious whether it was due to his return from Keer Koor Moor or for some other reason. However the period he spent in Keer Koor Moor was less than six years. When we associate Dill we can imagine what type of person he would be, if he had completed his education period in that island.
          “Son Dill you will get much merits if can help my child too to go to that island. Please help him. He gives me endless trouble at home.”
          “Yes mom, I can understand what you say, there are thousands of parents requesting me to help them to get their children to get part in the contest and get them going to that island. But mom I have no power to do any favour in this matter. Your sons and daughters must essentially have any special ability. It’s a must. Only thing you have to do is, if your child has any such ability you must let them improve it to polish it and bring it to a higher level. In that way only your child can achieve this target.”

          “Dill is surrounded by a large crowd. His feelings may be wonderful. Thing for a while! There is a being just arrived on this Earth from the Mars. What a thrill people might get in looking at it? It’s surprising that this young man too has got such an anxiety towards him.”
There was a kid who stood up to put forward a question “Dill Ayya, you said that you could jump up for a long time length, didn’t you? Please come will you to jump with us together” he requested.  
“Well, my dear brothers and sister who want to do that please come to this side. How many of you are there? oh! Nearly a hundred? so there is no enough space here for that. Let’s go to that playground.”
All the children walked towards the playground with Dill.
“Come into this circle, all of you. right, are you ready? One… two… three. Start now!”

All of the children started to jump up. Dill too started to jump up together with them. Even the parents are looking at them anxiously.
Ground has been covered with dust. Time was on its way. Nobody was ready to accept to lose or to stop jumping. All the children were soaked with dust and sweat, gasping but continue to jump. It seems to be no end. Some children were drinking water while doing this jumping. So much popular this youngster too keeps on jumping up together with these small children. There is no difference in him. One by one started giving up their attempt after about ten minutes. But many ambitious children are still jumping up with much difficulty and tired. Still there is no difference in Dill. Time is moving. Some children have lain down on the ground due to tiredness and they are watching at Dill’s jumping. He moves up strait. He goes up four to five times higher than                              a child jump up usually.  Immediately he reaches the ground and goes up again as immediately as he comes. Many children were looking at the rhythm of his moving up and down. Some didn’t want to give up their attempt. They are trying to give at least a challenge to Dill. Finally all competitors gave up one by one and lain on the ground. Now they are watching at Dill. How ever Dill continued his part nearly for an hour’s period. As the all children have given up their last attempt Dill stopped his jumping and addressed the children.
“Where are the heroes? Come challenge me!”

“Oh! Dill Ayya we can’t phase with you. You are like a machine. Are there springs   fitted to your legs?”

“Is it enough for today? There was a little brother and a little sister who had been keeping on jumping with me little longer, who are they?” I have got a small present for them. Others too have prizes. Some of you have got qualified for the finals. They can come for the final contest on the thirty first of next month. I have done arrangements to talk to you on that day there. Those who have been selected for the final from these schools today will be informed by your principals concerned. “
                                                    Mysterious Notice                      

     “Our mother land is Small Island. It had always given something new to the world. Scientists recognize this land as a place with human settlements from the first stage of human existence on earth.It had produced wonderful heroes and heroines throughout its history. Even though we are not so much consider or proud of these, the countries in this world are with much understanding about it. This is obvious because all the developed and developing countries in the world talk about our country with clear understanding. This is obvious since each and every developed and non developed country on this earth wonder about our country. Why do people from other countries come here?  Do they visit here just to relax in a hotel somewhere near the beach and to go back simply? No. They come for a thorough survey beyond it on our history. They gather new experience through that and use them for the progress of this world. We are not much concerned about such matters. It should not be. Our children should be educated the values of these things. You can’t impose values. You must work to develop them. Elders have not yet recognized these things. They are the ones who are ruining this. If can safeguard and protect our young ones, then only we can be happy as the humans on earth in doing some service to our country and this world. If we wish to have a good future, we must donate to our future some active, wise and clever children with some special qualities. Therefore we as leaders and elders are always bound to do some important things.”
          “Today, I gathered you all here for an important reason. This is my first experience after becoming the president of this country. In fact I had no that much understanding about it. Therefore I didn’t study it so much. I think that was a mistake I made in the past. However I would like correct my mistake and go ahead.”
          “I think you are mentioning about Keer Koor Moor Island.”

          “That’s right.”

          “Mr. President, it is wonderful thing. None of us can understand it. I am working on it for last few years. I even do not have a very correct understanding. It is nearly about eighteen years for our contact with Keer Koor Moor Island. During this period the number of children being to that island is only three. One of them has been disappeared there. Two of them failed and came here back. One youth died untimely. A youth named Dill is still living here. He is the one selecting the qualified children to be sent there. It is under our observation.”
           “Really professor, sending our children to Keer Koor Moor Island and transforming our children there in to extra ordinary youths and getting their services to our country are not an easy task as we think.”
          “Mr. President!  Why do you say so?”
           “As well as in other countries in the world, there are talented ones in our country too. I called over the telephone last night to a President of a country where is an extra ordinary youth who had been in Keer Koor Moor Island for twenty seven years. Why I did so was that I wanted to get more information about it. He proudly spoke to me. In fact this President even works on some sort of advice from that extra ordinary talented youth.”
          “Mr. President! What sort of talent that youth had?”
          “I couldn’t understand it exactly. As I understood he has wonderful talents in farming grain. They say that he has ability to sow seeds and get a doubled harvest within a very short period without any hindrance.”
          “If we had such a one, we could give a real solution to the food shortage. It means he gets the harvest of thousand acres from five hundred acres and in the mean time there is no any additional expenditure. He only sows seeds. It is so wonderful.”
          “It was so, as I understood. If we can get the paddy harvest in our country in such a way, farmers of this country can produce paddy with out much effort.”
          “Can’t we get help from this specialist?”

          “We have to find about. I don’t think so. Such wonderful talents are things developed by such individuals. I don’t think that those are not usable in common. To the best of my knowledge we have to prepare the children from Sri Lanka to go to Keer Koor Moor Island within one hundred and six days. As I have received information, they must be at Nilaveli beach in Trincomalee on the hundred and sixth day in twenty third hour and at twelfth minute. The officials must leave the children in Pigeon Island close to Nilaveli at the thirteenth minute and the officials must leave the place at the eighteenth minute. I have been informed that he would be a disqualification in case of failure to be present at the given time at the mentioned place. If anybody else will stay there with the children it also would be a reason for disqualification. As soon as the child comes under custody of Keer Koor Moor Officials I will get acknowledgement over the phone saying that the child is safe in their hands. Progressive reports of the child will come to my hands within two years as it is mentioned. Finally it is mentioned that they will take steps to send the child back to motherland in case the child fails the three tests would be held in six years.”
          “Can we see that letter Mr. President?”
          “It’s not a letter or a piece of paper. Their message has been recorded by      me.”
          “How did the message reach you?”

           “There was a sentence written on the wall of visitors lobby in the Presidents House two days ago. It was in Sinhalese language, it said ‘record those details’ which will appear here in few minutes’. My officials took charge and tried to record them. They couldn’t capture. Then I went to the place and observed. As it had been under my observation I could see the total message. There were some pictures like Video Clips of different fascinating parts of Keer Koor Moor Island. Children from different nations were there. They were safe and I could see their activities too. Immediately I recorded all these. When we checked our recording we found only the message. We couldn’t find any pictures unfortunately.”
         “Was it delusion Mr. President? As we could here some sort of stories about aura in Buddha statutes recently.”

          “If we compare these two incidents with each other, there can be similarities. Why say this is, now you can understand some people believed that they have seen aura from statutes really. Other who didn’t see it opposed their idea. They said it must be a delusion. It’s the way the things happen Professor.”
         “Don’t say so Mr. President. Former Presidents too have had this experience. But one thing, you are the only president who could watch something visually. You got that great chance. Former gentlemen got a letter, a fax message or an email. You were lucky to watch Video clips too at least.”
          “That’s what I think. Technology is more developed than those days today. Beings are developed to handle the visual things even without devices. Otherwise they may be having some strange power. It’s a simple matter for them. Anyhow this cannot be a delusion at all. I don’t have any defects in my eyes. I was much interested in showing t6he records. You would have accepted it if it was possible to record. Wonderful thing it was. In the other hand I don’t know whether I tried to do a wrong thing.”

          “Why do you think so? Was it shown in the display that you shouldn’t record?”
          “No. There wasn’t any such information.”
     “Then there won’t be any fault on you.”

          “You can believe. We have heard in religious stories about Heavenly worlds. We imagine them in our minds their structure, angels, gods and goddesses. When I was watching I was in an impression of such heavenly place. Only the difference was those who were there were not gods or goddesses. They were men and women with white or black skins. The environment and how our children were behaving there. All could not be explained in words.”
         “I wish if I could land on that island one day. “  
         “Can you locate yourself?”
         “My god, I can’t do it! Still the experts are trying to discover the place. Not yet they are up to that. If it will be happened the values go lost. We will lose the intelligence that we have to get from them. Let it be there as it exists.”

          “That’s okay! by the way what is the next step in selecting the new batch to be dispatched to the island?”
           “Mr. President, we will bring the selected for the finals on the sixty eighth day. We will select twelve children with extra talents. After examining their qualifications we’ll let you know. Only one of them will be qualified enough to be dispatched. Even you will be able to identify him or her when they take him or her into their custody. However we arrange the children for departure. How can you handover the list of these children without any information?”
          “It’s simple. I have been informed the day and time already. Only thing what I have to do on that day is just to focus the name list to the wall where the information I received earlier. Names of the selected children will be displayed on a day before departure. Then I will inform their parents. That’s what at the moment. There can be changes even.”

          “Mr. President we do not have enough officials for these tasks. Dill is carrying out his mission throughout the country alone. He has fully engaged himself in selecting children. But the government has failed to have a special consideration on him. He does everything on his own expenses. We must pay attention for him and encourage him.”
          “Well! I’ll arrange this youth courtesy of my government. Let him come to see me tomorrow. Remember! Everything should be done on time and the final report must come to my hand. I whish we must win this time.”
 “But both you and me are not going to live for another twenty seven years, don’t you think so?”
          “I’m not a president with such impression. I’m not ready to betray my country for my personal interests. I don’t think that the respect and praise should come to me. I wish to serve the maximum during my office time before getting retired. One day everyone will say that the child had been sent to Keer Koor Moor Island during my presidency has won the world. I like to be contented with such an appreciation.”
          “On the other hand the future of our country is in the hands of these children. If we can do some thing for their benefit it will benefit the progress of the country.”
          “Well sir, I shall arrange to send the relevant reports on relevant dates without fail. I shall inform Dill to come to your office at the eighteenth hour tomorrow.”
                               Cry, Jump, be clever                     

          “Noor! where is Kirala? Where are the others?”
          “Sudantha, let’s wait for a while. They will be here.”
          “Sudantha, what are we going to do?”
           “Menu, I don’t know exactly, you have to decide yourselves.”

  “Tell us how to do!”
              “I even don’t know exactly but I am little bit interested in this. So I can tell you a little about who have been to there last time and how they went, what did they do? What sort of place Keer Koor Moor Island is.
          “Our teacher explained us about it. However we will be able to meet the one and only person who had been to Keer Koor Moor Island within next month. He is Dill Ayya. He will be coming to our school.”
          “Sudantha, do you know how did he manage to get there?”
          “Yes, they say that he had made a record in jumping up for a long time period. That was the qualification for him to get there. But he has come back after six years being not successful.”

          “If it is so I shall practice to cry for a long period.”
          “It’s up to you Menu.”
         “What about you Kirala?”
          “I’m planning to speak without pause.”
          “Do you have word? About what are you going to speak?”
            “About anything I am going to speak.”
    “It’s your choice. I can help you in that case.
         I can find topics for you.”
            “Can’t you help me?”

  “Why is that Menu? How can I help you for your crying? I’ll beat with great force as much as I can.”
            “Oh! You are very bad. You are the cleverest pupil in our class Sudantha. You are the first in class always. Will you tell us some thing useful activity?”
  “Menu, please carefully listen to what I say. You can’t win this competition from performing somebody else’s activity. You yourself have to think one and develop it for your performance. You must practice it with much concentration. Thereafter only you will be doing that activity for your performance. Otherwise you will meet with failure.  Here, you started your crying. Well you said that you will win with your crying. So cry now.”
“Are you going train me to cry in that way? I don’t cry, no, never.”
    “How can you win then? Now you are
telling that you are not going to cry. Really you are an strange child. Aren’t you?”
 “Sudantha you didn’t tell us about your plan. 
        What are you going to do?”

   “I can tell you. It’s not difficult to tell you that.”
     There, Sumithra, Bhanu and Noor all are coming.”
 “Let’s go down to the garden to meet them.”

  Sudantha is a handsome attractive boy among all children. He has his own way of thinking. Anybody can guess that Sudantha is a wise and clever by looking at his appearance alone. But you can’t guess so when you see his behaviour.
   He will reach the Karamba fruit bushes without any difficulty and taste the fruit without putting the fruits down or getting stung by nettles of the tree. Even though he is the only child for his parents, he never troubles them for unnecessarily.  His parents are not rich but respectable. Because of these Sudantha bears good qualities.
            “Some of his best qualities are helping others, respecting elders, obedience, being religious and knowing difference between good and bad. His only aim is to help other with his best. He always has pleasure in others success. That is his special quality.

            “Well all of you sit around to tell your ideas. Tell one by one.”
            “First chance is for Sumithra. What is your idea? What activity you have decided to do? How do you practice it? Explain it.”
                    “I hope to stay without winking my eyes continuously. Is it good Sudantha?”
            “Good. It is the thing what you feel as your ability. Let’s give him a little opportunity. Sumithra be ready. One …. two …. three …. “
             Sumithra was looking at others without winking eyes. Minutes passed. one .. two.. three .. four. Now it has started to shed tears from his eyes. His friends had to limit his event for four minutes as Sumithra was about to faint.
            “Well, this is the advice I give to Sumithra now. Go to that Demata tree. Point your eyes at the Cashew fruit on the nearby tree. Take this watch with you. Practice little by a little. Try to increase the time length gradually. Concentrate your mind on it. Go there now.”

            “Who is the next? Bhanu? Good! Bhanu tell your idea.”
            “Sudantha I’m ….”
            “Don’t tell it to me. Speak louder that all of us can hear you well. Tell whatever thing that you are going to do.”
            “I’m planning to stand on my head.”
            “Okay!  Then get ready to do it now.”
            Bhanu went towards the slope in the garden. He stood on head on the heap of soil there. Others marked his standing time length. He was in the same posture for a considerable time. After half an hour he turned up right. Everyone gave a cheerful clapping.
            “Hurrah! Fantastic, you are excellent. You must try to lengthen your time. You too go there now.”
            “Noor!  What about you?”
  “I’m going to mediate for such a time length.”
            “Really it’s a very good job but only meditating is not sufficient. I think you must try to do something else through meditating. Since it is your wish we don’t reject it.”
            “Meditation is not simply sitting with your hands tied together. Not only the methods mentioned in Buddhism as well. We have to absorb it into our mind. Then only the meditation will give better results. If you try to do as most of others do, you won’t be able to get succeeded I think. Who told you that meditating for long time could help you going to Keer Koor moor Island?”
            “Our grandma told me.”

    “How long your grandma is in meditation?”
            “About twenty years.”
     “If it is so why can’t your grandma do some strange things, can she? She can go to Keer koor Moor Island as well.”

            “Oh! What do you say? When my grandma starts to meditate, she does it for a little while and then she sleeps groaning. That’s the way her meditating ends.”
  “So Noor are you going to do the same job?”
            “No, I don’t sleep. Please Sudantha tell me if it is not a good performance.”
     “Didn’t I tell you earlier? I can’t tell it. If I do so none of you will succeed. Are you going do meditating? Or you will think a little more and try to do something else?”
            “I’ll try something else. Please give me time to think.”
            “Kirala you are going to do your speaking. Aren’t you? Here you are, take these two books with you. Read them well. Your number of words in your vocabulary will increase. Start to speak after Noor. I can help you.”
            “Menu now you can cry.”
            “Why are you joking at me? How can I cry without any reason?”

            “m..m..m! Do you need a reason too? That’s why I told that you do not know how to cry even. What else you know? You know nothing. Such a person is trying to go to Keer Koor Moor Island. If I will be the one to handle the selection, you are the first one going to be out from the list. Am I right? Is it enough? There, you are crying well now. Continue with your crying okay.”
   “You are too bad Sudantha. Don’t criticize me like this. I’m too in a great wanting to go there.”
            “What did I do now? Was it wrong? I helped you to start your practice. You took it wrong. Again you stopped your crying and started to blame me. It’s not fair.”
            “Sorry Sudantha. Now only I understand that you did it as a help.”
 “Can’t help now, you have already lost. Try again.”
  “By the way, what are you going to do Sudantha? 
           Tell us will you?” friends protested.
            “You want to know it?”
            “He is very clever. I cannot guess what he is going to do.”
            “Wait all of you for a while. I shall rec “Where is Sudantha? Where has he gone?”
            “Here he is.”

            “Why have you turned your back?”
            “Do you see so?”
            “Now I can tell you what is on my back without turning back.
              Shall I?”
            “Okay! Tell will you.”
  “There is a black ant very close to Menu’s foot. In front of Bhanu you can see two white pebbles. Little further there is a coconut fallen from coconut tree.”
       “How can you tell that? You are standing with turned back. How can you see the things on your back? You are cheating. You are into this side secretly, aren’t you?”
  “Let’s round up him. Now can you tell us what is in Menu’s hand?”
  “She has got a Cashew fruit in her hand. It’s yellow in colour.”
  “Has he got eyes on his back too?”
 “It’s wonderful”
 “You are sure to win. How do you tell these things Sudantha?
         Did you see them?”
 You can guess as you wish.”
 “Check whether he has eyes on his back.”
 “His neck is turning. Isn’t it? It might have been broken.”

 “That’s enough. Sudantha now you tell us what 
           you are going to perform.”
   “Will this performance good for me?”
   “How can it be a contest?”
    “Yes if it’s a competition there must be similar competitors with such abilities.”
            “How can you say that he came to the first place? It’s magic. Those who are in Keer koor Moor Island are super heroes not magicians.”
            “I don’t know really Menu. I can’t understand anything so I shall try something else to perform.  But I can’t stay without winking for a long time like you guys. I can’t stand on head or cry even.”
            “By the way Sudantha my crying was not enough I think.”
            “Surely it’s not. You have to cry at least for six hours.”
            “We five are going to stand around you and beat you soundly. 
         Then you will be able to cry well.”
            “Oh! My God! Don’t beat me. I’ll give up
           my Keer Koor moor dream.”
HIDE AND SEEK                  

           School works has been not conducted as usual. School premises were decorated. Pupils from nearby schools with their parents were over flowing. Everybody in the school was seemed to be busy. Senior students were busy in organizing a function to be held on auspicious time. Children of a same age were engaged in some sort of strange practices. Parents were watching at these nonsense.
            Sudantha and his mates were waiting to welcome an important guest who was supposed to come in few minutes. All of these children had a excitement to see the result of the selection which is to be taken place after the arrival of the guest. Since Sudantha happened to be the prefect of his class he had no time to enjoy these or to take any decision. He was fully engaged in some other work and helping their teachers and pupils. But he too was a candidate to participate in this contest.
            “Sudantha you go. Go and think about your event. Get ready for that. See all the children are getting ready. Eventually you may fail. I’ll finish all these work.”

            “Teacher I have slight fear. Arriving Dill Ayya was a person been to Keer Koor Moor Island. Didn’t he?” In case he is going to select us, we must have good talents.
   “So will we be able to show such a talent?”

            “It won’t be much difficult if you try your best. I think Sudantha you will be able to show some sort of talent. In this contest talent means it must be strange and wonderful. Otherwise it’s not. It’s not going to be a record as a Guinness record. You won’t be able to win.”
    “Teacher I need your help here. When Dill ayya comes here get me an opportunity to talk with him. I don’t whether he will talk with a little child like me. He is a very popular person. Isn’t he?”
            “His popularity is not a matter for us. I shall give Sudantha an opportunity to talk with him. I shall tell him since you are the best boy in class you have some special talents you liked to talk to him.”
            “Well, Sudantha I shall do some arrangements for you to meet Dill with the approval of our principal.”
            Most people don’t go to bed with any hope a dream. We will be fortunate if these dreams become reality. But if we try to achieve in real life what we dream, it will put us in trouble. Dream has value when it is a dream only. But many have wanting to achieve the pleasure which they got in dream in their real life. The children want to go to Keer koor Moor Island are with such thoughts. Any way it is not an easy task as you think. Only one child from a country will be fortunate enough to get this chance. Who would be that lucky one? Whether win or lose as soon as he receives this chance definitely he would become a hero. Many those who haven’t seen such a hero are waiting to see him.  It’s obvious through looking at the impatience of this crowd.
            “There, you hear helicopter sounds.” children started to shout.
            “Surely it’s going to be Dill ayya.” all the children in the school stared at sky. Grown ups and teachers too have become impatient. 

            “Those who were in the helicopter became out of sight due to the dust rose up by the air fanned by the helicopter while landing on the closed by playground. Two Security Officers and a lad appeared through the clouds of dust in a moment. It didn’t take time to identify the real person.
            “He is the child who had been to Keer Koor Moor Island.”
   “Oh! What a pleasant personality he has.”
            “He’s very handsome.”
                       Such words came out from many of the audience naturally. Dill, who got seated on a chair on the stage put up for the guests, treated everybody with a smile. Being a highly appreciated ordinary citizen of the country Dill has calm and pleasant appearance which gave many of the gathering a surprise.
            “Good morning! My dear brothers and sisters, dear parents and teachers.” as soon as he came to the stage, he addressed the crowd with greeting.
            He was in white shirt and trousers. His hair was had been cut short. Because of the hat on his head his eyes seemed to be sharp and it brought him an attractive image.
            “Son what should we do now? At what time you have to return?” inquired the principal.
            “I can spend about three hours here. First let’s select the competitors. After finishing that we can start the function.”
            “Those who are willing to go to Keer Koor moor Island put your hands up.” Dill made this order in a loud voice and his voice vibrated the air.”
             Many put their hands up to show that they were eager to go there.
            “But dear brother, dear sister, all of us cannot go there. Children between ages eight and nine only will be selected to go. Let’s see how many of you are this age group. Are the children from near by schools included here?”

            “Yes Dill Ayya.”
            Let’s see how many are there. One two three ……… all about eighty are there. Let’s go to the playground. I’ll watch your talents. Those who are ready to win get ready.”

            Dill stepped towards the playground with the children. Little children around him holding his arm lovingly are talking to him. They spoke different and different things. They were in thought of a lot about abilities and they were sure that they could perform well. It’s not wrong if you say it was Keer koor moor mania.

            Dill is on the high stage and observing the widely playground. All the children are in the middle of the playground. They are getting themselves ready for their performances to prove their talents. They are shouting, running and doing many things as Dill was speaking to them so. They can’t hear Dill.
            “I have no opportunity to observe every one’s performances individually and take decisions. Therefore you do your performances together in common.” Dill shouted at the top of his voice.
            All were doing their own performances individually. It was wonderful and some were funny too. Dill observed all very well. Then he asked them to disperse. He too went away.
            It was a puzzle for the children. They didn’t know whether they have been selected or not. It turned into a quest. As the principal was with Dill they thought that would be a decision taken by both of them.
            “Sir, I need not check the talents of all these children individually. As I understand there is a boy who I feel he has special talent. Therefore I wish to talk to him. If we express anything about the selected one it would harm the feelings of other children. So Sir, You can tell that the name of the selected will be informed later.”
            “My dear children, Dill Ayya observed all your performances well. He will decide who should be sent for the finals. They will keep us informed in due course. Now the competition is over. You can go to your classrooms.”

            Festival was over. Pupils went into their classrooms. Dill walked into principal’s room with the principal.
            “Son Dill, I have a small question. How did you manage to select the talented one from these children?”
            Sir, I too was unaware about it. I had been living in Keer Koor moor for six years. They taught us many things clearly. I’m the only agent for them in this land now. But I can’t give any unnecessary explanations. If I do so they will disconnect all connections with me. Whatever the things I express to the outer world are under their observation. In fact when I select the candidates here I follow a special procedure. It is special power. That power exists in the Earth. To catch that power one must go to Keer koor Moor Island and study there. Then only one can get use of that power.”
            “Did you choose a qualified candidate here now?”

            “Yes. You will be able to know it. As I feel there was a candidate among them.”
            “Who is that?”
            “Teacher Swarna, come to my office.”
            “One of the best students of our school didn’t participate in the contest I feel. Let’s check a little about him.”
            “Why did you call me Sir”?
 “Didn’t Sudantha participate in the contest?”
            “I’m too looking for Sudantha. I don’t know where he is.”
            “Sir He requested me to arrange him to meet Dill. He said that he liked to talk to him.”
            “Miss, please ask him to come.”
    “Where has he gone? not to be seen even.”
            “I saw the boy whom you are talking about was there in the playground everywhere with others. But nobody has seen him. Am I correct? Let me see whether he is the boy. If he is the boy you are talking about, he will be the one I’m going to select. I was waiting till this puzzle crop up.”
            “What is his condition?”
Sir, talent of this boy could be this condition.”
            “What do you mean?”
            “Being invisible to others is his talent as  “None of us knew that he could do such things.”
            “He cannot tell this to others. He himself doesn’t know about his condition. That is a condition developing inside him. We don’t know whether he is still hidden. Use that microphone and ask him to come to principal’s office from wherever he is.”


The announcement went on over the speakers.
   “Where is this boy? He is still not here. Son Dill you are getting late to go back. Aren’t you?”
  “There are nearly forty five minutes I have.”
            “So we can wait for him a little more,”
                      “Sir, There is a boy waiting since a long time here. There he is sitting on a chair near that door frame.”
            “Where is he? I can’t see him. Show me where is he.”
   “Can’t you see him Sir? If it is so, there is a little mishap somewhere. Shall I speak to him?”
                     “Well you better talk to him.”
            “Sudantha can you see us?”
            “I can see only Dill Ayya. That is also only just now I got in my eye sight.”
            “Couldn’t you see anybody earlier?
            “Who did you see first then?

            “I could see everybody but they didn’t care, so I didn’t care and stayed without talking to anybody. I came to meet the principal. I went to my classroom. Nobody recognized me. I felt very shame. Afterwards I stayed near the library and wept. After the announcement I came here again. I came here little ago. I thought Dill ayya too couldn’t see me.”
            “In the beginning it will be like that.  I had a doubt. I have some techniques.
I u“What had happened to you little brother, tell me.”
            “I can’t recollect.”
            “Can’t you see the others yet?”
            “No brother still I can see only you.”
         “Come close to me. I shall get you your eye sight back.”
            “Ah! Is it okay now?”
            “Son what had happened to you?”
            “I don’t know Sir.”
 “What did you do yourself? Explain quickly because Dill ayya has to go without delaying.”
            “Dill Ayya I too like to go to Keer KoorMoor Island. There for I did many things. I got that ambition of going there deep in my mind. But what can I do now? I never knew whether I had any talents or not. I didn’t want to perform any activity like others as everyone tried to perform. I thought of doing something else. I deeply recalled it. It was from a long period I was doing it. I collected information about Keer Koor Moor Island through different forms of media. I got information from our teacher as well. Our principal too educated us. After school and finished my home work and house work quickly. Most of the times, I engaged myself in doing this. Through that I could do such little things. I explained it to many but they made fun of me. I could find a hidden thing and explain about an unseen thing. I see these things not from a magic power. Many named me as a magician. But I’m not a magician. I don’t know anything about this. I told this problem to my teacher and asked her to help me to talk to Dill Ayya when he comes to our school.”
            “Well, my dear little brother I understand your talent and the way you achieved it. You must develop it further. I too did same as you did but I feel I was not talented like you. Reason is I can’t do such things like you. Those who are there are with abilities like yours. You will be surprised when you see the things what they do. If you get there you will have good future.”

            “Sir, I’ll explain you what Sudantha did. What was told by him was not clear to you. Am I correct? Now you see, Sir you are going to do what Sudantha had done. It will not give good results. It’s because of your age. Nerves in the brains of children of this age are very sensitive. They are still growing. As and educationist you know it. Usually we train them in education to learn about the things what they see in the environment. Don’t you? We all absorb those things well and get through the exams. But we never study about the unseen things. Magic means hiding the visible objects. But this boy is not a magician. The children who go to Keer Koor Moor are not being taught about material things. Their subjects are not Mathematics, Science, Languages, Archeology or History. They have another curriculum. They develop a certain part of our brain which had not been used in our life time by anyone. These cells have been left alone by us without getting any benefits out of them. We leave them as they were till our death. Training to get results from these strange are of human brain is done in that Island. Special beings on this earth and those who traveled in the space developed these parts of their brains, they could stay invisible. They had been able to change their bodies and were able to travel through the space. We think they are gods or goddesses. They are not divine. They were groups who had developed their minds in different structures. Therefore it is important to learn such things. However an ordinary learned person can’t do this easily. He should be talented with the worldly matters too.”
            “Sir you told me now that Sudantha is a clever and talented child. So it won’t be difficult for him to go to Keer Koor Moor Island. I have checked all over the country the boys and girls who were like Sudantha. Some are with surprising talents. They will present their performances in the final round. Therefore Sudantha has to develop his present level. Any how Sudantha had been qualified for the final rounds. In some areas you have made mistakes on this matter my dear little brother. I’ll explain it to you. Listen   to me well. Accordingly you must develop your attempt.”
            “Sir, Sudantha is boy who has developed his mind by himself. This boy can do a strange thing. In case he stops it from here, it will not move forward. You should not let it to be buried itself. We must inspire and carry him forward as a talented.”
            “Can you make it a bit clearer?”

            “That is what I told you in the beginning. Children those who are with talents, especially eager to learn and thoughtful only can develop this condition. Because of this only Sudantha has been induced in that. He has gradually tried to do things impossible to him. In addition to that he has done some meditation too under his parents’ observation. This is the result of them.”
            “By the way, what is the special talent of Sudantha at this stage?”

            “We can’t decide it accurately yet.  But he can do some special things that ordinary people can’t do. I shall let you know about it later Sir. I have to get this boy’s information properly. If I could decide then only I can guide him in a correct path. Then I can continue my advice.”
            “However Sir, he is not an extra ordinary child. You should not show him special care and do not pay him special attention”
            “I can’t tell everything you sir. If I tell the secrets codes of them will be changed. It will be harmful to me. Therefore we have promised keep them secret. Sir I shall talk a little to Sudantha before I go. I shall explain to him about his participation in the finals.”
            “Thank you very much son.  You have come from very far and helped our children.”
            “Thank you for you too. Please grant Sudantha a small day off for my request. I shall take Sudantha to a certain place without knowing others. So do not look for the student Sudantha. He will be coming school definitely tomorrow.”
            “Sudantha come with me.”
            “Dill Ayya, where are we going?”
            “When I come with you other children will see me. It is not good. Isn’t it?”
            “No. Nobody will see you. You will be only in sight. Get in to that helicopter.”
            “Oh! My God! I’m afraid.”
            “Go don’t fear. I’m coming with you. Nobody can see you now except me.”
            All the pupils and the teacher are around the playground. Dill walked towards the helicopter with the security Officers. Helicopter was airborne with a huge sound vibrating the atmosphere and disappeared.
 All the pupils went back to their classrooms. They engaged in studying as usual.  Their parents too headed their homes.
            “Dill Ayya didn’t declare who was the winner. If we can get to know that who will be going to Keer Koor Moor? Isn’t it good?”
            “Dill I was watching at me straightly, I performed very well. I think I will be selected.”
            “Didn’t you here that the principal addressed few minutes ago? He said that Dill Ayya has promised to send the results within few days.”
 “How can he come know who was the winner?”
 “Why didn’t you see? All our performances have recorded so that they can observe it very well.”
            “How can you say so?”
            “Don’t be an idiot. What about these numbers? He will quote our numbers with his selections. They recorded our performances. He will observe them well and inform us who the best was.”
            “Is it so?
            “For me, I don’t want to go to that Keer Koor Moor Island.”
            “Don’t be a fool Charlie.”
            “I didn’t perform well even. I was lazy.”
            “We already know that you are lazy. 
There for you will be never selected at any cost.”
            “What did you say…?”
            “Hey. Don’t hit me.”
            Idiot why are you going to his everyone? You hit me if you want.”
 Charlie silently crept in to his classroom.
“Miss, did you see Sudantha? He is not anywhere.”
            “I didn’t see him Bhanu.”
   “Oh. My God! What has happened to him?
Let’s go to the principal. Shall we inquire from him?”
  “There! Swarna teacher is coming this way.
      “Miss Can you tell us where Sudantha is?
                Those children are shouting in the classroom. We can’t hear anything.”
                        “I don’t know really. You go to classroom. I’ll come now.”

        PERFECT HIDING                             
 “Dill Ayya, where are you taking me? I’m afraid.”
            “Don’t be afraid,
        nothing will happen to you.”
If I don’t go home my parents will be frightened. How can I return home now?”
            “Okay. I’m the one
            who will take
           you back home.”
            “Then it will be okay.”
         “Come to normal now, don’t be excited. Harden your mind. We both have something to talk.”
“Land this helicopter on that paddy field please. Aren’t there houses nearby? Will there be anybody to see us because of frightening with this sound?
            “No Dill. Nobody is there.”
                     “Land it there.”
                        “You two wait here. I have to go to that stream for a little.
                             I’ll be back within
                         an hour’s time.”
                       “Aren’t we already late Dill? We have more tasks to do.”
                        “I know it. This too is a task. This too is a part of my duty okay.”
                        “Is he mad? How can he attend to the 12.10 meeting then? 
                                There will be a
     lot of people waiting. What sort of things he is
     doing in this hurry?   Why did   he want to land here?”
 “What are you talking? This helicopter is reserved for this man with our service. We have to fly wherever he wants and land wherever he asks us to.”
“Just he got down, where he has disappeared. Who did he go with?”
“With none, He went alone.”
            “Where is he then?”
            “How do I know?”
            “He is nearly a mad one. I can’t be in charge of his security.”

“If you can’t go home, this is a better job. At the end of the month you get a good salary. Aren’t your wife and kinds depending on? Why should we care about others matters? We must do our duty. That’s all.”
“But I can’t accept it.”
“Then you won’t be doing this job for much longer. This man is more powerful than we think. He is man well recognized in this country. Even though he is little younger he is very clever. Haven’t you seen his work? So do we lose anything from our body if we respect and do our duties with love? Isn’t not proud, to go around the country with such a gentleman?”
 “You are really a hopeless creature. I don’t think you will be here for many days. He treats me well lovingly. So I do. Dill is like one of my own sons, very obedient. You are a jealousy man. That’s why you have no progress. Always you are not well and fail to come to duty. You are thinking of going home after coming to work even always. You can’t concentrate on your duty. How can you go in the right path man?”

“That’s enough Somil Ayya. I too get nervous.”

“Sudantha sit down on the bank of this stream. “

“It’s incredible. I never thought Dill Ayya you will talk to me like this.”

“There is nothing to surprise. You too are a wonderful child. I walked from the helicopter holding your hand. Then no body can see me too. That is your power. It drags me through this hand. That’s why my security guards got mad and looking for me. They couldn’t think what had happened to me after coming down from the helicopter.”

“Then Dill Ayya didn’t they see me?
“How could they see you?”

“But I can see them?”

“Look! They are there staring at the sky. They can’t see us.”

“See brother, I brought you here for an important reason. If your friends, teachers, parents or any other ordinary person come to know your ability, you will lose it. At the same time don’t tell this to anyone.”

“What is the ability that I have Ayya?”

“You have an extra ordinary power. It’s in you. It won’t come out at every time. Other thing is you cannot feel it. I’ll make you understand. You and I are the only two who know that secret. Don’t tell to anyone. You can use it. Behave as an ordinary child.”

“When earlier in school what did you show them when they ask about your activity?”

“I had nothing to do. I thought of doing something that others cannot see. I was thinking so. In a little while everybody disappeared from my eye sight. I was frightened. I thought that I’ll lose in the contest. I cried to you Ayya.”

“But no body could hear. Wasn’t so? I understood the reason. I’m not in your condition. But we have learned in Keer Koor Moor Island some secret codes and how to use those codes. Through that I can find if there are any strange characters. I’m looking for such children throughout Sri Lanka. When I go to such places, I use those secret codes to see whether such children. I did the same here too. Then I saw you. I was hoping to ask the principal to find the boy who had similar features of you.”

“You mean that the others are not talented?”

“Others too are talented. They are talented in some other different things. They are not talented enough to go to Keer Koor Moor Island. None of them were up to the level of the talents required by Keer Koor Moor.”
“By the way, who selected you Dill Ayya? Was there a person like you in those days?”

“There wasn’t anybody like me who had been to Keer Koor Moor. But there were competitions to select children. Judges were ordinary gentlemen from this country. There judgments had been accepted. I tried to jump up. When I jumped up normally it went up to some considerable height. There were no talented ones that year. At the finals I went nearly two hundred metres up. It was for the final test. There wasn’t such a talented one. So I had been selected without any contest. Thereafter in the following years there weren’t any such competitors. Now only the interest has been increased. Those days no body knew that much about this. Now a day’s many parents try to send their children with much hope. They want to make their children popular. But their thoughts are in vain. Reason is their thoughts are not correct basically. Selfishness, greediness and lust are the main base. It’s almost like today’s Grade five scholarships Examination. Sudantha have you passed Grade five scholarships?”

“Yes. I was the second island wide.”

“Was it so? Why didn’t you go to popular school in a city then?”

“I didn’t like. My parents too didn’t like it.  I think I can do well in any any school. It’s my thought.”

“You are great. By the way what had happened then?”

  ”I couldn’t see anything. I sat down on the floor itself. I could hear every sounds and movements. I remained there. Later I understood that all the pupils had gone to their respective classrooms. I went towards the back wall of the main hall slowly like a blind one. I leaned to the wall and cried. Then only I heard principal announcing asking me to come. I remember exactly. I could come to principal’s office perfectly even with my eyes closed. Like that only I came to principal’s office and ……”

“I could realize that you were there.”

“Please Ayya explain to me what had happened.”

“This is the thing what had happened to you my dear broth Sudantha. You have achieved a strange ability. But you did not know how to use it. I’ll give you some codes. Then your work will be easier.”
“Ayya, last evening I was assisting my friends in choosing better events for the contest. They asked me about the performance that I was planning to do. I told that I would tell them later. Then I thought of doing a good thing. At that point I got alight. I felt that I had four eyes instead of two. To the others surprise I told them what were behind me. My friends wondered. They didn’t believe me of course. They made fun of me saying that I was a magician. But that ability went away from me after sometime. It was some what like the moon light disappears after the dark clouds. That’s all what had happened.” 
            “Did you do it again?”

            “No. there was no opportunity to try again.”

            “Have you done such things before that?”

 “I’ve done very small things. Just thought and did them. But they have become successful. I used to go to see Vesak Pandals with my parents. It is very hard to walk among the crowd. I don’t go with parents. I ask them to come behind me and I walk before them. If there is a difficult place to move forward, I use to think how to go beyond that place. I too creep into the crowd. Then my body becomes light. Then I can pass through the crowd easily.”

“It’s very nice. Perform it too for your next performance.”

“I can’t think whether I can be able to do it. It happens according to the prevailing situation. It doesn’t happen when want to do it purposely.”

“Keep this in your mind;


If you want to be invisible among other use that code word. Then nobody around you can see you. But you have to others. Don’t you? So use this code word;

Then you can be in any place, you can see others and others cannot see you. But don’t be caught by anyone. They can touch you because you are tangible. They can trap you. One and only ability there is that you will be not seen by any other person. Finally if you want to back to the normal situation and if you are safe you have to say this;

If some other person tries these words simply it won’t do. None of them can do this fantastic thing. You must have the ability. You must know the theories. I taught you only the theories. Even I have no use of these code words. It’s because I haven’t that ability. But I can jump up from here and go over that water stream. But you can’t do that. It is my ability what I have practiced.”
            “Sudantha borother, you must understand, this is not qualification to be a hero in Keer Koor Moor. This is not at least a decimal from one of the talent they have there.”
   “Then I can imagine how it would be there.”

            “So many things you can learn if you go there.”

“If I didn’t teach you the secret code you will be helpless. You won’t be able to handle it. You can’t forward your performances well. Do it in this way on that day. I’ll help you. Try to do some more things with this advice. I think you may be able to go there.”

            “Shall we go now brother? I’m getting late.”

“I like to know about Keer Koor Moor Island from you Ayya. That’s why I asked my teacher to give me an opportunity to meet you Ayya.”

“As I understand brother you are very eager in going there. You can go. I think they will select you.”

                        “Is it so?”

                        “Yes. We send only the names after choosing the
                       last twelve children. They        
                       will select the qualified one out those    twelve.
                         You keep your hope fast.
I can’t recollect my memories much about Keer Koor moor. I was a person failed there. When I was coming back they have removed the important facts from my mind. Therefore I can comment. I follow only the messages those are being sent to me.”

“Do you have any friends there Ayya?”

“No, I can’t remember anyone there. I know only two persons. One of them is the Great Scientist Kalpa. He is the one who is sending me messages. He is the one in charge of admittance unit. He is the one to check us very first. I can tell about him. Other one is Illisa, he was the one developed my ability. He can jump to reach the clouds. He was my teacher. He is about eight feet in height. He knows me too. He tried a lot to make success in my examinations. But I wasn’t lucky. I couldn’t do it. I’m extremely sad.”

“Never mind brother. You are from our country. At least you can try. I’ll give my maximum support to you. Can you keep the secret codes?”

“Yes Ayya. I’ve written them on my palm. I’ll write them on my book after going home and I’ll learn them by my heart. If I read them twice or thrice it will be not forgotten. Ayya hold my hand now.”

“We shall go by the helicopter and land near your home area. You have to show me a land of fields.”

“Where is this place?”

“We came about twenty kilometers towards east from the school. Then we shall go back.”

“Here you see my two security donkeys. They are fast asleep. Brother you get into the helicopter without being seen. I’ll wake them up.”

“Hey!  Get up man!    You are men by name.”

“Sir, all are human.”

“Mr. Dill. Where did you go? We have been looking for you everywhere? We were frightened.”

“That’s enough. I was here nearby.”                                      

“How it was? We didn’t see you.”

“Your eyes have problems, I was near that stream.”

“My goodness!  How many times we passed that place? We didn’t see you. Sir, you are not telling the truth.”

“I need not tell you lie man.”

“That’s okay. Let’s go back soon. Let’s fly lower towards that school we had been in the morning. I’ve to see something there. Go there and land on a nearby paddy field for a couple of minutes. I’ll be back immediately after getting down.”
            HIDE SOMEWHERE     

        Where is this boy? He is still not back. Two hours have passed.”“When in school during the function I asked him at what time he will be coming back. He told there wasn't a schedule time today. I wanted to talk to him at the end of the function. Thereafter I couldn't find him even. When I inquired from class teacher, she said she was not aware. All the friends were looking for the boy. I too was frightened. Principal told that he had sent him for some work and he would be back with in school ours. That’s why I came back without fear. But he is not yet back.”

“Don’t worry. Son will come home. He is not stupid.”

“Don’t know whether Dill has taken this boy with him.”

“Pooh! Don’t speak nonsense. Why does he want to take our son?”

“It’s not impossible. On the other hand what is the specialty in our son to take him while so many children were there in that school? Didn’t you see our son was not there when the competition took place?”

“Son will not take part in that nonsense. There is no Keer Koor Moor island  
on earth. It’s a myth.”

“Are you mad? Didn’t you see the behavior of that Dill? He was a boy who had been to that island. See his difference. I would like if our son can go there.”

“Don’t tell anything to son Sarala. Don’t try to do silly things. Don’t spoil his head. He is clever. I think you are going to ruin his education.”

“Don’t say so. I too like to see my son as a well recognized wonderful one in this world.”

“You are talking nonsense!  When he comes back after twenty seven years, we won’t be living in this world anymore. Who will be there to look after us when we become older? Do we a queue of our own children?”
“If you have you would do. Only one we have. We have not done our duties to him properly. How can you feed other two or three?”

“That’s enough. Stop this topic from here.”

“Don’t be selfish! If we die some body will burry us. If our son will succeed not only twenty seven years let him stay away for hundred years, I can manage.”

“You are wonderful mother. Don’t you have any maternal feeling as his mother? “

“It’s not lack of feeling. It’s my prayer for the progress of my child.”

“I’m not narrowing minded like you. I’m an educated woman with a clever brain. Unfortunately I couldn’t get use of it. I married a wrong idiot. I could I judge from appearance alone? I have been misled by your complexion and handsome feature. This man has no any important value to take as example. You have only a thug.”

“Oh, what is that noise? Mother and father are talking in loud vices. Definitely it may be father is shouting mother for my delay. I’ll do a fine thing.

“Now that’s okay but I have to see them two. Otherwise I may hit on    their bodies. What’s the other code? Ah! I can remember.

Exactly correct. Dill Ayya is a wonderful man. There, he is standing like a Commander. If he sees me definitely he will thrash me. I’ll do my work silently. Then I can return back to the normal.”

“Sarala, did anybody come? See! I heard stepping sounds.”

“Do you see ghosts in day time too?”

“It could be.”

“If son is coming why can’t we see him?”

  “There, that bathroom door is open, didn’t you close it?”

“Yes, go and check.”

A fine thing is going to be. Mother is coming this way. If I open the tap she may hear. I’ll stay here as where I am.

“Nobody is there.”

Did I hide my clothes before coming out from my room? Yes, everything is under the bed. Exactly right. I can bath after closing the door. Even they hear noise they can’t open the door.

“Did this child come? Where is he? Not in this room even.”

“What a strange thing. Such a thing had never happened here before.”

“Sarala come here. We’ll wait for little more and then let’s go to school again. Perhaps there could be extra classes.”

Hey! What a fun, I don’t have my body. How can I bathe without a body? How can I feel my existing? I must open the tap and check, but where should I apply soap then? But I have my body anyhow. I must think it and feel where my body is. I must get used to this because I have to work in this manner after going there. I can think. I can imagine. I can walk also I can work. So there will be nothing wrong to be like this. I’ll
bathe later. I want to eat now. I don’t know whether it will be possible to eat. Oh! Very nice smelling food is on the table. Now I feel very hungry. I’ll eat all the food over there. I must try. Fine, I can eat. It’s possible. But I don’t know where food goes into. I can’t understand this situation yet. I’ll try to.

“Sarala did you leave the tap of the bathroom opened?”

“No I didn’t use it.”

“What’s the noise then?”

“I can’t go there alone!”

“Something frightful is happening here.”

 “Yes our house is haunted. There is no question of haunting when we leave our like this. Ghostly spirits haunt.”

“Sarala don’t make angry. I have conscious even when your head is full of this nonsense. “

“See, you have kept the tap open.”

“Believe me; I haven’t opened it at all.”

“There is no use of talking now. Go and close the tap.”

What a wrong thing I have done. I forgot to close the tap. Mother and father are quarreling for that. I think both of them are frightened. After eating I must go down to the garden silently and stay there for a while.”

“Can you here noses in the room?”

“Really I can hear too. What’s that? I thought you were frightened without any reason. Let’s go there and see.”

“Please! I can’t. I’m afraid.”

“Wait a bit Sarala. The chair near the dining table moved backwards. There! Stepping sounds. What’s going on?”

“Oh! Food of our son is eaten totally. What shall we give to our son now when he comes? Can’t it be a goblin? This changing situation is not good. We must ask Loku appachchi to do something to protect this house by charming. I can’t sleep in this house any more.”

“How can it be? Don’t be silly. Son will come soon. Don’t tell these things to son. He too will get frightened.”

My god!  What is going to happen? I might be get thrashed through this exercise. My parents are frightened. How can I tell the truth now? What shall I do next?

“Boola is barking in the garden now. Who is it barking at?”

“Definitely the man came here has gone through the garden. There is nothing to worry now.”

“The food has been eaten by that gobble? What about our crockery?
I’ll throw it away. I want to remove everything out”

“Don’t be silly Sarala.”

“I smell something foul. It must be of the gobble. When gobbles yawn you get such smell I have heard.”

I have done everything mess. My parents are really frightened now. I want to get out from this situation. But I’ll not reveal the truth. Oh! Who is there? This is a fine opportunity to do a real thing. I don’t know whether it’s good to do so. Perhaps it may fail. I must get on to that slope and i myself under a bush now. Then I’ll check what I’ll be able to do.

“Do we bathe or play?”

“Tell me who wants to play and who wants to bathe?”

“We would like to play first and then bathe.”

“Then more preference votes are for that. Aren’t?”

“Yes. The ratio is five fifth. Isn’t the majority?”

“It would be better if Sudantha too is here with us at this.”

“Menu what happened to Sudantha Menu? After the contest I didn’t see him at all. Teacher also was frightened. Surely his parents too must have gone upset by now.”

“Let’s go and tell them, come on.”

“Why? Didn’t you see them at the school? They were there.”

“It’s better to go and check whether he has come home by now.”

“We have to do it first.”

Where are they going now? I can see they are going towards our house. I must follow them.

“Sarala aunty, did Sudantha come hom?”

“Oh! Dear children he hasn’t come yet. We are in fear. What would have happened to him?

“He has no any other place to go. He must come home only. I have some sort of doubt.”

“While playing he does some strange things that we could never catch.”

“Surely I’m going to find what has happened to him today.”

“Children, you take seats in the verandah, I’ll come with tea for you.”

“Where are going Kirala?”

“I’m going to search Sudantha. Is his room locked Aunty sarala?”

“No. Usually we don’t keep it closed. A while ago we went to that room it has been kept opened.”

Where is Kirala running? Is he going to spoil everything? I must teach him a lesson, wait.

“Where are you running Kirala?”

“I left my slippers in the garden, I wanted bring.”

“Don’t go, we too are coming with you.”
“He is not going to listen.”

“Oh! There, Kirala has fallen down.’

“Please! Someone made me fall.”

“Are you mad? There is nobody there.”

“I got cut my knee.”

“Don’t weep now, we told you not to go there. Come here. Nobody’s there.”

“Aunty is bringing tea. Come. Let’s have tea.”

There is nothing to do now. If I try to play more, everything will be spoiled. I must go into the room slowly and have a nap.

“Kirala, come here will you?”

“Why, Menu? What’s the matter? I’m here.”

“No I heard a noise. I thought you were walking behind me. I felt someone was walking along with me.”

Now I must keep the door half open. Then I have to come back to the normal position. What was that secret code word?

O my Lord! I’m finished. The words written on my palm have gone. Please! I’m going to be in this position forever. O Lord! O Dill Ayya, who will help me? Please make me remember those worlds.

      No use of complaining or weeping now. I must try to recollect the secret codes in to my memory anyhow. If I excited I’ll forget the words completely. I shall try to catch it from the few words that I can already remember.


m..m..h! It’s useless, No way. Wrong.


This is also not going to work. What have done in playing with my parents? My Lord! God of Keer Koor Moor, I beg you. I’ll never try to make such foolish things. Make me remember those words.


      Thanks God.  I got back to my normal position again. II have had enough for the day. Now I have to take my school bag and shoes, then sleep on my bed.

      All my friends are now in the sitting room. They will surprise if they come to know about this but I should not tell them.

      “Shall we go to back to school and look for him again?”

“This is evening. Nobody will be there at this time.”

“Why? Principal will be there. His quarters aren’t there? We can go there.”

“Aunty we are going to look for him.”

“Please! Do it for me dear children. So nice you are!”

What a new problem? Are they going to meet the principal? I’m going to get problem again.

“Kirala, what’s wrong with you? My trousers aren’t clean. They are full of dirt. This is a pair what I always wear at home.”

“Wait son, you can wear one of Sudantha’s pairs. Come to Sudantha’s room. Try for one from his trousers.”

“What’s this? What is this on the bed like a lump? Remove that sheet. Ah! This is Sudantha isn’t he? You are thief Sudantha. Pretending or really sleeping you are. When did you come home?”

“What a fine thing you have done my son? Our minds were on fire all the time. You turned our blood to water.”

“Why are you crying mom? I came home then I felt like head aching, so why you two are are giving me trouble? I relaxed for a while. I was just about to come out. Then only you have come in.”

“From which door you entered this house? Weren’t we in the sitting room?   How then we couldn’t see you coming in? Did you come from the back door?”

“Didn’t you two go to the back part of the house al all?”

“Why? We went.”

“Perhaps I might have come at that time, that’s why you couldn’t see me.”

“What had happened to you in the school Sudantha? We were about to go to school in search of you. “

“Nothing happened to me there. I was there.”

“Did participate in the competition?”


“How could it be? We haven’t seen you then.”

“Principal told us the results will be released within a couple of days, The one qualified enough to Colombo for the finals will be named on that day.”

“So, you don’t think of me. You must think of yourselves. If I could I may go. If I couldn’t, I’ll wish the fortunate candidate who is going to be.”

“But you are the qualified one Sudantha. if you donn’t get that chance, we’ll feel sad.”

“Okay. If I’ll be the one to be chosen what will you give me as my friends? Will you be happy?”

“Yes of course, we’ll be much happy.”

“Will you give me a present?”

“We can’t say that now, if you win definitely you are going to get.”

“That won’t do. You must promise me now about my present, then I’ll be much happy. Tell me will you?”

“Sorry, we can’t tell now.”

“I won’t get up from here till you tell me that.”

“We’ll give you a huge kiss.”

“What! Who will go to Keer Koor Moor for a kiss?”

“If you don’t tell that, I’m not going to get up. I’ll never be with you in playing.”

“Right, you stay there as you are. How can we know whether you will be going to Keer Koor moor Island? “

                 STONE HEAD                        

“Why didn’t tell your friends that you are going on this journey today?”

“In case I lose in this competition, I won’t be able to go to Keer Koor Moor at all, then how can I face my friends? If I were to be selected for the final twelve, I’ll tell them.”
“Then your friends will be not happy with you for not informing them. In the same time principal knows about your final contest today.”

“Yes mom.”
“Principal might have told other about this already.”

“No, He will inform it if I were selected for the final twelve only.”

“It’s not fair. Isn’t it? Then the children may get upset.”
“But participation in finals is not usually informed to others in advance.”

“But anyhow others in the must know about your participation. Why don’t they?”

“But principal inform this to me in the midnight. So how can we inform this to others?”

“That’s true. If we were engaged in some other matter, we won’t be able to participate. Informing us in the eleventh hour wasn’t fair.”
“But father we can’t help in that case. These are decisions beyond us. Keer Koor Moor Officials who decide these matters. Everything happens under their instructions. They don’t give any publicity in this scheme. If they do so the children become uneasy as principal said. If the children who have been selected from different part of the country can’t be able to come on the exact day, the reason must be informed at the same hour. But I don’t know whether another date will be given for them or not. as I think, if one fails to report on the relevant day, he or she will be removed from the list. The next qualified candidate will get the chance for participation. That will be the procedure.”
“There is no matter. Let’s hurry. We have a long distance to travel. It will be better if we can reach before eleven in the morning at least. Contest will begin at two minutes past eleven exactly.”

“There won’t be any problem. Everyone has to perform individually. It’s not done in common as they did in school.”
“There will be a large crowd. Won’t be there son?”

“No father. Not from every school. There are no successful candidates from every school. For the finals they need some qualifications from the first round.”

“How do you know so much about it?”

“Dill Ayya had told to our principal. I was informed by him.”

“Who will be in the judges for the final contest?”

“I think Dill Ayya too must be there. In addition to him there will be professors as well. Government officials even can be there.”

“Mom, Can you remember once we had been to Loku Mahappa’s place? It was few years ago. We went on this same road I remember.’

“You have a good memory son.”
Sudantha is going with his parents to the final selection for Keer Koor Moor Island. This is scheduled to be held at Keer Koor moor Island Information Bureau in the capital city of Colombo. As it is mentioned it has been donated by Keer Koor Moor Island. At present it is under the government of this country and it has many facilities for children to play, studies and to develop their different abilities. School children come here from all over Sri Lanka.

Because of the strange nature of these buildings a visitor can feel it as and special place. It is located in a place about thirty kilometers to the west from Colombo city. In a vast forest land surrounded by large trees you can see this amazing office complex among groves of tall trees. Both sides of the access to these premises are lined with bright polished bricks.  You can see a cave like arch gateway erected with huge pieces of granite. You have to walk in through this. There a large name board with something written in large letters of an unknown language and there is also in Sinhalese the meaning of Keer Koor Moor Island Information Bureau.
“Son you just have a nap. If you cannot sit on that seat, come to our seat. Don’t put your head out from that glass. This bus is going very fast.”

“No mom. I don’t put my head out.”

You come here if you feel sleepy.”

“Please! Don’t disturb me. I like sight seeing.”

 “This child is trying to do as he is a matured one. What he did on that day was still unimaginable. Some sort of mystery is there. He didn’t tell me whenever I asked about it.  He is not ready to accept. I believe that what happened on that day was his work. On the other hand didn’t participate for the contest in the school properly and how could he managed get selected for the finals?”

“Anyhow as I have heard they say that the children who are going to Keer Koor Moor Island are with mysterious behaviour and thoughts. I feel our child too is with such singes. See, he is not mischievous like his friends.  He doesn’t show much interest even in this. But he does very strange things. “

“Therefore we must be so happy for his talents. Aren’t we?”

“But I’m full of sorrow, if he could get a chance to leave foe Keer Koor Moor Island, we will be losing our child forever.”

“Do we have any other children except this child? If he got selected we are not going to see him for twenty seven years.” How can we face this?”

“Yes I too am worried in that case. But you can’t help. We must sacrifice for his progress.”

“Twenty seven and ten are thirty seven in total. When he comes perhaps it can be more than this total.  I don’t pray that he shouldn’t pass this test. I pray let him be fortunate to be with us.”

“What an idiotic talk of you? Parents always love their children. If we think about their future we must give them freedom to decide. We must encourage in their Endeavour. If we become selfish in that point, their future will be dark. Eventually their life will be unsuccessful and they will give us trouble. That’s why we have to think wisely as their parents. Especially in this modern world we must be ahead from traditional parents. If we think so only we can do something for their future.”

“That’s okay. You are playing that record everyday.”

I can’t think anything if I have chosen.      Even if I got selected what can I do after going there? Using secret codes or being invisible will not be a real qualification to do any useful work. If any other child does such a thing I’ll lose. I must think something new. My head is becoming harder and harder now, I don’t know what sort of sleepiness I’m getting………..
Oh! My  head. It hit somewhere on something.

“See there. Son got his head hit on some thing. I asked him to come to this seat but he didn’t care. Son! Come here now!”

“Hey conductor, this seat got bent. Something hit it from behind. What’s that? See.”

“What? Really I can see. The iron pipe of this seat has got curved. Little brother did you do anything to this pipe over the seat?”

“Nothing I did. I fell asleep. The drive applied break fast. My head hit the iron pipe on the front seat. That’s all.”

“Let me see your head. Did get hurt? “

“No injuries to my head but the seat got bent.”

“Is your head made of iron?”

“What are you talking conductor? What a joke? How could this little child cause damage to that iron pipe with his head? What nonsense.”
“No conductor this seat was straight earlier. Now only it has got bent.”

My head hit it. It’s true. It’s paining. But I got a hint. I must try to whether it will be possible for the same thing. If this seat got such damage with my head, I will be able to do better things.

“Fie! Fie! Son you get down from that seat. What are you going to do? Don’t jump on that seat. You will fall on other passengers.”

“What a mischievous child he is?”

“You got hit your head on the roof. Didn’t you?”

It’s paining. Nothing has happened to the roof.

“Didn’t you see conductor? Even now his head hit the roof but there is no damage to the roof. If It was so, the roof must have thrown away as he hit his head on it. Don’t blame him in that way. Children are like that. Children can’t fight with irons and metals.”

 “That’s okay. Let’s leave it.”

“What has happened son?”

“Father I fell fast asleep. When the break was applied my head hit that seat. My head is paining, that’s all what I know.”

“When we get down we’ll apply some balm.”

No one realized what has happened to me. It got bent when my head hit it while asleep. It’s too a can be a technique. If I hit in sleep the material will break. If it hit while awake my head break. Material will remain without any damage. These are amazing stories. There could be a secret code for this too. Dill Ayya must know it. I have to tell him as soon as I go there.

“Get up son.”

“I’m not sleeping.”

We have to get down at the next stop.”

“Is it very close now mom?”

“We have to get down at the next stop as the bus stops there. We have to walk along the nearby road.”

I feel very hungry. Shall we have some thing mom?”

“We are too late my son.”                              

“But I can’t postpone my hunger.”

“Tell me what’s your name, child?”

Son, tell your name.”

“Sudantha Hansajith.”

“You must go to that side. There are children like you.”

“Then my father and mother?”

They can’t go there. They will stay here. After finishing the test you can walk through the back door and meet your parents. No need to be frightened. There are children same like you on the other side. Next…..what’s your name?”

“Gangajeeva Gajanjith.”

“Didn’t you see child? You too should go same as your friend went in.”

“Oh, I can’t do it. I need my mom and dad too. I can’t leave my parents and go alone. Oh!”

“Son, you can’t go in with your parents. The contest is for you. Not for parents.  You have to go to Keer Koor Moor Island alone. Mother or father will not come there with you.”

“My God, this child is weeping. Mister! Please come here! Your son seemed to be frightened and he is crying now. Other children will get frightened by his weep. You should take him out from here. Make him happy and understand that he has to go alone. Then you can bring him back. But you have to bring him within thirty three minutes> If you will be late we have to say you sorry. We won’t be able to register him.”

“Why are you crying my son? Can’t you see other children? They are much happier. They are children same in your age. Aren’t they?”

“But I can’t be alone.”

“But you came from home like a hero. You were so much ambitious in going to Keer Koor Moor Island. What made you to be frightened at this moment?

 “Please mother, Can’t you see there! It’s almost like a cave in the horror films. There are sculptures like ghostly figures. I don’t want please. Let’s go back home mother.”

“In vain, this child is going to lose his opportunity.”

This is really a strange place. If this place of testing is like this, you can imagine how Keer Koor Moor is a place going to be.  See. There is a nice playground. There is a pond too. There can be fish in it. I should go there. It seems to be a friend of mine standing there. I should talk to him.

“You like fish, I think. You are looking at the pond, weren’t you?”

“Mee Mee”

“Where do you come from?”

“There, there.”

“What’s your name?”

“Here, here.”
“May I know what your ability is?”

“Mee mee ho mey mey nah ho mey.”

He seems to be a mad guy. Is he speaking in broken Hindi language?
A spoiled brain he is really. If I give him a push into water he will be able to speak. I was in my school I would have done it better.

“This is an ideal place, cool and airy. Isn’t it? There is a fountain spraying water everywhere. Is it raining? Not raining even. Excuse me! Why are you thinking so much? Can I help you?”
“I’m sorry, you can’t help me. I’m trying to develop my mind before my performances. You are disturbing me. Will you go away please?”

“What did you say?”

“Son come here, why are going there?”


“Don’t you want to participate? The contest starts in ten minutes.”

“Why  not? I must.”
“You must practice now. Do it yourself alone, whatever event that you are going to participate. All the children here are doing in the same way.
It is going to be very competitive. About eighty five competitors are from all over Sri Lanka. You should go to that side and practice a while. What’s your number?”

“Here is my number. It’s number thirty nine.”

“There is little time left. It will take another two hours and fifteen minutes for your name to be called. Find a suitable place somewhere and practice then only you will be able to win.”

“Uncle Can I meet Dill Ayya?”
“How do you know Dill Ayya?”

“He came to our school. He talked me there.”

“He spoke to you means you must be having some special abilities.”

“I don’t know anything about that uncle.”

“You can’t meet Dill Ayya but I promise you that I will be able to provide you an opportunity after the contest is over. I promise.”

“You must be really a talented boy. What is your event?”

“I don’t know that uncle.”

I will be there in that office. In case of any need you can see me there. I’ can help you son.”

No children here are talking. They may be thinking that other will copy their talents. I must do a good thing now.
“Ooh! Who’s that? Who is pinching me?”

“May be a nut fell on me from this tree. But there are no nuts on this tree. I shall go to another place. Here is not good.”

“Please! Don’t hit me. Somebody is hitting me. Help me please!”

 “Who is hitting me?”

“Keep your mouth shut otherwise I’ll kill you. I’m a deadly spirit living in this place.”

“Save me please! Please!”

You must do as I order you. Then I won’t do any harm. Do you understand? Turn your neck towards that side. Now tell me what were doing with your eyes closed like meditating?”

“Why don’t you Mr. Spirit that there is a board at the entrance. It says not talk to anyone in this area. It is mentioned there that we must memorize our ability and practice it without talking with others. So we do follow those instructions.”

“Is it so? It’s boring to be inside alone. That’s why I wanted to talk to you. But you got frightened. Don’t get frightened. I too can help you. What’s your name child?”

“Matalie Pawiloo.”

“Where do you come from?”
“From Matara.”

“Tell me whether you came here with hopes in going to Keer Koor Moor Island?”

“Why? Will it be not possible for me to go?”

“Why  not? You can. What’s your talent? If it is a real talent I can help you. I can tell those professors in that office about you.”

“Ah! It’s so nice of you. Will you really help me?”
“What’s that bottle with you?”

“It’s water in it.”

“Give a little. I want to drink.”

“Oh! I can’t give. I brought it for my performances.”

“Is it so?”

“That is my talent.”

“Drinking  water?”

“Not at all.”

“Then ?”

“I can take water in with my mouth and put it out through my nose.”

“Waw! It’s a wonderful thing. Can’t take it in through your nose and put it out through you mouth?”

“I’m trying for that. When I concentrate in that It will be possible I think.”

“How much water do you take in?”

“About  two bottles.”

“Why can’t take more?”

“If I try more water will go into my brain. Then I may faint.”

“Good child. Practice well. I’m going now.”

“Thank you Mr. Spirit.”

Are there Ghosts in this really? I must go and tell to that uncle. I got upset because of that Spirit. May I lose in this test?

Now I must be off from this. Otherwise I won’t be able to succeed. I have recognized three of my feelings. I must take them as my performances. But how can I do what happened in that bus? I can tell about it.

“So many children are from so many schools. All of them are with different special abilities. At least it is worth. I don’t know if I have any such talent like what these children have. If I don’t have my dream will be over.

I must go down through that building and reach the lower part of it. Then I can come to this side along. Children are in queue. My number is thirty nine. The time is up I think. Oh! What a pity! Nobody can see me yet. What’s the secret code?


                            “Hey stop! You can’t go through that area. That is restricted area. Stop there!”

What a nuisance is this? If I were as earlier I could have reach that side easily. I could observe what’s going on. But it’s nor fair. 

“What’s your number?”

“Thirty nine. Why?”

“Can you do me a small favour?”

“What for?’

“I have come here to perform something. I didn’t tell it to anybody. But I saw someone was doing it. There is no use of it for me now. It’ said that if two were doing the same activity the points will be deducted. Can you help me?”

“What’s your name?”

“Kavindu Janeedran.”

“I even can’t comment anything really, what is your number?”

“It’s thirty six.”

“Two numbers ahead of me.”

“Where are you from?”

“I’m from Colombo only. I’m living in Kelaniya area.
“I can’t tell such thinks immediately. But I can tell you an idea. I can’t say for sure that it will work sure or not. But you can try. You go and stand in front of the panel and stand in silent. Then the will ask you about your talent. You tell them that you can see people transparent. Then they will ask you to do it. You can say then that those who are in front are nude.”

“It means they are without clothes.”


                               “Oh! My goodness! I’m shame.”

                                 “Then I can’t help you.”

                              “Okay I’ll do it. I’ll tell them so.”

                               “Then you will be selected and sent there soon.”

                                  “Thank you very much brother.”

“Don’t be excited. You do it well.”

Now nearly twenty numbers have gone. I’m still not satisfied with.

“Where is Dill?”

“Professor Sir, I shall go down to check how many children are there.”

“Are the marks in a satisfactory level?”

“You can’t tell that. The way they decide is different. Still cannot be guessed.”

“It seems that no one will be qualified to go from Sri Lanka this time too.”

“That won’t be. As I feel there some children with qualifications. Only a little part of the testing has gone. Still there are.”

Sudantha observed the environment around the place where the interview went on. All the children were in a same age group. There were rows upon rows of seats marked with numbers. As it would be difficult to be seated for along time, Sudantha went little forward. He wanted to show others that was the reason for his loitering. There was only one man standing near the entrance of the interview hall and calling numbers of candidates. It was to the surprise there were no any other officials. He was a middle-aged man. That was the only duty he was doing. The children enter from here never come out through this place. It meant that they are going out from another exit point somewhere.

Then how could that say that another boy did the same activity that he was expecting to do. He asked to give advice on doing another performance. Ho could see that another boy did his performance already. He must be a lier. He was trying to get my idea tactfully. Sudantha thought a lot. Oh! He is there. Two seats beyond mine he is sitting. He looks like a King of tricks. I have remedy for his illness but there is no time for treatments. But I have already given him a small lozenge. When it is digested his tricks will be vanished.

Without being caught in others knowledge, I must go around observing the situation. The number of children is not as expected. Isn’t there a competition? I can be satisfied with my ambition and my ability now.

                                “This boy come this way and take your seat facing this screen.”

                                “Good evening to you everybody.”

“Good evening to you.”

“Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.”

We know your number. Tell us your name please.”

“Putra Sangharaja.”

“we do not need any of your details except your talent. Now it’s your chance. We are silent now and you are the only one to talk. Come into action. You are getting only four and a half minute. Okay start now.”

“I’m a pupil from a remote school far away. My village is in  Monaragala area. I’m good at studies and the first in my class always. I have a lot of talents. I have been selected for the finals. So I came here to do my performance.”

“Okay, do your performance now.”


                           “Time is moving, be quick.”


                                 “Who has selected you?”

                             “Our principal.”

                                 “Was he the one who selected you? “

                              “No. Some one came from Colombo. I think he is the one there.”

                            “Do you know him?”


                                  “Is this child selected by you Dill?”

                                 “No. but I can remember a child very much similar to this one.”

                                  “He was very talkative one.”

“As I remember, He talked with me. something has gone wrong here.”

“Name is correct. Number is correct. There is no way to go wrong.”

“Do you have anything to do now, son?”

“I can hoot louder.”

“How far it would be heard?”

“To drive away Devil? I used to go Devil Dancing with my uncle. I’m the one who makes hooting to invite the Devils. I can do it.”

“Not fair Dill. Some injustice has happened here. Who was the child faced this pathetic situation?”

“Professor Sir, here is a confusion purposely created. Let’s investigate it later. On the grounds of influence and friendship this has happened I feel.”

“Yes it could be. Have your parents come here now?”

“Yes they are waiting outside.”

“What are they?”

“My mother is a teacher in a nearby school and my father is an assistant Clerk in the Ministry of Sports.”

“Okay, we will keep you informed. Son you can go now.”

“Please uncle! You will send me to Keer Koor moor Island. Won’t you?”

“Son you go home now. We are going to inform you definitely.”

“The next .Come this way and Sit down.’’
“I’m Charaka Chthramithra, from Kandy. You need not want the name of my school I think. I’m going to do my performance. I’m sorry uncle I have to move these benches aside for a while.

He lay down at once. Everyone of the panel is watching at him. They are almost stood up to watch with a good view. The boy stood up on his palms. His legs are straight up pointing the ceiling.

“I can walk like this forward and backward for one Kilometer without stopping. I’ll walk around this hall in this way until my allocated time is over.”

He walked standing on his palms quickly about three and a half minute time actively without any difficulty. While walking he waved his legs, smiled, laughed and spoke with others in the same condition that of a walking man. His performance was really natural.
“Now you can come back to your normal condition. Now we ask you a question. How could you manage to get yourself this ability?
“I thought of doing this for a long time. I increased it gradually. It was rather difficult to walk on my hands. After practicing for a long time with much effort I could walk as easy as walking on foot. When I walk for some time it becomes very normal walking. I don’t feel different between walking on foot and walking like this on my hands.”

“Well, we believe that you have a special talent. You are coming into the selected twelve. Your performance has been recorded. It will be sent to Keer Koor Moor by means of a special medium. You can go now. We wish you all the best.”

                            “Thanks for all of you.”

                              “How are selected to be in that twelve, Dill?”

“Three. Total four with this one. There more to come. There were many children with abilities. If it was in those days, all of them could be qualified. However as per to their present day’s requirements very few can be qualified enough.”

“Dill, you didn’t face such a competitive situation. Did you?”
‘As remember there were totally eight children from all parts of this country for the finals. Only three of them had been selected. My performance reached the super place. Still I can remember very clearly the selection panel at that time when I came to contest for the finals. I think Mr. Gora is still alive. You can ask him. I told them directly that I could do only jumping up. They laughed at me and asked me how far I could jump up. I told them I had no idea about the height. I jumped up. At the first attempt it was not much high as I expected. When Mr. Gora smiled at me on my fourth attempt I went higher. I stopped on the beam of the roof. Everybody wondered thereafter. I can remember my head the roof several times. At the end of the interview Mr. Gora spoke straight and expressed, ‘You will be definitely going to Keer Koor Moor Island’. Eventually it became true. But lack of my educational level I couldn’t pass the difficult examinations in Keer Koor Moor. When they sent me back the officials of that island were very sad. They said that they had expected if I were there for the course period of twenty seven years, I would be able to touch the flying aircrafts. I even really had that ambition. The only unfortunate incident was the failure in my examinations. “

“There are many whose practical sides are high and theory knowledge is poor. They have to come back from Keer Koor Moor before completing their period. There are many coming back every year. It’s a pathetic situation. Today there is a worse situation. Do you know? We arrange twelve children up to their departure. Unfortunately only one is getting the opportunity to go. Others get disappointed badly. This is not informed in advance. We can’t think about the going child till the last second. We take the twelve children to the particular place and leave them alone. After they get boarded to their ship we have to check for the missing child from the rest. Then only we come to know who has been taken to Keer Koor Moor. Those days the method was different. The selected departing child will be informed on the previous day in advance. No disappointment or wasting their time. Few officials and my parents only came to drop me. That was to a beautiful place near Unawatuna near Galle. They made me to float on a boat alone in the sea and watched from the sea shore. It was said that the eventually the boat had come back itself without me on it. I had been disappeared. That was the way children had been sent to Keer Koor moor Island those days.”

“Really professor Sir one should go there. living there for twenty seven years means it’s like going to heaven alive.”

“Can’t the grown ups go there. Can they?”

“That’s the case. If it is so people like you will get the opportunity.”

“If I get any opening there to teach children or work there, I’m ready to go there now. For that one must be God graced. It’s like the story in the Arabian Nights. Here is a one who has come back because of his ill fortune. What can we think about us? I was surprised to see the ones who come back from there alive with nice stories. It was like fairy tales and fictions. “

“Son Dill, Really our Earth is so much developed in Science and technology.  Really, why can’t we discover such places on earth?”

“Three fourth our Earth is covered with ocean. Rest is covered with forests, rivers, lakes and volcanoes etc. Man is living on a very limited area only. Since we are on such a limited surface how can we discover the vast water which is almost three fourth of this Earth? Our surveying is very small and limited. There is another serious quest. Is it possible for any material thing like our bodies or other things in our environment to exist invisible to our eyes? I even have that question. And also how can a single country be able to get   such a high level of intelligence? While thinking about it I got the answer I went there. We all are same there. We have to communicate in a different language. They don’t need the in and outs of the out side world.
In the beginning of human civilization on Earth communities or tribes lived isolated in different parts of the world. As for an example you can take the Red Indians. Before Christopher Columbus discovered that land Red Indians lived there. They had a country. Let’s think it. How did they manage to live alone without any contact with other parts of this world? They had been invisible to others because others didn’t know about their existing on Earth. Only difference of this Island is the people of this island communicate with other countries of this world too. We have no way to find the method how they manage to do such things. Other important thing is this, there is no separate ethnic group called Keer Koor Moor. All are those who had come from other countries like us. Even the rulers, other officials and teachers too are foreigners.”
“You have said that one who had gone from our country was gone missing.”

“As I think he must be there. It can be happen in this way even. After removing his contacts with us they can inform us that he had disappeared. Thereafter he belongs to that land. As I have heard, that was person who had been to Keer Koor Moor Island before me. But his twenty seven year period is not yet finished. He is not an accepted talented yet. I don’t know how he got misplaced there. I never saw him during my stay there. I have heard. As I remember, was he called ‘Tinka’?”

“I don’t know Dill my son.”

“Break is over, let’s go, nearly another twenty is to be interviewed. I think you have meet the President at seven twenty in the evening today.”

“Yes. I too have received the invitation.”

“Treeeeeeng……treeeeng……. who is next?”

“Sit down son. Tell your name please.”

“Kavindu Janeendran.”

“Go ahead with your performances.”

This child is looking at the panel in amazement. The panel too is looking at this boy.

“What’s wrong son?”

“Nothing but…..”


“I see you all nude.”

“It can’t be. Don’t utter lie. You will be caught.”

“None of you the four sitting in the front row are wearing clothes. Aren’t you?”

“Dill, what do you say on this?”

“Impossible. If he can see as he says, there should be code for that. When he spells that code only he could see so. I didn’t select any child with such ability. If there were any I would be one to issue the secret code. Unless the code his ability would be useless. At times he would see the entire society nude. Then he won’t be able to come to the normal condition. He will be lost. That’s the nature of these things. I have doubt whether this child had been selected by me.”

“How did you come here? Tell us the truth. Otherwise you will be in trouble.”

“I’m telling the truth. That brother came to our nearby big school in the village. “

“Where do you come from?”

“I’m from Matale.”

“We participated in the contest there.”

“I can remember, we have selected a child looked like him. But that the ability that child had was not this. This is a strange story.”

“Why these become mess, Dill? Is it the fault of the officials?”

“After selecting the child I get details with the help of its features from the principal. Thereafter I inform the results through the principal on the day before the finals. That is my procedure. If the child was with a special talent, I talk to him personally with a promise to keep it as secret. There are such cases. This one is not such a case. Wait for awhile.”

“Son you come this way here. Come closer to me. You must tell us the truth. Otherwise Police uncles will come and take you. They will beat you soundly. Then you will have to tell.”

“Please uncle!  Don’t call Police. They will beat me. My brother was the one who had been chosen. He looks same like me. We are twins. My brother was sick and couldn’t come. As he was unable to come he explained me his performance. He wanted me to do it for him. But I didn’t know how to do it. So I made a false one. Please uncle! Will you give me to Police? I’m afraid.”

“No son. You spoke the truth. So we don’t want to do it. You did a very wrong thing. You disgraced these uncles. Who taught you to act like that? Were they your parents or any other? Or was it your own idea?”

“I came in with my brother’s performance in my mind. I remembered it. My parents too reminded. After entering I forgot it in ten minutes time. I was excited. When I was crying, there came a boy of my age. He seemed to be clever. I told him a lie. I said my performance has been already done by another. Then I asked him to help me. He is the one who gave me this idea.”

“Who was that? Can you remember his face well?”

“I can identify him if I see him again. He made me a favour. Don’t put him in trouble. I’m ready to accept any punishment. Please!”

“We should punish your parents not you. They should know that this is not a game.  There are crafty deceitful parents in our society who are trying to enter their children at any cost. If we were informed about your brother’s illness he would have given another date for his performance. He lost that chance himself. We are very sorry about you. You go home quickly.”

“Dill, you didn’t find such frauds in the previous years. Don’t you? “

“Yes. This is the problem. This program is little bit popular in the country no a day. Not the children but the parents are in scuffle to send their sons and daughters to Keer Koor Moor Island now. It’s somewhat like Grade five scholarship mania. These parents drive their children after mirage. Eventually they fed up with it. Then the silent ones reach the goal. It’s like the hare and the tortoise.”

“Call the next.”

“No thirty eight. Take your seat. You get four and a half minute. Start your performance.”

This child was silent for a while. Then he pulled out a knife from under his shorts.

“This is a knife can all of you see it well?”

“Yes we see it.”

“I’m going to cut my leg with it.”


“Don’t try to be a joker my son. If any accident happened we are responsible for it.”
“Okay I’ll take the responsibility.”

It was a long sickle like knife. He placed his foot on a bench and gave a strong dash on his leg with the sharpen side of the knife. Leg got into two pieces. All rushed towards him and started questioning.

“Is it okay now? Can I go to Keer Koor Moor Island?”

“You can go but how can you walk?”

“Why can’t with one leg? “

He was still holding the sharp long knife in his hand. Upper part of his leg is bleeding heavily. Without any consideration on his wound he fully engaged in answering the frequent questions came from the panel.

“You have to show us how you fix the cut leg.”

“You can’t do it. How can you join a cut leg? It’s impossible. So I’m going now.”

“Your interview is not yet over. You can’t go now. If you want be one the twelve, you have to fix your leg again at least.”

“If it is so, I have to say you sorry. Four of you have to go away from here. Then I’ll treat my leg and bring it into the previous condition?

“”What do you say Dill?”

“I don’t know about this. Let’s go.”

“How do we come to know you have completed it?”

“You come back in two minutes. It will be completed by then.”

“What about blood all over this place?”

“I’ll wash it out and wipe it. It will be dry.”

“Then do it as you want.”

Oh! I’m the one to go next. I’m rather scared. How can I know what’s going on in that hall. No body is there to inquire even. Everybody is going but no body is returning through this door. At least if I get chance to be one of those twelve, I have three options. I must keep them in my mind should not be excited. If Dill Ayya is there, it will be better. But I don’t expect his favour at this point. Who is that bearded gentleman coming out from that door? Is he an interviewer? What a frightening look he has. If the interviewers are such what would be the features of the gentlemen in Keer Koor Moor? They too feel that they are from Keer Koor Moor Island, that’s why they are showing their faces so furious. Oh! He may be going to pass urine. Because I saw the comfort rooms that on way.  He didn’t smile even. He would have at least looked at us. We are little children in front of him. Why can’t he feel pity on us? How many children are remaining here? There are many vacant seats. There are eight seats vacant as I can see. Are there still more children to come? Fifteen children are behind me at the moment. It’s better to stand up for a while to release pressure from mind.

“Hey child we didn’t call you yet. Stay there, we’ll call you!”

“I feel little tired of sitting. That’s why I got up. Shall I go a little beyond this place? ”

“You should not go beyond that place.”

“Ah! That gentleman is coming back.”

“Two minutes have passed. You have taken two and half a minute more than your allocated time. We don’t allow that much but the specialty of your work made us to do so. Good. You are clever. What’s your talent now?”

“It’s out of my practice.”

“Who trained you?”

“It was my father.”

“What is he?”

‘He is the owner of a circus group.”

“Do you go for the shows?”

“Why not, I go.”

“What are the heroic things you do?”

“There is a lot.”

“Don’t you have fear to do those?”

”No! Most of them are magic.”

“Is this too a magic then?”

“No! No! This is one of my hard practices. Magic cannot be do be done in this way.”

“Was that Ayya who found you to be qualified?”

“Yes. I went to the function when he came to the school. He saw what I did. That’s why he has selected me.”

“But this was not the thing you did on that day. This is more horror and thrill than what you did on that occasion.”

“Will I be able to go to Keer Koor Moor Island?”

“We register you as a qualified candidate. But we don’t know whether they will cut your marks because this is a magic.”

‘Why is that?”

They need such types of talents. But you have to do it through developing your mind not through magic. Well you can go now.”

“Thank you very much Sir.”

“I know what he did was a magic. But professor I haven’t seen a horrible act here before. There are such cases in Keer Koor Moor. They can’t go higher. There is a special unit for magic, we do it for fun. No body pays attention in magic. Even though he has been chosen for the twelve Keer Koor Moor Officials will not select them anyway. I’m sure about it. We could go to that magic unit and watch exciting things. Our friends stand there. Then the wicked man comes. He attacks our friends. They too attack him in return. He turns the necks of our friends and break. He breaks the arms and legs into pieces. We could here the cracking of their bones. They cry, we too cry since they are our friends. He breaks the back bones. Our friend fell down dead. In a short time our friend gets up and greets us. These are like games. I know a lot of magic but I won’t do. I selected this child since there were any other talented children. On the other hand he seemed to be a courageous boy. That’s why. He is qualified enough for the finals. Magic is a different story.”

“Shall we call the next child?”

“How many are over by now?”

“Thirty eight candidates have come.”

“Here comes your turn. Go in.”

My heart beating is getting higher. Hands and legs are shivering. Am I frightened? What nonsense? I’m not. I don’t know what fear is. Sudantha was moving forward with all sorts of thoughts. He entered the interview room opening the door using five fingers of his right hand.  The room was furnished with modern furniture and equipments so that it was clear that the room has been designed specially for the interviews. Three of the officials were seated on higher seats on the right side.  One can see these three at once while entering. There was a large area with much space in front of them. Little further you can see another seat in a corner.

‘This should be the panel of judges. The distance between me and the panel is about ten metres. I have to speak louder I think.

“Ah! Come son. Sit on the seat at that corner. Your number is thirty nine. Isn’t it?”

“Thank you.”

“We would like to know your name.”


“Well, I like to ask you a question.” One of them said. In the same time he peeped towards left and pointed his eyes on someone. It was a known face. He got a slight smile. It didn’t show any awareness.

“Son, what do you think about Keer Koor Moor Island?”

“I’ve nothing to think specially about it. If get chance to get there I’ll be happy.”

“Why do you say so? It’s the most successful victory in one’s life. Isn’t it?”

“”professor sir…….”

Another official is getting his mouth ready for another question.

“Do you think that you have enough qualifications to go to Keer Koor Moor?”

“I believe. I’m sure hundred per cent.”

“If you were not selected?”

“There is nothing to worry much.”

“The qualified one will be chosen from the twelve who are going to be selected in this place. If you couldn’t come into that group you can’t go ahead. You will lose your way from here.”

“I know that.”     I must do a real thing now.


“What are you secretly whispering? Don’t you like to answer? Oh! Where is this child? Where did he go?”


“Yes tell me, I’ll answer.”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m sitting where I’m. Why? What’s the problem with you?”

“We can’t see you.”

“There may be something wrong with your eyes.”

“Dill. Who is this child?”

“He is a one who has been selected by me. You can forward your question, he will answer.”

Sudantha went towards Dill slowly. ‘Dill Ayya isn’t it wrong if I do in this way?”

‘Hush! Don’t touch my hand. You know why. You are following exactly what you have been told I think.”

‘Once I got into trouble by mistaking. Now I can remember.’

“Professor Sir, this boy happens to be a real talented one.”
“How does he stay hidden without being seen? Is it another magic?”

“Sudantha you go to professor and hold his arm. He will be excited. That last person in that corner. They don’t know that you’re with me.”

“Where are you son?”

“Oh! My god, somebody touched my hand.”

“Why are you screaming?”

“What? Where is Yawgini? Yawgini went invisible.”

“Ah! Who is holding my hand?”

“Why do you want to know it? Hush! I’m a ghost. You speak to that child.”

“That’s okay Dill, what’s going to happen here now?”

“You need not be excited. This child will be somewhere here only.”

“We asked him unnecessary questions. we didn’t ask such questions from other children.”

“As he was entering I found a strange light. I was informed to ask some difficult questions to make him tired that would make his talents to come out.”

“Who informed you so?”

“Nobody spoke to me but I felt it in me.”

“Ah! Yawgini is here again. Where did you go?”

‘No. I didn’t go anywhere. I was here only. Someone touched my hand then….”

“Then you became invisible and we couldn’t see you.”

“Son, were you the one did it?”

“Yes. I was.”

“I was much excited. You aren’t going to do such things again, okay!”

“Sir, please pardon me! It happens from me when I’m questioned like that.’

“Dill, what do you have to say about this child?”

“He happens to be a real talented one. As far as I understand, he is a good boy.”

“My son, please listen to us. Come out now. We have more children to interview.”

But there no is sound or speech.  Sudantha slowly got away from Dill and tried to sleep on a chair. Even Dill couldn’t find him. Dill used his techniques to find him later and came to know where he was but he kep quiet.

“Has this boy gone, Dill?”

“No. let’s wait. He must be taking time to come back to normal condition.”

“That’s okay, very good attempt. Extra ordinary ability he has. Ordinary children cannot do these types of amazing things. He must be having some sort of special power.”

“I understood it on that day itself.”

There was an iron fence to separate the other room. Sudantha went near the fence and lay down. As he was getting sleepy –


“Dill, can you see there? He has fallen down. We have to give him some water. These little children are not capable of doing such things. They are too small for these.”

One of the panel got up from the seat to get some water. He brought water from a nearby room and approached Dill with it.”

“See how this child is sleeping crouched to the iron fence. Shall we call a doctor? We don’t know whether he is fast asleep or fainted. dill shall we sprinkle little water on his face? “

“I can’t think anything. He is a mysterious child. Even I identified him with much difficulty. He doesn’t talk much but he has a lot of strange things. It’s cannot be find. He himself even doesn’t know about his strange abilities. Definitely this child must have been in another area of the universe in his previous birth I think. Or it could be Keer Koor Moor Island even. You can find this type of individuals there only. We can’t guess his next action. People there are of the same type.”

“If it’s so this boy will be able to go there definitely.”

“You can’t decide that. There were another eleven. We watched their talent as well. Don’t you? Some of their mysteries are so much that we can’t understood. Anyway the decisions of Keer Koor Moor officials will be the final.”

“We have to do something since the other children are getting late. They have to got to their far places. “

“Oh! God! We can’t. It will be a funeral. We will have to go to courts to give evidence. You should take the responsibility. You must come and do something Dill. You know about magic and mysteries very well. Please! We can’t go to police as witnesses. We didn’t do anything. The child himself told us that he existed hidden. Anyhow he didn’t show his performances.”

“Professor, his talent could be accepted. He disappeared and appeared within this room. Isn’t it an extra ordinary thing? “

“Dill, take this water. We are going out”

“Don’t go out. Wait for a while please! You all stand little away from this boy. I’ll try to do something. I too don’t know exactly what to do in a situation like this.”

“I won’t participate in panels hereafter.”

“Why Gopal? What’s wrong?”

“Why? Didn’t you see? Some cut their legs. Some disappear. Some utter lies. Some behave like crazy idiots. This is totally nonsense. Isn’t it? These are very risky events. At least we should know something at least basic. Otherwise we must go for training in that island. In other country almost all members of the selection panel are individuals who had been to that place.”

“Yes it is, what can we do for? They are not choosing from our country.”

“Does it mean that we don’t have clever people in our country?”

“It can be. If we think so there will be no chance to go from our country in future. We have to take the loss.”

“Please! Dill, finish it off soon. Let’s call the next child. Let him be there otherwise. We shall carry on this interview. I’ll call the doctor and get an ambulance in order that we can send him to hospital. What do you say?”

“I like it wait a moment. I’ll talk to him. Professor Sir, please be patient. Let’s see what has happen to this child first. First I’ll talk to him for a while. It’s not better to sprinkle water at once.”

“Earlier a ghost came to me. You don’t know if it entered the body of this boy. If it was so everything will be a mess.”

“Who told you it was a ghost?”

“Why can’t you remember this gentleman disappeared at that time?”

“Oh! Was it the case? Don’t be excited for that. This child was one who held his hand. He went to him and showed his talent. He could become invisible and make others invisible too by touching with his hand.”

“My God, It’s a nice thing. It is a talent to get the total hundred marks alone. I have never heard such a talent. Is it true?”

“I’m the one who asked him to go and touch you. Talents of each one is different. Professor Sir, I Identified this boy on the first day. On that day he made everybody frightened in that school with his mysteries. His behaviour is a mystery for them still. This is necessarily something like that. Wait a little will you. I’ll find out that talent too. These couldn’t be the results of developing one’s mind. These are God graced abilities from one’s birth. But if you ignore these, they will be vanished. You must get use of them. This child is very intelligent. All in that school has recognized him. Please you three empty this place. Stay in that side. From there you watch what is happening.”

“I can’t. I’ll close my eyes. Don’t Dill. Let him be as he is.”

“Sudantha, Sudantha I’m Dill Ayya. Are you okay?’

‘No… there is no response at all. Let me pat on his back. I have doubt, let me see.’

“Eh! Eh! What?”

“What happened?”

“The building got vibrated. Oh! God! Not only vibration those iron bars of that fence too have got bent.”

“Why?  Dill Ayya, were you excited?”

“No my brother, come, let me see your head. It might have injured. Ah! Nothing has happened.”

“Disastrous. All those iron bars have got curved. Is his head made of granite stone?”

“Why? Have done anything wrong?”

“It’s a wrong thing, people are on the roof. This building was supposed be collapse. What a loss? All those bars are bent. Some have fallen. What have you done? What’s the meaning of this Dill? How can we allow him to destroy everything?”

“Be calm gentlemen. You didn’t see what had happened. If you saw, you would be happier to see that mysterious power.”

“Right, I could understand now what Sudantha did. Do you know how did you manage to do it?”

“I can’t say, I recognized it by chance. So I thought of doing it too.”

“There are secret codes for these mysteries things in Keer Koor Moor Island. But I don’t know them. This is a special situation. Ordinary people cannot do this. This could be done by only the Yogis with well developed mind through meditation. Sudantha, do you practice meditation?”

“Yes. The junior monk in our temple teaches us. I follow it but not every day.”

“Professor Sirs, come now. Let’s continue our duty. Don’t take this incident a barrier. I’ll correct the mistake. I’ll request the President to take steps to reconstruct the damaged building.”

“If you promise, we have no fear.”

“If Sudantha you become the qualified boy to go to Keer Koor Moor Island, we shall meet the president. His Excellency is very kind towards little children. He has extra attention towards the children with special efficiency.”     

“Please! Forgive me if I have done any wrong. I didn’t do it purposely.”

“Sudantha, how did you come to know that you have this ability? Had any similar thing happened before this?”

“Some time on those days my head hit the bed frame and it had become bent or curved when I saw in the mornings. Nobody took it in account. I even didn’t feel it much. When I was in the bus today I fell asleep. My head had hit the bar over the front seat and got bent. They blamed me. I understood something secret I have in it. I decided to bring it out here today.”

“If Keer Koor Moor Islanders come to know that you have this ability, they will be happy. There you need not sleep to bring that power out. Only you have to do is using the secret code. You can achieve what you wanted with the power after using the code. Without that if you hit any object with your head, your head will get hurt. And also you have to spell the secret cord words accurately. If it was spelt wrong your head will be hurt. Very risky job it is.”

“Dill Ayya, don’t you know the code for this?”

“I don’t know brother since I don’t have that ability. These lessons are taught after a long stay in that island. I wasn’t there for very long time. I think you will be fortunate enough. But it is under the decisions of the officials there. You must have good fortune too.”

“We shall pay special attention on this child. All the incidents have been recorded clearly. Within two or three days these video clips will be transmitted to Keer Koor Moor Island by means of a special method. Son Sudantha, your test is over now. Keer Koor Moor Officials have to make the final decision on your departure. It’s beyond us. If there is anything to be done from this place, we shall help. Even Dill is very close to you we think.”

“I must thank you all. Will I get punishment for that iron fence?”

“We have to. But your Dill Ayya has the responsibility in his hand.”

“So much thanks to you, Dill Ayya. You took much pain in my case.”

“Didn’t you find any friends at this place?”

“A very few were.  They were not that much happy or friendly. All are with much pressure. All are with grate hopes in going to Keer Koor Moor Island. “

“However, only one will be fortunate enough to go there. So thinking too much about it is not good. “

“Next child…. number forty.”

“Tell your name son.”

“Tetranus  Naier .”

“You seem to be over twelve.”

“Eleven  years; eleven years and five days.”

“My goodness, you won’t be going. When on the day of your departure to Keer Koor Moor, you will be above the age limit. But we’ll check your talents. If you have real talents, perhaps your age won’t be a barrier. Okay, proceed with your performance.”

“I can change the colour of my skin as I want.”

“Good. Do it now.”

“First- Am I fair now?”

“Yes, we’ve noted.”

“Second- Am I black now?”

“Yes, we’ve noted it too.”

Third- Am I red now?’

“Yes, we saw it well.”

“Fourth – Am I blue now?”

“You are right, do you have any more?”

“I can show two more colour.”

“What are those? Tell us?”

“Green and gray,”

“Why can’t you change your body into other colour?”

“I have not yet practiced it.”

“So, why are you using those hand gloves? You are doing this game with those. Aren’t you?”


“Well, bring the gloves here. Dill, please check them.”

“You used the same in the previous tests too right?”


“That day I saw him using gloves, but I never thought that there would be any secret in it.”

“Get them here, Could you please check inside of the gloves, Dill?”

“Professor Sir, there is a micro lens in this. When it touches the skin it makes colour changing on skin. This is development in technology not developing your mind. This is not a talent. If you can, you do the same thing without using these gloves.”

“I can’t do so, I can’t understand it.”

“I’m very sorry child. You did cheating. Therefore you have been removed from the contest.”

 “Uncle Can you tell me where my parents are? “

“There they are, in that resting lounge.”

“Okay uncle, I’ll go there. Thank you.”

 “There! Son is coming. He may be hungry. Come here son, we are here.”

“It was almost four hours, my son you are hungry now.”

“Your father and I didn’t take our lunch. Let’s hurry. How was the contest? Did you performed well? What did you do?”

“It’s a strange place, you get frightened. I went around getting information. Nobody open a word.  Those who enter never come back to the place where they were.”

“Parents of all the children were with us here in the same place. All their children came out in the same way as you did.”

“But father you have to enter from one door and come out from another door. The interview hall is in between these two doors. Once going into the hall means gone. You can’t come back. You have to come out from the exit door. Nobody in the waiting lunge talk to another. Some children were happy wile some were crying. Some go in with much pleasure as if they had already won in the contest. All are getting ready to go to Keer Koor Moor Island from now itself.”

“Do you believe that you will be able to get there?”

“Do you like as my dear parents if I get that chance?”

“Don’t you believe whether you will be able?”

“My parents will be happier if I don’t go there. Won’t you? Therefore I decided not to go. I won’t be able to see my parents for twenty seven years. It won’t be possible to talk even. So I feel sad. I’ve already taken my decision. I won’t go. Even if I would be selected, I’ll tell them that I can’t.” 

“Don’t say so my son. You must take a better decision considering your future. We can look after ourselves.”

“It will be if I win only. We can see it then.”

Pineapple Ghost          

“Sudantha is very bad. He has gone to Keer Koor Moor finals without our knowledge. Wasn’t he? I’ve got that news.”
“How did you come to know Bhanu?”

“I heard it, Kirala. Principal was telling it to our class teacher.”

“He didn’t have time to inform us, I think. If he had enough time he would have told us definitely. He is not that type of a boy.”
“I feel very sad for that.”
“We don’t know whether he got the message last night itself. Mostly they give that message at the eleventh hour as I have heard.”
“Yes. I too have heard so. But we haven’t been selected. I think that the talent Sudantha had was not known to us, but Dill Ayya could identify it. Can you remember that day? When we were in the garden we joked at him saying that he had eyes on his back. He may be able to do strange things like that.”

“It is not a surprise to be selected. Anyway he is our friend. Since he is our friend really I pray God that Sudantha should go to Keer Koor Moor Island.”

“But we won’t be able to see him after that. How can we play with him?”

“It’s going to be very sad especially when Manu hear this she will be very upset.”

“Yes. It’s true. We can’t see him for twenty seven years. Will he keep our friendship after coming back?”
“”I think so.”
“Kirala, I really like to see his talents. Do you know about it? They say that Sudantha has been doing meditation everyday.”
“Who did tell you that?”
“One day it came out from Sudantha’s words. I also like to develop my mind.”
“Junior monk in our temple likes Sudantha very much. You can see it when you go to the temple. Sudantha used talk with the monk many things for hours. He never joins us to play hide and seek behind the statue room. Only we do it. On that day I hid on top of that huge Buddha statue nobody could find me. Then Menu had told Sudantha. He came and found me there. Sudantha blamed me. If junior monk knows this he will never allow us in the temple, Sudantha said. We can go to Sunday religious school in the temple. After that we can ask the junior monk to teach us meditating. Then we will be able to develop our minds too.”
“Please take me too. I like very much learning meditation.”
“Let’s tell Menu too. Are we going to Sudantha’s place today?”
“Not today. Perhaps it will be night when he comes home. We should not trouble him as he is going to be tired today after traveling. We can go tomorrow because tomorrow will be a holiday.”

“We’ll go early in the morning. We must wish him.”

“Swarna teacher please come to my office after finishing your class.”

“Okay sir. Children read this part of your text books and learn by heart. Answer these questions. Do it at home and bring tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow will be a holiday teacher.”

“Ah! Yes. Tomorrow will be Sunday. All of you must go to temple. Okay.”

“Swarna teacher did these children hear what I said in this morning?”

“I think it is not going to be a problem.”
“I got the message last night. I went immediately and gave the message. They must have gone today early morning. We’ll be able to get the news tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I can’t think what has done by this child today there.”

“However he is a strange character. He doesn’t show any commotion in his work. Very slow but mysterious boy he is. School studies are not difficult for him. He finishes his work and start to help others. You do not need of worrying when there isn’t a teacher in class. He could control entire class. If he goes, it will be a gap.”

“Even if he won’t go to Keer Koor Moor Island, he will be going to a popular school in the city next year because of his scholarship results.”

“I even feel so. We have facilities in our school to keep such a student with us.”

“Mom will it be dark when we reach home?”

“Yes son. After getting sown at the junction we have to hire a vehicle. Anyway we can’t go to Lokumahappa’s house now. We should not bother them.”

“I don’t like to go there. Chola aunty always insults me. I don’t like to go to their house. Cousins are good. I like to be alone today. Even if it gets dark let’s go home directly.”

“But Lokumahappa is very much fond of you. Isn’t he? Can you remember the presents he brought for you? What big lot!”

“Yes, yes. It was for my birthday. Isn’t it?”

“There! Father has fallen into sleep.”

“Shall I wake him up?”

“Don’t wake him up, let’s go to him.”

“Father has hit his head somewhere.”

“Ah! My head….!”

“When the driver puts break you will get these things in the bus if you are not steady. Has your head got any injuries?”

“Did you push me from behind?”

“Did you see?”

“I felt like someone held me.”

“It may be a dream.”

“Where are we now?”

“It’s not very far. There are only about twenty miles to our place.”

“What time is now?”

“Half past nine.”

“Really we are very late. It will be twelve O’ clock when we reach home.”


“Sudantha we’ve come here to congratulate you. How were your finals yesterday?”

“I’m extremely sorry; I hadn’t got enough time to inform you.”

“We know that, that’s why we are here as your friends.”

“How did you come to know?”

“We heard a little when principal was talking to our teacher. So, how are you Sudantha?”

“I was dog tired. We reached home late in the night. Father and mother are still sleeping.”

“Since today is a holiday we came here to see you. Shall we go to temple?”

“Not now itself, I’ll come little later.”

“What are the news’; will you be able to go to Keer Koor Moor?”

“I don’t know for sure. They said that they would inform later.”

“Were there many children?”

“I didn’t like any of them, very hard headed ones. They feel as if they were in already in Keer Koor Moor. I taught good lessons for some guys.”

“Will you tell us what?”

“I’ll tell later, did our teacher asked about me?”

“No. She didn’t. Principal must have told her.”

“What were your performances? Sudantha won’t you tell us? We would like to know.”

“In the school on that day some thing had happened to you, what was that? You are hiding something from us.”

“No. Bhanu, there is nothing special. But I’ll show you little of my performances today. I can’t understand some of them, the way I’ve got. So don’t ask me more.”
                             “We are not going to ask you details. Just show us. It will be enough for us.”

“By the way, one day went to Grandpa Bambaratha to get a pineapple. He didn’t give us. He said that there were pineapples partly eaten by birds in his farm. I asked him to give us a single fruit for that we would pay later. But he didn’t. If you were there it would be nice Sudantha.  Shall we go there today?”
“Sure. We can go.”

“You mean now?”

“Yes. Let’s go there now.”

“Perhaps you can it from him. Grandpa Bamratha is in good terms with you.”

“Are you mad? He hit me when I tried to take away the bottle of honey on that day.”

                             “Don’t you know? His son Lenkoora is there in his farm now.”

                                “Why! Lenkoora’s son?

                            “What about Lenkoora’s son?

                        “You mean that dark boy, he is Thattalula.


                         “Thattaluola doesn’t come to school now. Did he?”

     “Don’t you remember? One day I gave Thattaloola a punch on his face that made him bleeding from his nose.”

“Why was it?”

Don’t you know why? He put his leg between Sudantha’s that made Sudantha to fall on the road. Now he hates me. I don’t know when he will attack me if gets chance. I fear to go alone when he is there.”

“We shall avoid going there today, Sudantha.”

“Why is that?”

“All are in their farming garden. You can’t steal a fruit at all.”

“Come with me will you? Not stealing, let’s go there and pick one. Can you remember that when they were keeping pineapple saplings we are the ones who helped them in their work?  Why can’t they give us a single pineapple?”

“There! You have to go in from that opening. Be careful, nettles will sting you, they may hear noise.”

“First climb up that Domba    tree and see whether they are there in the hut.”

“Yes, yes. They are there.”

“Is it a wrong thing to do?”

“No Sudantha.”

“I don’t like to do wrong things.”

“So we are.”

“Let’s go and talk to them. We’ll ask them one fruit. It’s not good to pick without their permission. I’ll ask them.”

“You don’t go Sudantha, they won’t give you!”

“We shall go and ask for one.”

“I must do something before going there, give me two minutes.”


                              “What? Where is Sudantha? What did he spell?”

                               “He told a lot of words in a row and disappeared at once.”          


                              “Don’t be afraid. I’m with you here.”

                              “But we can’t see you.”

                              “That won’t be a problem because I can see you.
                               If kirala wants I can     make him invisible and go together.”
                              “No! No! Don’t do so, I’m scared.
                                  Don’t come near me. Please!”
                              “Hold my hand Kirala.”

                              “Oh! I can’t”

                              “If it’s so, you both stay there they must not see you.”

                              “Please Sudantha! Where are you? I’m scared.”

                              “Menu I’m here, near you. Shall I touch your hand?”

                              “Don’t touch me please! Are you dead? 
                                Have you become spirit? How
                              can we see you again?”
                              “Wait for ten minutes okay, I’ll be back to you.”

                              “Hey! Hey! Go away you dog!”

                              “Grandpa, are you getting mad? There isn’t a dog here.”
                              “Who is near me then?”

                               “You are really becoming mad I feel, 
                                   there is nobody near you. Wait I’ll
                              bring the sickle.”

“Hey! Don’t be a fool Thattaloola. You are not to touch the sickle.”

“Who are you? How could you give me orders? How do you know my name?”

“I’m a deadly spirit.”

“What did you say? Stop there you spirit till I come. I’m not scared of spirits.”

“Don’t come near, I’ll send you to the place no one knows where. Dirty boy you are too much, understand?

“If grandpa Bambaratha sacrifices pineapples I go away.”

“Who are you?”

“I was grandpa Bambaratha’s son who died few years back.”

“Oh! my dear, where are you now? Are you in a good place my dear boy?”

“Yes my father. I’m in a good place now. I don’t come to give you trouble. I have to throw a pineapple party to my friends. That’s why I came to my father. Is he my elder brother’s son?”

“Your voice like child’s my son.”

“Yes father. I got birth in this place very recently. I’m still a child in my new world.   

“My darling son, there are a lot of ripped pineapples in in that low part of this farm. You can get what ever the number you want. Come with me I’ll show you. How kind of you, you have come to see I like this? I’m old and sick now. I’ve to be at home but these lads don’t allow me to stay at home. Those rascals are getting my pineapples as they like. That’s why I’m protecting my farm.”

“Don’t worry father I’ll look after your farm when you are at home. They can’t escape from me. Father I’m going. Thattaloola I’m going son.
I’ll take only five pineapples with me. I’ll protect the farm from thieves hereafter.”
“Well my son.”
“There is no matter in chasing away the thieves but father when the small children come to get pineapples let them take one or two fruits once in a way. It’s a good deed. Otherwise when you come to our world you will have to wonder in pineapple farms for pineapples, so you must avoid it.”

“We have no way to see Sudantha whether he is coming or not.”

“We’ll cry out his name.”

“Don’t do that. Then Thattaloola will come here. Sudantha isn’t scared. Let’s wait he’ll come.”

“Eh! What’s this? Five pineapples are floating in the air. Sudantha are you here?”

“Yes. Why? Shall I hold your hands?”

“Where is? Sudantha where are you? Oh! Right I have caught you now.”

“Menu what has happened to you? We can’t see Sudantha and you both.”

“Where are you? We’ll shout if you don’t appear.”

“Is it so? If you want, here is Menu. Keep her with you. I’m going.”

“Sudantha don’t go. We are coming with you. Where are you now/”

“Don’t stay here because Thattaloola is coming this way. He followed the pineapples. All of you go forward. Bhanu go home and bring a knife. You all come to Keppetiya land near my house.”

“I already have a knife.”

“Then it’s okay. Let’s be hurry. Now I’m going to appear.”

                                           “Can you see me now?”

“Grandpa, Then uncles has become a spirit. I’m scared. I’ll never come to stay in the watch-out hut with you hereafter. Grandpa you stay alone or let my father be with you.”

“Uncle won’t make any harm to us little boy. Didn’t you hear how he spoke to us? He didn’t hurt us. He may be in a good world. Oh, my son you go to heaven, I pray for you.”

“Thattaloola threatened me in the beginning. In not time he got afraid.”

“How could make them frightened? “

“Can you remember Bambaratta’s younger son died? He was Thattaloola’s uncle. Isn’t he?”

“Yes. Yes, we can remember. It was about two years ago.”

“I took the part of that dead man. The old man wanted to give me the entire pineapple farm.”

“Marvelous Sudantha, You are the man. Who taught you these wits?”

“These pineapples are very sweet. We can’t take these pineapples to our homes. We shall hide two pineapples on this tree. We’ll be caught’
We must hide this pineapple skins in that pit and cover it with some coconut leaves.”

“Is it over? Shall we go now? We are going to play now.”

“Shall we go to the school ground to play? Many of our friends will be coming there to play today. They are going to reorganize the houses for the sport meet too. Let’s join them.”

“i should go home first now. I have to change my dress.”

“There, Sudantha has come. Sudantha has come. See there.”

”Sudantha did you win in the competition? What has happened?”

“Nothing has happened. I participated. Results will come.”

“It will better if you win. we talked about you with our teacher yesterday. Here you see what have done in class yesterday. Ah! Teacher is coming this way.”
“Get me those books.”

“Did you come to the school in the evening, Sudantha?”

“Yes teacher, I came with some of our friends for playing.”

“Children told me that they have seen you playing yesterday. How was your attempt? Will you able to proceed to Keer Koor Moor?”

“There were a lot of candidates. I did my best. I’ll be selected in to those twelve. But I can’t guess anything beyond that. I don’t know whether it will be possible or not.”

“You are really lucky. Everyone wishes you. I feel your departure is going to be sure. Sudantha, principal wanted you. I think he wanted to wish you. You go to his office and come. I’ll mark the register.”

“Ah! Son, come, come! Did you reach the place in time?”

“Yes Sir, we were there fifteen minutes in advance. We spent about four hours there. Nearly eighty children had to come for the finals but there were less than sixty only. They select twelve out of them. Finally one can be fortunate enough to go. It’s wonderful place sir. Have you been to that place?”

“No. I haven’t. Did you meet Dill there?”

“Yes sir. He too was there. He was playing the key role of the in the interviewing panel. He helped me a lot>”

“Dill had told me on that day that Sudantha has good future. So he would help you. He says that you were a very good child. By the way what do your parents say?”

They are happy sir. I couldn’t tell my friends that I was going for the finals. Some are not happy with me for that. There was no enough time to inform them. Sir, when you came to our house it was about eight. Isn’t so sir?”

I even didn’t believe because Sudantha didn’t participate in the contest here. But Dill could identify your talent well. Since he was high lighting your abilities, I understood that you would be the one from our school. He can identify the qualities of children surprisingly as he had been to Keer Koor Moor. How could we know such things? Well Son, I wish you good luck. Definitely you are going to be selected again. I strongly believe it.”

“But sir, there were many talented children.”

“I know that too. But you are the talented among talented ones. Therefore I can say for sure that you are the one going to be selected eventually.”

“Thank you very much Sir.”

“Okay son, you can go to your class now.”

“Son doesn’t show any importance in this matter. I don’t know whether he did contest well?”

“Not yet the results have been released. A considerable time has passed.”

“Nobody seems to know Sarala. All are waiting for the decision from Keer Koor Moor. Officials here can’t take any steps.”

“We can’t make our child ready for departure. We don’t know for sure whether he will be selected or not.”

“But Sarala I have no doubt. He will be selected as I feel.”

“Do you what sort of thing he had done for his performances there?”

“As I heard, our son could explain about whatever things behind him, without turning his face towards that.”

“We everybody can do that.”

“Why then all his friends say that our son could do strange things?”

“That’s the way we think, because he’s our own son.”

“Take a seat son, how long have you been waiting?”

“Quite a little, Your Excellency waited out side till I get my turn.”

“What’s the news about Keer Koor Moor Island?”

“There is nothing much special your Excellency.”

“We have forwarded the particulars of the finally selected twelve children.”

“Those particulars must have been recorded in their Electronic circuits. We have to wait for the results.”

“Can we have hopes this time? Do you feel one from our country will be selected to go there?”

“I have that hope. But the thing is we can’t predict anything because the decisions the officials and the regulations of Keer Koor Moor are very hard to catch. Usually they don’t pay any special attention to any nationally or individuals. They don’t mind where are they from who they are. Some times not only from this earth but also children come from other planets too. Therefore the matters are considered in general.”

“We face an unexpected incident cropped out during the interviews your Excellency.”

“What was that son?”

“There was a child- as we feel he happens to be a boy with some sort of strange power in him. If his head hits whatever a strong hard thing while he is asleep, the thing will get destroyed. He did it for his performances. As a result the roof, iron beams and the iron fence with iron bars got curved. The building was vibrated as it had been hit by thunder. All the officials there are exited and still in fear. I promised them at that moment that I would be responsible to reconstruct the things damaged by the performance of that child.”

“Son, you need not worry about the matter. It’s my responsibility. I must be proud to have such a citizen in our land. I’ll under take the responsibility to reconstruct. I’ll inform the relevant officials. It’s wonderful to hear.”

“Yes your Excellency. It’s unimaginable.”

“Will he be able to go to Keer Koor Moor?”
“I hope so. There were three or four children with such strange hidden abilities. If we can send at least one of them; that will be pride for our country.”

“Really Dill, I’ll give my maximum support in this mission. I can provide all facilities that you need. From next year onwards you train more children under your leadership.”

“Yes, I will undertake your Excellency. “

“The procedure of sending children selected if any in this year hasn’t been informed to me yet.”
       “You will be informed if any get selected. Otherwise they will let you   that nobody have been selected. Anyway there is no much time left. It       will take maximum thirty days only.”
“Is there a communication medium to contact them to know the results?”

“There isn’t a way to contact. Some information I receive via my secret code number. I do not know until I receive the information. There is no particular time of place to receive. I have to wait until the messages come. But everything is informed to the ruler of the country.”
                             “Finally I got information six months ago.”

“They keep connections with me because I had been there for a short time. Those are in very primitive levels.”
“Recently I read in news papers some scientists had tried to find the location of Keer Koor Moor Island. These scientists have tried to invade their signals network. Eventually our scientists had to face a terrible situation.”
“I too have read it. They have been wounded, burnt; they were trapped in a high voltage electricity stream. Keer Koor Moor has the high technology of intelligence existing in this universe. They are working at a task to introduce some new creations to the universe. In this massive task they share the participation of intelligent human beings of our earth too. Our people attempt to fork their hands into their business. it is rather  idiotic. The result is disastrous.”

                                                                                                                             LITTLE HEROES TO KING’S COURT
“Principal Sir! Do come in. Take a seat sir. It’s going to be good news. Isn’t it Sir?”           

                                                “Where is our Youngman? He’s there?”
“No, you can’t catch him now. He has a lot of friends. Boys and girls are around our man now days. He never listens to our words. His friends like him so much, so he doesn’t like to hurt their hearts. He leaves all his work and joins them. Some times we get our monkey up because of his attitude.”

“However he doesn’t miss his studies; we don’t know how he manages to cover his school work.”

“He is very clever. He is a brilliant student in our school. When he moves to a big school in the city as he has good marks at year five ‘Scholarship Exam’, we are going to lose. He is an asset to our school. When you compare with the facilities that our school has it’s unfair to keep him further in a remote school like ours. We should not block his road. Personally I would like if he goes to a big school in the city.”

“I can’t understand his strange behaviour.”

“I didn’t tell you what brought me here. His Excellency President has informed me to see him at ten fifty in the morning the day after tomorrow. I have to take both of you and Sudantha to see His Excellency.”

“What? Who has sent the letter sir?”

“By order of the president Dill that youngster who came to our school on that day, has sent the letter.”

“Ah! Dill. I’ve seen him. He has good recognition in this country. But he is a charm and kind boy. Sudantha always talk about his Dill Ayya in praiseful manner. He says that Dill Ayya likes him and helped him too.”

“His Excellency wants to bring those twelve selected children to President’s House to wish them. He wishes that if all the twelve could go to Keer Koor Moor. President is the one who knows the date of departure. As I think there are only about three weeks remaining.”

“We don’t know whether our son will be selected or not. Even is going to be fortunate enough, we are not much interested in this.”

“If he will be chosen, you must send him. It’s a must.”

 “When our child returns from that island after staying twenty seven years, we won’t be living in this world. There would be large trees grown on our graves. We won’t be able to see his

“But some say that they can talk to you from there.”

“It will be decided if the official of Keer Koor Moor permit only. They usually do not permit.”

“What would you like; tea or coffee?”

“I can’t take much time. I’ve a dozen of work to do. After tomorrow you will be going in my vehicle. Be ready in the morning.”

    “Where did you go? Where do you loiter till it gets dark? If you don’t stop it, I have to scold your friends.”

                           “What’s wrong with you mom? Why do you want to blame my friends? They are not taking me. I’m the one who is going with them. Don’t blame them mom.”

    “Neither studies nor are household works you doing now. Always playing and wandering about. No any other work.”

     “I finish school work in school and home work at home. Playing is only in free time. Playing has not obstructed my studies mom.”

                           “That’s enough; mom and son keep silence please. Son! You come here.         
                           “Yes father, why?”

                           “Your principal came here in the evening.”

                           “Why did he father?”

                           “Son, you have been selected for Keer Koor Moor Island.”

                           “No, It cannot be. It will happen on the day of departure only. Until the selected one go it will be a mystery for all. No body will know until last second.”

                           “I don’t know that. He said that there is a new law. It has been informed to the president of this country. You are selected.”

                           “I’m not ready to accept it. But I’ve heard that the president gives a party for the twelve children who had been selected in the finals.” His Excellency gives this party in President’s House three weeks before departure. The invitation for the party must have come. Our principal came here to tell this. What is the date?”
                           “It will be the day after tomorrow. How do you know all these my son?”

                           “Why? I know it. Being a candidate in the contest to go to Keer Koor Moor Island, I should know these particulars.  Otherwise we cannot be real candidates. There is no use of going there without that sense.”

                           “Do you feel that you would be selected?”

                           “I can’t say that father. I must have fortune for.”

                           “Anyway my son is fortunate. I know it.”

“That fortune is not valid for everything my father. This is rather a dangerous task. Therefore I don’t keep on this. They leave the twelve in an island at the last moment. They will select the one whom they want and take with them. Others have to come back. That’s the story. That’s all.”
“Do your friends know that you in those twelve?”

“Yes, I’ve told them. They are sad.  They say that they will lose their best friend. They want me to take them to Keer Koor Moor if I manage to get there. Menu is much worried. Poor girl she is.”

“If you go Menu will keep on crying all the time.”

“Menu likes me to stay here without going.”

“Son, you must get ready to go the day after tomorrow. Inform your friends too. Keep your clothes ready. “
           “Sudantha, have you seen our president?”


         “How did you?”

         “In television, as everybody see him.”

         “Not that. Have you seen him in real?”

         “I haven’t got that chance. I like very much to talk with him.”

         “What a fortune. Sudantha you got into the final twelve.”

“It’s a surprise for me too principal sir. Our boys are talented. Weren’t they sir? Only twelve are from whole Sri Lanka. There were nearly eighty for the finals. Can you remember son?”

“Yes, as I understood only a sixty out of that number had come for the contest. Others didn’t come.”

“What does the time now, father?”

“Now it’s ten. Do we have enough time, principal sir?”

“It’s pretty enough. There are only ten kilometers to travel.”

“We must go there in advance because we’ll have to under go for security check ups. “

“I’m going to speak with His Excellency.”

“Hey! You don’t go for that. If he speaks to you only you must speak to him.”

“It’s bad; he is our leader and ruler of this country.  As I’ve heard he is very kind to children.”

“Yes, that’s true. But you should not use it to trouble him. “

“Our Sudantha is not of that type. He knows what’s what and how to talk with people. He has that gift. We need not teach him.”

“Get down here. You should walk along that road. I’ll park the vehicle and come. Sudantha you tell them your name while your parents. “

“Then you are, sir?”

“I’m coming after parking this vehicle.”

“Keep your bags and belongings here. Walk along that iron fence and you have to enter through that large gate. There are officers. They will direct you. To take you to president’s house a particular office will be there. “

“We’ll wait here till principal comes. “

“Our principal is coming. There! Uncle, will it be a problem if we stay for a while here till he comes?”

“It’s not a problem at all. You can stay here”

“Oh! Father they are checking all and everything like scanning. I thing even a bee can’t enter this without being checked.”

“That should be done in that way. We have to protect our leader. Enemy can reach him in any shape in order to kill our ruler. You know the present situation of the country.”

“I’ve good idea. Shall I tell it to His Excellency?”

“Don’t try to be a fool child. What are you going to do?”

“Pooh! I’m not scared of enemies.’

“You are a bandit or a thug?” What are you?”

“I’m not. But father you don’t know bandits and thugs even cannot stand before me.”

“How could it be?”

“Those are secrets. I can’t tell it.”

“This child is getting mantel illness. Stop your riddles.”

“Son, Keep quite. You should not talk much in this place such things.”

“Let’s go.”

 “Sit down on your allocated seats. His Excellency will come on time. Go further front. There are seats for the children with their names marked on them.”

“Sudantha, see there, your seat is in the second row.”

“It’s a nice place for me. I’m going to talk with His Excellency today.”

“Principal Sir, this child is not caring our words. Is he so in school too?”

“No. It can’t be. Who says that Sudantha isn’t obedient? He’s a very good child, good example to other children.”
“Waw…!!! What’s that?”

            “Good morning; everybody! We welcome you on behalf of His Excellency President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
            “We are much thankful to you for your kind presence accepting our invitation. His Excellency will come in another twenty minutes of time. “
            “We are the training unit for the selected children going to   Keer Koor Moor Island, operating under The Keer Koor Moor Island Information Centre in Sri Lanka

            “From here onwards for twelve minutes of time you will watch the pictorials which will initiate your knowledge about Keer Koor Moor Island. There are some received pictorials as well as our productions together with.”
“Mom there is a film going to start. We’re having a fun time.”

“You sit down. Can’t you see others are sitting? Only you are standing. How can the others behind can see the screen?”

“Okay, okay, I have already sat. Father, see there, how nice it is.”

“I feel the President’s House is a model of a building in Keer Koor moor Island.  Oh! There is a garden full of pretty flowers. Is it a garden or a forest of flowers? There are no trees or any other, only flowers.”

“I think they are real pictures. The officials here have some knowledge about it but we don’t.”

“Father, can you see there the place where we had been for finals?”

“Yes, it could be but couldn’t see inside it.”

“I went everywhere inside. These pictures are not of Keer Koor Moor Island, Information about here only.”

            “It’s correct son. Keer Koor Moor Island too is a country like ours on this earth.”
            “No. Father it can’t be please! Keer Koor Moor Island is a strange place. The things what they do are not possible in our country. If you try to do such things you will face a lot of problems. My goodness!  It’s useless of watching this film. These are the information about previous interviews and the children who went before. You don’t know whether we have been asked to come here to act in films like these.     “
            “Please son, please, will you keep your mouth shut? Your mother and father will be taken to Police for the nonsense what you say.”
            “I’ll look after that if they do so. How can they? If we have been invited to be greeted, it should be done. The guys who had gone there were not successful. Were there any?”

“I don’t know anything my son.”

            “I did a thorough survey on it. I couldn’t find any. It’s said that no children had been taken from here for years.”           

“It means that there were no talented ones in our country. Wasn’t it?”

            “Talented ones will be like us in far remote areas. There is no one to go to them and help. How can talented ones come out then?”

            “These children are talented like you. Weren’t they?”

            “I’m not a talented case father.”

            “See, all other children are silent. They are watching quite in their own. For that you, you are trying to be a thug. Didn’t you? Aren’t you asking unanswerable questions? What hell are you doing?”

            “I ask questions to learn. Other may be not interested in learning. That’s why they are like idles. What can I do for that?”
“Why can’t you go there and talk to them?”

“I can’t, I don’t like it. If all the children are together I’ll talk to them. What have I got to talk to children among their parents? Children should be with children and adults should be adults.”
“That’s enough, the film is over now. You are the one disturbed others while watching.”

“Why is that? Did I make noise or disturb”

 ‘Why wasn’t? You kept on chatting like a chatter box. You think that the others are deaf, eh!”

“I told it to my father only.”

“If others had been listening to it, they had no good manners.”

 “Listening to others talking isn’t a bad habit Sir?”

            “Son is correct. Really he is right. Come here son. Let your father relax for a while.”

            “What a large crowd of children are here. All these are not going
Are they? Only twelve are to go. There are nearly a hundred here. You can’t find the going ones among these children. How many of them are invited? Do you know Sir?”

            “The children selected from the finals, their family members, principals and a teacher of relevant schools.”
            “Then if we calculate the figures the maximum number will be five, so 12x5= 60. The total will be sixty. How did it become hundred then?”

            “But the children from the families of those who have been selected are too like to visit President’s House. That may be the reason.”

            “Why do they come like this along with their kiths and kin proudly? What will happen if they fail to go perhaps? What a shame!”

            “Yes it is. You can’t help. It depends on the decision of the officials there.”

  “Sir, as I think like this. If we are really talented children definitely we’ll be qualified for that. Instead of that if you try to show artificial talents without any own ability, you will never be able to go there. The officials there have some sort of intelligence know understand other mind, they say. It’s said that they can see and watch our activities here. Therefore we must be honest to ourselves as much as possible.”
            “The so called good boy wasn’t disturbing others little ago?”
“I didn’t say such a thing father. You mistook what I have said.”

“That’s okay. My son knows and father does not know. Son you are correct and I’m not correct. Is that okay now? You be silent now son.”
“Why do you say so father? I’m ready if I were wrong. We are so much eager to know everything at this age as children. How did this happen and why did it happen? These types of questions we get. Your duty is to solve our doubts as grown ups.”
            ‘Do you think that we don’t explain you the matters?”
            “Yes, you explain, but your explanations are not enough for me to understand. That is why I myself   find everything alone.”
            “Son, you are right. You must be like that. I too was like that when had been in my childhood. I achieved knowledge myself alone. That type of knowledge only will help us.”

            “If others take it as wring, I can’t help. I don’t trouble anyone.”

“There! His Excellency is coming in.”

            “Right, I am already standing.”

“Good morning to everybody! I take it as a great respect to me as you have accepted my invitation and being here. Where are our clever little ones? My children, you all come around me. You have seats around me for you. I would like to talk to you. I must see our little heroes in our country. You are the ones who will make the future of our country bright. We must give you a helping hand. “

“Right son you came this way and sit there. i can see these little pretty faces like flower buds. When you come out with your talent we won’t be able to live so long to see you. But this country belongs to you.  We work for your future. Within few days we’ll come to know the names of the little ones who will be going to Keer Koor Moor Island. I think you all know the date of departure as it appeared on the screen few minutes ago. It has been heard through the media as well.”
“Yes. Your Excellency.”
 “Son Dill has given me information about each selected child. Dill where are you. You too come and sit here. Even though de is doing bigger things still he is a kid. I am going to give you a souvenir from me. When you go there it brings us into your memories. If you could, don’t forget to call us. Perhaps you will be given an opportunity for that. But remember they don’t really like that. They are so developed because of these types of policies, I think. If we get close to them, they fear that we may ask help. Isn’t it Dill?”

“Perhaps it can be so. There are beings in the universe but none of them keep contacts with us. They take from here whatever they want.
I think this too is the same type. They do not need any help from outside world but they are ready to help others.”

            “It’s great.”

“If we go there we shall help our country.”

“You’re a good child. You are patriotic. Others are also the same. Aren’t you?”


Sudantha doesn’t speak anything. He keeps silence. He who had been arguing and explaining until this moment, Sudantha is totally silent. He seems to be frightened or there is a question in with him. Others are conversing with the president on many subjects. His silence is a quest for others.

“You saw the information about Keer Koor Moor and the information given by our people. We have no reason to arrange function or a seminar like this. Keer Koor Moor Officials never tell us. But these are our responsibilities. That’s why I have asked all of you to come. I have a plan to give a large sum of money to the selected children from next year onwards. I had no enough time to organize it this year. This is my first time. I have arranged lunch for all of you. I don’t want know the details about these little ones. But if they can show their talents here; I would like see them.”

Sudantha got up from his place. He walked towards Dill. “I don’t know Dill Ayya, I can’t do anything here.”

“Okay Sudantha you keep quite. If any problem arises I can solve it.”

“Okay, good.”

“It’s good, very good. I wish you again that you may get chance of going there.”

“Your Excellency, are you coming to drop us on our departure day?”

“If get time I’ll be coming son. But there is a regulation from Keer Koor Moor Officials that says two government officials, Dill Ayya and the parents of those twelve only are to go to the point of departure. From there you have to go by a boat- You children have to go alone. Keer Koor Moor Officials will select the candidate wanted by them. Others must come back. With in the next hour’s time I’ll get information about child taken by them and about his safety.”

“This is the most important opportunity that your child has been given. Though your child is going away from you; you should not be sad. That child will be a hero in the developed world. As its parents you are going to own its pride. Then it goes to the country. No one will be allowed to take anything with him or her on departure. you must come out from home as usual, then must go to the particular place. We take the responsibility of the proceedings from there. Dill will be always with all of you. I too interested to talk to the officials of Keer Koor Moor same as you all feel. But none of the officials likes to keep contact with us.  Not only with but also with the all other countries on this earth their policy is the same. I feel we are annoyance for them.”

“Your Excellency; if I go there I’ll tell them that our president is good person, so that they should speak with him. I’ll make him agreed in any way.

“That’s good, son. It’s a good idea. Only you got that wish. I pray it will be come to.”         
“Who was that hero? They say that he could bend iron and steel pipes?”

“Your Excellency, he is near you now. He is Sudantha.”

“Ah! Son, Are you Sudantha?”

“Yes Your Excellency, Please don’t punish me. Please! I can’t do any performance here, please forgive me.”

“Dill Ayya told me that you are very talented. Why should I get angry or punish you? We are proud of you. I wish you all the best. I wish other children too.”

“He doesn’t talk much.”

“Yes. He is a little bit different character.”

“I have been informed by Keer Koor Moor – Sri Lanka Office saying that you have caused big damage. So I have allocated provisions to repair everything.”
“Can you do it here for us to see? President’s House building hasn’t been repaired recently.”

“Sudantha brother, you don’t fear. Our president just cracked a joke. He knows everything about that incident. We have still time for to have our lunch till that we can sing songs. We are going to receive prizes too.”

“Son you are really a hero. Weren’t you?”

“Your Excellency, Dill Ayya was the one who helped me.”

“Can you do it now, son?”

“I can’t do it purposely. It comes out suddenly. I can’t guess when it will come out.”

“We also like to see your heroic exercises. Now there is no time so we are not going to see it at all.

“Some children have activities that they could show it at any time but some of you have activities those cannot be seen at the times when we need.”

‘I have some work to attend. Again I wish you everything success in your task. Thank you.”


“Did you tell your friends about your going tomorrow? If you get chance   to go, you won’t be seeing them for twenty seven years.”

“Yes father they gave me presents too. They were weeping.”

“Mom is crying in that room.”

“Where is mom? Where are you? Oh my God why are you crying my mother? May I not get chance to go to Keer Koor Moor Island, I pray it. Nobody like seeing me going, so I too don’t like to go. May this fact may be heard by the officials in Keer Koor Moor. I would be thankful if they decide to leave me here. I don’t. I don’t go there tomorrow.”

“That’s okay son, be calm, do not worry like this. I’ll stop her crying. We must bless you for the future our child.”
“All the school children as well as the teachers are very sad. It’s very hard to me to leave these all behind. But it would be only if I get selected. If it will happen to come back tomorrow, everybody will say that Sudantha wasn’t a talented child. They may say that Sudantha wasn’t a qualified guy for Keer Koor Moor Island. I don’t want to hear that. I’ll never get a chance again. This is the first and the last opportunity. Father there is no use of carrying anything with us, as it is not permitted to take anything to Keer Koor Moor with. Therefore we must go as usual. There are many to drop me I see. But only father and mom will be able to go with me. If fail, surely I will be at home in the evening. If get pass it will be after another twenty seven years. See how the difference is? It’s a wonderful experience. Isn’t it?”

“What was that story of bending an iron fence that Dill was talking about? “

“I don’t know it exactly my father. During the interview my head hit on the iron fence separating two sections of that hall. It got curved and the walls of the building got vibrated.”
“Even we heard it when we were there in the waiting area. We thought it was something else. Really, what has happened? My son!

“I don’t know. Dill Ayya promised to get them repaired. He said that he would inform that to the president in order to get provisions. That was the talk you heard on that day.”
“I think His Excellency has much hope on you son. As I think Dill must have told him something special about you."

“Menu was not happy with me in the after-noon. She blamed me. She said that she would die if I go. I told her to die, so that I would be able to burry her before going to Keer Koor Moor Island. Menu’s parents even don’t like me going.”

“Don’t take those things serious. There is something else in their mind. They like you because our son is a clever child. That can’t be. You must have your future. In case we die here how would you come to know about?”

“It would be understood by the officials in Keer Koor Moor. In such cases they will permit to attend the occasion and return back, it is said so. However after twenty one years of period they will grant permission to go around the universe for those who achieve special talents. If it will be, I’ll be coming to Sri Lanka on that chance. I have to live only in Keer Koor Moor Island. The above said travelers are not of any nationality and they are a superior group in this universe. I’m going to bed now. Call me in the morning please.”

“Though I go to bed I won’t be able to sleep. What I have is fear. Both getting selected and not getting selected are frightful as well. If not selected I may become an unsuccessful one. If get selected, how can I live with another kind of people? I don’t know their language, behaviour so everything is going to be a mess. When I think these I really go mad.”
“Do you like to go with us? You are very clever. You are not selected to Keer Koor Moor, but we are taking you there for a special job.”

“Why could not I get selected?”
Keer Koor Moor Island is not an ideal place for your talents. Those who live in that island are magicians. That boy who performed a magic show on that day was the one selected to go there.”

“Oh I thought in vain that people of Keer Koor Moor were intelligent. It means that the ones who have intelligence and extra talents have no ground to show their out comes. Then Keer Koor Moor is not such a place. No, I don’t come. I go back home.”

“Don’t go. If you go we can take you by force.”

“You don’t have ability to take me by force. If you try to do it, I’ll jump in to this water.”

“Try if you can.”

Oh! Where is water? There is nothing…ah! …….what...oh. Jesus , I’ve fallen down from bed.”

“Sarala, see whether son has fallen from bed. Be hurry!”

“He is too stupid to sleep alone in a room. So, he falls down everyday.”

“Mom I’ve got up. Is it so early still?”

“No. Not yet. You have another three hours to sleep. We’ll call on time.”

“At what time the vehicle has been asked to come, Sarala?”

“At about five forty five.”

“Then you don’t sleep again, you finish your remaining works and get ready.”

“My I like our principal join us in this journey. We have no much knowledge about this. When he was with us during the time we had been to President’s Place, it was strength to us. Didn’t you see that he went to the president and told about us? That’s why His Excellency came to you and spoke to you. If were alone, we have no way to get those favour.”

“But it has been informed not to join anyone outside the family circle.”

“Yes I knew it. There Dill will be, He knows us. H e will help us.”

“I don’t feel sleepy mom.”

“What’s this? For what a surprise you have come to my lap? You never did it before.”

“That was not because of lack of love to you mom.”

 “I’m not a little baby now. Why should I disturb you mom like an infant? But now I feel so much sorry about my mom. Since you wept last night, I don’t feel going.”
“Yes son every mother has this sorrow when she gets the feelings of separating. it’s the nature.”

“I can understand mom. I love so much my mom and father. Therefore last night I observed the five precepts of Buddha and prayed god. I needed god to stop my going from you.”

“Are you mad son? Why did you do so? We are not rich enough to keep you with us and give you a prosperous life. Why should we reject such a chance?”

“I can’t understand these. Anyhow my parents are going to be alone after my departure.”

“That’s true my son. We’ll try to live with your memories in heart.”

“You won’t be alone because grandpa and grandma are there with you.”

“Last night I talked to our relatives and informed that our son is going.  They too were sad to hear. But they were not sure of it. No children have been selected for Keer Koor Moor during last few years. Therefore they don’t hope that much.”

“You must make that doubt clear, my son. Father’s happiness is that. Even if you will be far from our sight, father would be quite satisfied with you if you are a real hero.”

“Then mom?”

“Mom too will be the same.”

“I don’t know, you two solve your problems. Sudantha is not going to interfere.”

“Now it’s time to get ready. Be hurry.”

“Father I need not wear a special dress. Isn’t it?”

‘Wear one whatever you have. We will be going in a vehicle and they are not going to allow you take anything with you. Going that way is enough.”

“There, the vehicle is making noise. This man has come in advance.”

‘First step was successful. It means the journey is auspicious.”

“Why is that father?”

‘They too are affective blessings towards this. If we go there earlier it will be much better however.”

“Father I’m right. I had already washed my face. But mom is not yet.”
“I’m also ready; I put on a pair of trousers and shirt. It’s very simple.
But Sarala our son is not simple.”

“Why not? I’m ready.”

“Close the doors well. Keep Randy’s food in its cage.”

“I’ll check Randy  I want talk to it.’
Randy darling your Ayya is going. You must be at home. You must be obedient. Don’t run away, stay here.”

“You can’t come with us. We’ll come in the evening. There food is in. Don’t make noise. I’m going.”

                                    “Bow  ... Wow..!
“That’s enough Sudantha. There father has gone to the vehicle already. Come quickly.”

“We are going towards the East of the country. That day we went to Colombo and it the West. But now it’s to the East. The environment here is entirely different.”

“Why have they chosen Trincomalee area, father?”

“However I think they come here in a ship though they are doing it invisible to us. In Trincomalee there is a harbour. The other thing is this, the Eastern part seems to be easier for sailing.”

“Dill Ayya said that he went from Galle area.”

“That’s their way. They change the location always. That’s why they have chosen Pigeon Island which the most beautiful Island in Sri Lankan coast for this. It’s a small rock little away from Nilaveli beach. Only birds you can see there. Really it’s a very small island. But we can see it well.”

‘I haven’t been to it.”

“I even have been there only once in my life.”

“What about mom? Have you?”

“Not yet, but I’m going now. It’s father does he take us to such places?”

‘Aren’t we going now?”

“This journey is because we have to go that’s why we are. Otherwise mom is always a housewife in the kitchen, cooking rice.”

“That’s enough, If I were rich, I would have taken mom and son around the world.”

“But we are not fortunate enough for that.”

“This mother is going to drive away the fortune that our son is going to get.”

“No! Son, your mother isn’t of that type; your mother is happy heart fully for your journey. But only sadness is my son will be out of my sight.”

“I exist at least somewhere mom.”

“Do you know the prettiest sea shells are in Nilaveli beach only? It’s very beautiful. We shall go there around the sea shore.”

“We’ll find a good place to stop the vehicle to have our breakfast. I have brought everything prepared.”

“It’s my mom. She is clever in such arrangements.”

“If don’t have that cleverness how could we have a clever son like you?”

“Oh Jesus, then Am I the idiot.”

“No it cannot be. If father is an idiot, son too must be so. But this son has proved that he is not an idiot.”

“Are you son? Please don’t put your professor talk. We listen to that because of love but others won’t like to hear.”

“Well, in which language are you going to talk with them? Is it Sinhalese or English?”

“I know both of those languages, so why should I have fear? If another tongue it will take me at least one week to familiar with it. It’s not a big deal in my case.”

“Yes. Now were in the correct place. You can a large crowd over there. It’s almost like a festival. I think they must be the people living close by.”

“What do we have to watch? Let’s go near”

“Your friends are there.”

“Goodness! Are these people going to the moon? What types of dresses they are wearing?”

“We’ve made a mistake. If we knew, we could buy you a new dress.”

“No use of dresses father. If you get fail to go how would be it? You have to stay just looking at the moon. I don’t want unnecessary things.”

“There your friend is over there.”

“Father, he is not only my friend but also a friend to all citizens of this country. He is the on organizing all these programs. “

“He is really very clever. See, all the arrangements have been done without any short comings.”

“Shall we go to meet Dill?”

“What a nice boat? It has been decorated too.”

“Are these children crazy? They are with bags as if were to go abroad. What a shame if they have to carry them back? For me both going and not going are the same.”

“Oh! Sudantha, Have you come just now?”

“Yes brother.”

“We have been here since last night. All of them have been working till the dawn.”

“We have organized a small function here.”

“Keep that boat ready.”

“The island is not much far.”

“About half a kilo metre?”

“You can see, there. We went there yesterday. We don’t know about this island but Keer Koor moor officials know about this island.”

“It’s a nice place”

‘Dill Ayya, can’t you come with us?”

“I wish that Sudantha may get chance of going.”

“You can’t take these bags with you. Give the bags to your parents. Leave everything; you must come alone empty handed.  After the rituals of blessing, go according to your numbers and get in to the boat. Only the boat driver will be coming with you. I’m not coming. He will leave you alone in the island. Then he too will be back. One hour after coming, again he will come to take the remaining children back to this place. When they take their selection, only eleven of you will come back. Perhaps all of you will come back after visiting Pigeon Island. Thanks giving for the participants will be after arriving back. If we miss a second at this point everything will go missed. We’ll know the results later.”
“Now the time is up. Get in to the boat all of you. Remove your shoes. No need of them. That’s why we asked you wear rubber slippers.”

“Mom…..I’m going,”

“May God bless you my son.”

“Father…This was the most emotional event for Sudantha and his parents. It was same with the other parents and their children. But the difference was Sudantha was the only child for his parents. That was too much for them to bear. “

“Dill Ayya…”

“Yes my dear brother, take my blessings.”

“For you also the same brother, yes you too must go. Whoever from the twelve goes, the pride is to our country. There is no specialty for any particular one. Every child is equal to us.”

First time on a boat in the life……

Sudantha was the third to get into the boat without any hesitation. Some made a big commotion in fear of getting into the boat.  Some were dropped on the boat by their parents, but Sudantha got into the boat as an ordinary child. Only he knew whether he was going on fishing or going to Keer Koor Moor. Some wave their hands at their parents on shore. Some of them were shedding tears.”

“Oh! What a nice sight is this. Sea is calm and air is soft and cold.”

“Hey, children sit down don’t walk around.”

“Girls are also here? We didn’t see them earlier. They are not smiling even, very proud children. There, two girls among the boys. They almost look like boys.”

“Uncle, are you going to drop us alone in that island? Will you come back after leaving us there?”

“Yes. There is a beautiful place in the island. It has been arranged for you. You have watch at the sea from there. I think you have already got instructions. When you are sitting on your seats someone may come and hold your hand. You should not scream, okay? They are from Keer Koor Moor Island; you can’t see them as they come there. They hold the hand of the qualified child. They will never touch or talk with rest of the children. I must come back after leaving you. Those days one of our officials could stay with the children but now it’s not permitted. We must leave the children alone in the place of picking up.”

“Why have they done it so?”

“It may be due to some problem, exactly I don’t know what.”

“Hold that iron bar and come out of the boat one by one. Seats in the in the waiting area have your numbers on it. Check the numbers and sit on your seats. Don’t keep on walking or standing. Don’t talk with others. Keep silence. You must behave well. I’m going now. You all wait here and follow as you have been told. I’ll come back on time. Good luck my dear children.”

This seems to be a nice place. It’s good for living I feel. Only the roaring of waves and chirrups of different types of birds could be heard. Very calm and quite place it is.”

The birds started their singing after getting awakened by the sound of waves hitting on the reefs. Sea breeze kisses you to give your body a pleasant sweetness.

“Can you see seats on that pavilion? There our names are written with our numbers. “Sudantha – 06”. My one is there.”

“This seems to be a huge rock, you can’t’ get anywhere from here. Only the way is which we came. Vast sea is around, except jumping into water you have no any other option. I should not think such things at this moment, must concentrate on the matter which we have come for. Why do these children make commotion like this?”

“Why are you sitting? Get up, so that you can see where from they come here.”

“It’s okay. I can see well by sitting here. What’s your name”?

“I’m Denuwana.”

“My name is Sudantha. You are the one who will get going, I think.”

“How do you say so?”

Denuwana means double intelligence, in Sinhalese language. So you are much intelligent than us.”

“Is it true?”

“Why not? You will see in a short time that what is going to be.”


Far distance in the sea could be seen well in the day’s sun light. Few fishing boats were there and here in the far sea.  The sea is without anything else but vast and silent.

“We’ve spent a considerable time. Will it take more?”

“I think they are not going to come today. Isn’t it Sudantha?”

“Yes. We’ll be able to go back soon. Our boat will be coming to take us.”

“It too will be good.”

Forward march…

“Why did you hold my hand Deniwana?”

“No Sudantha.”

‘Right, the signal must be for me, my heart is beating high. Someone is pulling me. I feel that they are calling me to come forward. Is it to me? Yes going further forward. Yes I’m sure. Someone is holding my hand. I can’t speak. I’m going. This is a horror experience. Where do I go? I can see road and everything else. But I can’t see the one who is holding my hand. Through the trees, over the rocks I’m being taken.  Am I not on a large rock?”

‘My God, if I fall from here, I’ll reach the deepest place in sea. I should close my eyes now. I’ve nothing else to do. God who is holding my hand, I’ve only your grace now. Are these the experience of Keer Koor Moor Island? Either to water or to sky, whatever this Sudantha is not going to be exited or frightened. I’m not going to open my mouth. I can feel I’m getting lifted up and floating. Everything is clearly felt. Now it’s like being dragged down wards. Oh, right, I’ve fallen. I’ve fallen.”

‘Waw! What a beautiful place is this. It is as in fairy tales. Kings courts and balconies on them I can remember. Everything around is clear.’

‘Yes, I can see our group there. What shall I do? There isn’t anything for me to do for. They don’t wave their hands even. I don’t know whether my marks will be deducted. Now I’m single and alone. I’ve to face everything alone. I should do everything thoughtfully. If they talk only I’ll talk. It’s better for me to be in this way. Is this a ship or a house? I can’t feel where I am. Now I can’t see the sea.’

“This chair has become empty. Hadn’t it? Did anyone come here? Please listen to me, the boy Sudantha who was sitting next to me has gone missing.”
                                    “Then he is the one gone.”

“How could it be? We couldn’t see anyone coming. Sudantha must have gone to that reef to piss. Let’s wait.”

“Call his name.”

“Sudantha ‘number six. Where are you? Answer from the place where you are.”

“Children must have become excited by now. Now the time is over, take the boat. Either the qualified one must have been taken away or the total twelve must be there. Bring them back.”

“Okay Mr. Dill.”

“If one is missing, do not worry. Others will keep on asking questions. You don’t answer their questions. Ask them to wait till they reach the shore.”


“Can you see? There, the boat is coming here.”


“The boat, by which we came here, is coming.”

 “Why is that?”

“It means we are not going to Keer Koor Moor.”

“Don’t cry here. Let’s see what’s going to be. Hey don’t go down.”

“Who are you to tell me so man?”

“Is it so? Then it’s okay. Do as you want.”

“One by one come down all of you. Sit on your seats.”

“Were do we go now from here, uncle?’

“We are going back to the shore.”

“So we don’t get going to Keer Koor Moor Island?”

“Let’s talk about it after going ashore. It is allowed to talk here. Don’t be sad or cry.’

“Ah! One is missing. Only eleven are there.’

“That’s not matter. Don’t think about it. Who has gone missing?”

“The boy with porcupine hair wearing white shorts and rubber slippers was the one.”

“You mean the guy sitting on seat No.6, wasn’t he?”

“Eh! Is he the one you said gone? Uncle it can’t be. It’s impossible. He was little bit foolish I think.  You don’t know whether he has been fallen from the reef. He must have been eaten by fish already.”

“Children stop talking please!”

“I’m staring the boat and we are going to leave. We go straight to the place where we are going to hold the function.”

“There, our parents are waiting.”

“Mother we went on a boat riding. Very beautiful island it s.”

“Is that mean going to Keer Koor Moor Island?”

“We don’t know but there seats for us to sit on. We were seated for a while and came back.”   

“This is fraud father. I think I was not selected. Otherwise how could we come back? Nobody came there and nobody has gone from here. This is a lie and fraud; in vain I took much pain in the process.”

“We’ve spent a lot in order to send our son. If it’s fraud, I shall look into that matter. Wait, I’ll ask them. Who has gone now? Those all who went there have come back.”

“Mother I couldn’t go.”

“Don’t cry now. Who has gone?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t get emotion. Now there will be a function. Everything will come out in that. They will give the details.”

“There was a boy sitting next to me called Sudantha. Even he told me that I was the one to go. But eventually he went disappeared. I called his name aloud, but he did not return.”

“What about the others?”

“All of them have come as I think.”

“How can I go back to the village, father? Children will make fun out of me saying I have lost in the competition.”

 “What a publicity we got? I had been selected for the finals. You must be responsible for this, father. You put posters on the walls everywhere in the village with my picture. I can’t go home now.”

“All the teachers in our school were expecting me to go. They all wished me. How many bunches of flowers came to our house in this morning? How can we go home again, mother?”

“This is not fair. If they inform the name of the selected one before coming here, we won’t be here. We need not become ashamed like this.”

“Don’t worry my son; I’ll take legal action against this. We have to take the officials of Keer Koor Moor Island, our president, these officials and specially Dill to courts.”

“Attention please!!!  Be silent! Everything is over. But we have not yet received acknowledgement from Keer Koor Moor Island. According to the available sources they have taken the child named Sudantha.”

“It’s pity.”

“Sarala, Don’t cry. Our son has won. It’s our pleasure.”

“I can’t go home alone without my child.”

“Don’t disturb, your son is clever. That’s why he has gone. He has been chosen out of many talented children. So you have to be happy.”

“Yes I cannot understand, but she is his mother. A mother cannot bear it when she loses her child. She will be alright.”

“What is this Dill? This is not fair.”

“I’m sorry mister. It should be asked from the officials of Keer Koor moor Island.”

“To come to this place we took much pain. I personally informed this to the president. But we became hopeless. We cannot lose. My child is helpless and his future is going to be dark.”

“There is nothing for commotion. All these eleven are talented clever children. But they have selected only one out of them. We have to bless that child. We have to treat all of you now. I kindly request all of you to join us. After enjoying that, you can spend a nice time in this beach till six in the evening. All expenses will be shouldered by government.”

“Is it Dill…?

“That’s right.”“I’m the president here.”                     

“Yes, you’re Excellency!”

“Just now I received a message from Keer Koor Moor Island that they have already taken the child named Sudantha with them. He is on his way safely and happily at this time. Give my regards to his parents. I’ve a written document with me assuring the responsibility of that child from this day. Keep them informed that I shall meet Sudantha’s parents in a near date.”

“Thank you Your Excellency for giving this message.”

“President of Sri Lanka has received official acknowledgment from Keer Koor Moor. It says that the child named Sudantha has been taken to their state. He is the only child who went to Keer Koor Moor Island from Sri Lanka in last eight years. He is a real hero. We shall meet once again like this, good bye to every body.”

                                                      swim in the sky…      
‘He must be the person who came to take me to the island. Only his eyes appear. It seems to be more people waiting down. I can hear voices from inside. But I can’t understand anything from their speech. He may be coming towards me. Another man is coming with something like a box in his hand.’

‘What they are could not be understood. What are they going to do? Presumably they are going to do something to me.  Let them do what ever they want. ‘

What? They are pointing at my face a flash light. I can’t see anything. They are trying to insert something into my head. My head has got cut over one of my ear. I can feel slightly that they inserted something into my head.”

“Both have gone away. I feel revolving. I want to sleep now. This is a comfortable place. Someone has lifted me up. It’s like sleeping on a heap of cotton. It’s very comfortable now. I can hear noise and voices. Ah! I can understand their talking. I can see very well and recognize things easily. It’s fantastic. These are the people of this ship. He is the captain of the ship. ‘GOTOBELHELL’ is his name. The man who came to me was the head of the Students Centre. He is OLATHALABA. His face is nice but you can’t see his face, only the eyes can be seen. Other parts of his face are covered with beard. Beard is up to abdomen, hair is long up to his knee. How can I explain this?”

‘We have to identify this people with the help of pictures. We can contact them after that. Nobody spoke to me yet. Where can I find the other students? Those who are walking up and down must be the workers. No body has differences. All are in same type of dress and same features. It’s surprising. I’ll stay here as I am without uttering anything. I can read all the letters in this notice. How could I learn this language within two hours?’

‘Oh! They have inserted something into my head by cutting my head over the ear. The wound is also cured. There is no wound but only a scar. I feel there is something inside. It’s not a problem because there is no pain. It must be this chip like instrument which helps me to understand their language. Can I recollect anything? Nothing is in my memory except the shapes of my parents.”

“What’s that noise? They are calling my name. “

“Sudantha Hansajith, come to Nanchulogela in the 13th stratum.”

“How can I find the way to this place? Oh! The map is displayed in front of me. This may be the plan of this ship. I stand here and close this door. It’s right. Here is No.13 Nanchulogela. I must press it.”

“Enter to Nanchulogela.” ‘Okay entered. All are here. Even the children are here. About a ten are there.

“Welcome!’ This is our friend Sudantha Hansajith from Sri Lanka. Come front and take your seat. We think it’s still difficult for you to register your new situation. You have nothing to think more. We all are same.”

“Standing in front of you is in charge of information and guidance Mhabrahma Gotobelhell.  He is the one who took you from your country. Salute him now.”

“Bow him. Observe from his head to bottom of him well. Get him introduced. You have all his details in your knowledge chip in a file with his name. Find it. Then you will get all information about mahabarhma Gotobelhell through a self study. “

‘I can recollect all his details gradually. No need to tell me. I can understand who he is. This method of installing a knowledge chip is very successful.’

‘Let me check about Mahabrahma Gotobelhell. He is 184 years old. He was born in Nashtakalpa province in the Kawaeewatha planet. He has come to Keer Koor Moor Island 54 years ago as the chief of the Student Enrollment Centre.  He has double nerves system. He uses a physical body which is rechargeable and durable. He uses this plane to travel around the universe to find intelligent beings for the better future of Keer Koor Moor. As this physical body is adjustable according to the atmosphere and the gravity of the planets he could travel any distance in the universe. He can go anywhere in the sky as well as on the land and sea without any accident.”

‘I can’t understand these things. What’s double nerves system? 184 years, durable and adjustable body?  I can’t imagine that my future will dragged in to which corner. It’s a new awakening but my understanding regarding the age is obscure. How long I have I to live, how much have I to do? I’m a wonderful lucky boy.’

“But it’s for my regret that my past is gradually going faded. The past which was with few minutes ago has been lost. It should go in that way but what will be there for my poor parents?  I have two sides of memory. One is the past. The other one is newly added part to the memory. I can keep the memory of my parents and closely related things but other things are being faded away gradually.’

            “Friend we believe that you are getting understood our expressing of ideas and the surrounding situation well. You start to talk now. From today we are not strangers to you. We are not strange beings but human beings from your country Sri Lanka and the other countries in this earth. We too are going g to be new comers to Keer Koor Moor. We’ll collect some more children like you in the future.”

‘I feel this speaker must be a high grade student in Keer Koor moor.  He shows much friendliness.’

“Speak; we can understand your speech well. Yes Sudantha stand up.”

‘You are a string talented boy. Come front, don’t get scared. Speak Sudantha.”

“It’s my pleasure to accept your kind invitation. I appreciate your kindness. My dear friend you addressed my name without introducing your name to me. I’ll be much thankful if you let me know your name.”

“My dear friend, Sudantha; My name is Drooditoo. Your name too will be changed after going there.”

“Thank you very much my friend Drooditoo. When we change from a stage to another we feel the difference very much. Even though i was a talented one in my country, comparing the conditions here, I’m a simple new comer. I got love and kindness in my country as a child. I understand that I could receive it in this vessel too. I understand that I have a lot to learn.”
I request you to be right behind me with guidance in all my efforts. I hope that the elders, teachers and the experts all will lead me in a progressive path. By the way my friend Drooditoo, how far have we to sail more?”

“It could be predicted only by the senior professors. Don’t take it as a problem. Take this vessel as a small country and go around and know about it. Increase your knowledge. You will get chance for that in few minutes. You can get seated on your seat now.”

“Here another friend is joining us. He is from a country closed to Sri Lanka. He is another new comer now. Come forward. Sit on the seat reserved for you. Don’t be excited. Everything will be understood by you.”

“He too seems to be of my age. Anyway I must make some friends around me.”

“As we have to collect children from several countries you are going to stay in this vessel more two or three days and nights. We hope you will gain good knowledge about this ship during these days. Little later you may get chance of visiting all the parts of this vessel. Wherever you go in this ship, you can contact the security circuit with your finger. Then a secret code will be active in order get you information about that particular area. The data chips inserted into you’re your body will help in transmitting the data to your mind. These chips have the network connection operated from Keer Koor Moor Island. Your thoughts and words will be transmitted to the data system of Keer Koor Moor immediately. Then it will be converted to the signals and language of Keer Koor moors so that you will understand everything without any difficulty.

‘If I stay in this strange situation for twenty seven years what a marvelous person I will be? I can’t imagine. What a great technology, super signal cord circuits, these are super universal powers. May I have to adjust me to this environment? These things could be learnt by means of self study only. I’m boy with good fortune. I’ve achieved good understanding level than before now.”

“Did I get this understanding power because of that gadget inserted into my body? Is it possible to make someone talented through fixing such a data chip? If so, will it be possible to make every person talented by this data chip business? I think it can’t be. As I feel this method is for our comfort. It cannot help with our understanding power. Main reason is, this gadget issue signal only if you remind the fact concerned. So it cannot be useful to everyone.’

“It means, through fixing an extra operation system to ones brain helping his mind to receive an information network. However it doesn’t show any development in ones natural memories. Main target is to make one understand their language perfectly and collect information through that quickly. So this can be identified as a helping inter carrier. This gadget won’t be given for use forever. After two or three years definitely they will inactivate it. If it will be used for many years, one’s mind will get used to think only with the help of it. Then he won’t be able to think anything naturally. Then he will be with inactive human mind.”

“I see you are thinking something into deep our friend.”

“You are right. I’m still studying the new situation.”

“You said that you were Sudantha. I think you have before me.”

“Yes, what’s your name?”

“I’m Akshey.”

“But your name will be changed.”

“I too understood that.”

“Were you the only one to come from your country?”

“Yes, others were rejected.”

“If so you must be a real talented one.”

When you compare with the situation, our abilities are nothing. Those who are in this country are the super heroes. Not twenty seven years, even if we stay for hundreds we won’t be able be like them. We have a lot to learn. It won’t be completed.”

“Can you see the little man in the front row?”

“Yes. In the place where I was earlier I could see one of his pictures.”

“He is the one who stores the information data of these new comers. His age is 315 years. If in our countries they would have dead and reborn several times.”

“It is said that he is using an artificial body. I got information from a person who had spent twenty seven years in Keer Koor moor. He is a very talented guy. But he says that he is not a super hero. It is said that a super hero never comes back to his country. They are being kept in Keer Koor Moor for new inventions and universal travels. These are secret things. Because these super heroes must be sent to you’re their motherlands necessarily. So to avoid this they keep is secret.”

“If not these people are breaking their promise. Weren’t they? Therefore in completion of their twenty seven years these people inform the mother countries of such ones that the person has gone missing. Those countries can not take any action against this. Many countries in the world even though they considered as developed, they have not developed yet like this. They cannot find the location of Keer Koor Moor Island even.”

“In that way without informing the time length they use them for space travel. They are engaged in endless journeys. They do this to find the secrets of the universe. In this way new things are being added to the information network of Keer Koor Moor Island. Those who go back to their countries after twenty seven years aren’t capable of doing anything like that.”

“There is a thing that they have developed. They can bring benefits to their countries as well as to the earth. Our brother in our country is a one who does a lot for our country. We can’t imagine it even.”

“It’s very surprising. Isn’t it? In our country too there is a young man who has back after getting failed in the examinations here. He was the one did training and rehearsals for us.”

“Pooh! There are a lot of guys in my country. They have no much recognition. A big recognition is only for those who had completed twenty seven years. They are the ones who give us training in my country. They reveal a lot of information, but they hide something. I think those are the secrets.”

‘Oh! Then this boy must be a real talented guy. I got training from a brother who failed in the test here. But his case is different. I must keep friendship with him. I may have special use of him.’

“I fact this ship is rather different than the ships we have seen. This is going on the surface of water, but earlier I felt like going under water. That is shown on the screen. Yes the arrow mark shows that it can sail on the surface too.”

“How can a large one like this do that?”

“In the world known to us too has such things. But the shape of this is rather different than other ordinary ships we knew. This is round and long. It’s less in width but long as a bamboo. But we can’t see it properly from inside. We should go out to see it.”

“You all are being called to take your food. You must come to Angola knot to take your food. When you come up from 414/2 by road, you will come to Angola knot.”

“”Akshey! Shall we go to take our food?”

“Well, Sudantha. Have you caught the location?”

“It wasn’t clear. We will be able to find it. Let’s go.”

“Let me see your head? They have done the same operation little above your ear too.”

“Yes. It’s a data process for receiving information. Because of that we can’t do anything without their knowledge. It is being reported to the relevant place then and there.”

“This product is for the convenience of the Keer Koor Moor officials. This devise is a trick to control our freedom in order to keep us under them. But if we become trustworthy, they will remove this in two years, it’s said to be.”

“In one hand, being with this is better. Otherwise we become helpless refugees against the new situation. This devise educate us in everything. Basically information about the people here and their positions are available. It’s very easy to identify people.”

“We don’t know more how long we have to be in this ship.”

“As I feel, they are on their way around the world collecting children like us from countries. This is the season for new recruitments.”

“All are going. You see more children like us are coming there. I think they are going to the place to take food. I think it’s better I met you. You be a good friend of mine.”

“Now we can be. But if they divide into different groups when we go there, it won’t be sure. Perhaps we go separated.”

“We can’t say about it. Let’s see.”

“We can’t find the beginning and the end of this ship. It’s surprising how can people in countries miss to see this large ship when it is on the waters? Isn’t it, Akshey?”

“I too can’t imagine that. It may be going invisibly. Then others can’t see it.”

“What will be if another ship hit this by mistake?”

“These people may be having ability to escape from accidents. Actually we two are exchanging our ideas with the help of their technology. Aren’t we? Other wise how long it will take us to learn communicate in our own languages?”

“I’m going out Akshey. As soon as you finish your food come to the open area.”

‘I must sit on a comfortable seat for a while. Somebody is coming from down, I feel. I must get up and greet. If I knew his name I could identify his details. What is the height of this person? Only two feet tall, he has no body. He looks like a pipe. He is coming to this side.”

“Why son Have you finished your food?”

“Yes I ate a little.”

“Yes. You must eat a little. When you eat much, you get big bodies like yours. We don’t eat.”

“How do you live then?”

“It’s only by breathing.”

“Pardon me; I like to know your name. If I knew your name I would be able to know about you.”

“Your data cannot identify me. We haven’t been fed into that data system. My name is Latis. I’m in the security of this ship. We travel all over the universe. With bodies like yours, we cannot travel in the universe.”

“Does this ship go in the sky?”

“Yes of course. To bring children like you from other planets, we go. Then this ship becomes a plane so that it could go in the space.”

“How can such a large one travel in the sky?”

“This isn’t so heavy.”

“From which country are you Latis?”

“I’m from the country called Leeprutus in the world named Asatukama.

“Please tell me will you? What does that country look like? I like to know about it. How is it from here?”

“I don’t know the distance. As the security forces of the universe, we are being chosen by any of the rulers.”

“What is the special thing with you people in that?”

We are very small and tiny. We need no food or any other things. But in any type of war we can do a particular thing what others cannot do. If you have any threat from any type of people, we can protect you. If this ship wrecks, we have strength to pull it. That is why we are being the protectors of the universe.”

“We don’t have figures like you in our countries. Why was that?”

“We consider those as the countries of undeveloped worlds. They are lack of technology in order to maintain us.”

“Can’t you take me to your country?”

“You go to Keer Koor moor and stay there for some period of time. You can select my country for your experiments. Then I’ll be able to accommodate you. I will take you there. But it will take long to get your body changed. You can’t go there with this body.”

“I’m going now. Let’s talk later. There the captain – Parker is coming. He is very tough. He is the chief of this ship.”

“I must get up to greet him.”

“Sit down son. I came here to take my food. Don’t get excited.”

“-Parker- He is from Keer Koor Moor Island itself. 62 years old. He’s young. He is the chief of this ship. This is his 11th voyage. Normal. No any specialty. Feature is similar to our countrymen. Data ended.”

“Why were you so late Akshey?”

“I faced some problem. We have to take suitable food only. If you take not suitable food, you can’t touch it with your hand. I took a long time to eat food. We don’t have food like this. I tried to taste a new variety. You can’t do that. I tried to take food allocated to others. It is allocated to different people. There wasn’t anybody to inquire. That’s why.”

“Did you eat then?”

“Eventually there wasn’t anything for me. There was something like vegetables. I had to go with it.”

“What a pity?  If I were there, I would have helped you to get something.”

“”I’ve been informed to go to 32/12, 2B 14 Panbomie place in Carlos park to take new clothes and to get myself cleaned. I think it is to take a bath.”

“For me not yet informed.”

“You got late here. Then I get going. Let’s meet again Unity place. See you.”

“You will be gone missing if you go alone.”

“Excuse me! Please tell me how to go to Panbomie place. “

“Go to that room over there. Press the button Panbomie place in Carlos Park.”

“Oh! I’m not tall enough to press this. I have to jump up. Will it go wrong?”

“Thud.. thud… braas…!

“What is that? What has gone wrong? I touched a wrong place.”

“It’s going down. It has stopped now. I shall open the door. What a bad smell? I’m unable to bear it.  There are beetles, ants, geckoes, worms and so on. Are they kept here for breeding? Is this butchery or the kitchen? My God, how can I get back? These cockroaches are capable of killing and eating me. They are in millions. Woosh! What? Thud …! I’ve fallen. Nobody is here. No use of shouting. I’ve made the mistake. There are two. Yes here it is. 1,2,3,4,5,”

“Panbomie in carlos park, Panbomie in Carlos Park. Okay, it got pressed.”

“It’s like going into water through a lotus flower. Now I’ve fallen on tussle of a flower. Buds are around the flower. So pretty place this is and surrounded by crystal clear water.”

‘Plenty of clothes available that you can get as much as you need. What shall I wear; nobody is here except two children. I can see a security guard over there.   He looks like Latis who was near the dining hall. First I must select dress. Then put into the bucket on which my name is written. After that take a bath here; I want bathe at least for one hour. It’s better to remove my clothes and bath without any.’

‘Water is not cool or not warm. Now water is becoming slippery. Oh! It’s coming with soap mixed now. Someone is rubbing my body. I feel shy. But I can’t see anyone near me. Is it a robot? It sounds like these types of machines are created then and the automatically in need. that’s enough. My body may get wounded. Enough!

“It will stop in time I think. Everything happens here in time. Starting and ending as if it was programmed. Again the shape of the basin changed. Now fresh water is coming. I cannot leave the place. Until it is finish I have to be here. I can’t escape. Finished. Ah! no need of towel, It became dry.’

‘Here are clothes. Which one I should choose? There is no suitable one for me. Am I to go without dress? I’ll go that security man who looked like Latis to tell about this. Shall I go like this?”

“Shhh! Where are you going child? Don’t go like this. Why don’t you have clothes there? Those clothes here won’t fit for me. So I didn’t take any. Now dresses stopped coming. I can’t get any.”

“You can’t find dresses fit for you but you have to get them to fit for this environment. Now I have to run the machine in reverse. What a stupid thing you have done. You get only five chances to select the dress, but missed your chances. That’s why it stopped. Now you have to get what is going to be given. Here take this is will fit for you. I’m sorry to say that you have to wear this till tomorrow. You can’t help if you feel cold. When you feel cold you can adjust the power of the electric bulb where you stay. Then it will be warm.”

“There is a child bathing in that tub. Hey! Child you should not play in it. You can’t do it as you want. You have to do it in a way here. When you go to Keer Koor Moor you will learn everything well.”
“Akshey! Are you going to bathe now? I bathed myself. You have to be careful when you take bath. Everything must be done in order according to a procedure. Every action happens on a certain time. You must used to it and follow. If you miss there going to be a mess. Be careful.”

‘Even though it’s dark at night this place which looks like a ship is not dark. You cannot see the sea or ocean outside. When you glaze through the glasses of the windows you can see wonderful landscape. You can’t imagine whether you are in a ship or a land as the ship is so large. It seems stopped in a certain place. Where is this place? It cannot be Keer Koor Moor Island. ‘

‘Why can’t we feel the difference between day and night now? You can’t leave the luxurious place where you are now. You can’t go around. You have to go to another place when you get the signals. While going on these signals you can’t go anywhere as you wish. Opening of doors and other facilities will be given only on the route that you are supposed to go. Perhaps this is like a secret cave. This ship and its signal network system all are very mysterious and complicated.

‘You have no way to find the time or date. Why is that? You can’t think that they are using the same clock time or our Gregorian calendar. Here the time is not measured with twenty four hours’ day. Some different method they use. Seconds, minutes, hours and days are the units of time in all the countries on earth. But with these people it is different. There are no clocks or watches to be seen in this ship. This ship has no beginning or ending points. You cannot guess the shape of it even. Only thing you feel is it’s like a very long glass pipe somewhat like an arrow. You can’t feel shaking, vibrating or moving.”

‘As you have heard the in the other planets the distance is measured in light years. I really don’t know about it. I’ve to learn after arriving in Keer Koor Moor Island. Even if I could not count the hours in this ship, they issued food thrice. Bathing and changing clothes twice. As Drooditoo had mentioned we will be able to go within two days. If he mentioned using the time measurement here, we will be able land in Keer Koor Moor Island very soon. It’s a wonderful fortune. How do they count time then? I feel my knowledge and understanding have come to a certain extent than before. Even though it’s not a subject I learnt here, this situation is very parallel with the out comings of the data storage. As I have heard if anyone wants to get some information through internet, just one has to type some letters and enter it. Then the required information will get flowing. Accordingly if I think few words related to the information I need, the required information is getting understood. I think the reason is that devise inserted into body through an operation is at work.’

‘However I understand the light year calculation is being used inside this vessel. A light year means the distance that light travel in a second multiplied by a year. When it is multiplied by seven or eight you get some figures. That is considered as the distance. An incident occurs in a seven or eight light years distant planet comes to our sight after seven or eight years. Here is an instrument like a clock in this ship. I think they can measure time in the universe using this device.’

‘In this case the Earth is isolated in the universe. We are not linked with the majority beings. We haven’t used their developed technology yet. In considering our time calculations we are ancient human beings in the universe. The reason is when the information of universe is released in a second and we see it in the past. Anyhow now I have to think about the prevailing situation and should not compare it with external world.’

“Akshey! Akshey! This man is fast asleep still. I couldn’t sleep even an hour in this ship. My mind is a mess. What was that signal just came now?

“Sudantha I’m awake. What’s that message? Listen carefully.”

This is the first call. On the third call come out from the 5th cabin which is 250 feet height. All the students must gather at ‘Gnarachiladen place’. We are happy to inform you that we are going ashore in Keer Koor Moor in few minutes. You are hearing now is the information from the visual signals communicated main control cabin.”

“We even can feel such things. That’s normal Akshey.”

“What are you doing Sudantha? Don’t disturb. Please sleep, will you?”

“Akshey, we have come here to increase our knowledge and to be intelligent. Therefore let’s try to know all the information available here. There, a message has been received that we are very close to Keer Koor moor Island.”

“That’s okay. When we reach there, they will ask us to come down from the ship. Then we’ll do it. Why should we bother now?”

“You are lazy. You sleep like Kumbakarna the sleepy brother of Rama in The Ramayana. ‘

“Akshey we can know at least the way they go if we watch. Shall we watch around a little?”

“”Don’t be silly Sudantha. What’s the use of looking into those? When we have this much comfort, we must enjoy. Why should we suffer? We’ve come here for enjoying these comforts. We don’t have these facilities in our countries. We don’t have enough food even. We got selected because of our good lick. Why shouldn’t we use it?”

“I’m not. Only you’re. I didn’t come here with such ideas. I wanted to be man with new creative abilities. You do as you like. I’m going to the balcony in the Independent area.”

‘He is hopeless, as friend he doesn’t understand what I say. I too become ignorant if I associate him. He is a greedy and chatty lazy guy. Being alone is better. If it happened to meet him again I’ll associate. Otherwise it’s better for me to stay isolated.”

‘It seems to be another message,

“All get ready now. We are towards the end of the journey now. Get ready to come down from the vessel in the same status now you are. All the students go to the 1st door of the 2nd level in the 7th floor.”

‘Yes I’m in the 5th floor. I’ve to go more two floors up. i can find it  but Akshey! ? He is crazy, let him sleep little more. Here is another man like Latis. I must speak to him.”

“Excuse me please! May I know where are we going now?”

“We are going to Keer Koor Moor Island. Didn’t you get instructions now? As per to that got to the 1st gate of the 7th level in the 5th floor. We are going to anchor near Keer Koor Moor Island now. The first gate will be open there. Then a bridge will be erected from the land to this vessel. You will be able to walk through that. It’s not a bridge actually. Every year they keep on changing these methods.”

“Sorry to disturb you again, Will those who are like you coming with us?

“We are not permitted to land on Keer Koor Moor. I’ve never set foot on that island in my life. People living in that island are very special. You children are very fortunate because you are going to live there. But If they find you are not suitable to live there, they will send you back in shortly.”

“Why do they do so?”

“If you don’t become a person with new creative abilities, there is no use of you for them. No one in that island does any thing what another one does. They don’t know how to imitate. Everyone is trying to do something different from others. You child too must be having such an ability. Aren’t you? That was the qualification which borough you here. Wasn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”

“Develop the same. Others will do different things. They will ask you to do but you must do what you have decided. There is no harm even if you make mistakes on it. Even I don’t know a lot about those things. Those who are holding higher positions there travel by this ship frequently. We could understand that through their speech and behaviour. “

“Where do those officials travel by this ship?”

“They go everywhere in the universe.”

“Where have I come now? Is it another part of the universe or somewhere in our?”

“We, both belong to a same part of the universe. You come under the name Human. But they are different. They don’t use that name. You have to leave the name Human after going to Keer Koor Moor. Then you will be a Triple world being. First of all you have to go for an agreement with them on many counts. After bringing you into this bond only you will become a Tri World being. Thereafter you have to undergo for many tests. If you fail you have to go back with your human name.”

“It’s the final signal. Wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I too feel. Thank you very much for you explanation.”

“You are good. You may have good future. You may become a person who can spread powers all over the Tri world.”

“Wait, line up in two rows. As this door opens, you will flow down. Hold both of your hands together. Let yourselves slip down. The officials will come from the head quarters to take you.”

‘Pardon me! Then aren’t we going to land on a sea port?”

“We don’t know that. Ports are in your countries. Here we don’t have them, forget those things now.”

“Sun shine is there. Even if it’s not Sun light but it’s some bright light.”

“The final message is coming; the bell is ringing…the last second. The gate is opened.”

“Ah! Hold fast.”

“What’s happening?’

“Eh! What a strange creature is this?”

“We are going into its mouth. Oh! Dangerous.”

“Who is shouting there? I’m Sudantha. I’m the leader here, don’t make noise. You will lose your marks. Hold fast please”

“You are really a brave boy. I’m happy to hold your hand.”

“These are new things. We must experience out of these. “

“I too am afraid. My heart is beating high. But I should not show it out.”

“We are going into the stomach of the animal. Aren’t we? This is its tongue. If it closes its mouth what will happen to us?”

“Oh! God! Are we going through its teeth?”

“Your heads will hit its teeth, careful. Is it a dragon? “

“I too feel so.”

It’s not a dragon. It looks like a bird. It was keeping its long beak close to the gate of the vessel.”

“Are we really going into the stomach of this creature?”

“Hold me fast. There the children are making noise.”

“This is the first experience here. They give in an unbearable level. If we don’t do these we won’t be successful. I’m not scared as I’m with you. We can’t use our talents in this situation.”

“Don’t try to do those things here. They don’t account it.”

‘We are going at high speed. It’s like gong on skipping on ice. This may be the throat of this creature. This is hill, from here you will fall down, hold your hands fast.”


“This is a hell. It would be better if we were in the places were we had been.”

“This is a place like a flat land with lot of creepers and bushes. is this forest inside the stomach of this creature?”

“It can’t be. This cannot be a living creature. If it’s so there must be stinking smell in it. This area is full of good smell. There you can see a road, it’s dark but you can see light little away. It’s dim. Now this place is airy.”

“Someone is pushing us from behind. Or it’s pressure behind us?”

“Don’t     push, we will be get pressed on the wall like place there. You see!”

“Hey! Don’t push.”

“Nobody is pushing you. We all are being pushed forward by some unknown powers.’

“Sudantha don’t try to move forward, slow down, your head, and be careful. There you hit it.”

“No pain but shocked and went unimaginable.”

“Thud.. thud… thud!”

“As if we are falling down as we are being shot by bows.”

“It’s interesting. Children are coming from up.”

“Get aside, they will fall on you.”

”Sudantha how are you now?”

“I’m okay.”

“I too am okay.”

“There! See those children who were crying are laughing now. they hit on that wall.”

“Because of the pressure caused by that knock, the wall got a crack on it. There is some thing like a ball coming out. Children are being fallen one by one towards somewhere.”

“It’s a fantastic experience wasn’t it? Still there are children keeping on coming.”

“Oh my goodness, There are a lot of children. Then what about those who had fallen before? What would have happened to them? Have they dead?”

“Dog tired. WE made a very long way. Are we in Keer Koor Moor now?”

“It’s quite a long distance.’

“This seems to be an ordinary country. But everything is in order. Here is a bird but we can’t see its size, it looks as if it is already standing in the sea. We had gone through it’s beak and have come from its stomach.”

“We will never be able to see water in our life.”

“Then what about the ports?”

“Such things are not available my friend. What’s the use of ports when there are such facilities like these? This is too some sort of landing process, I think.”

“The bird is still standing the same. Have all the children come? Hadn’t they?”

“Still they are keeping on coming.”

“It seems to be going finished. Let’s see whether this bird will fly back.”  

‘This is an open area but haven’t felt when we‘ve fallen.”

“How could you get pain, since you have fallen on a heap of wool?”

“What a lot of children have been in that vessel? Here you can count a hundred. All are excited and won’t be getting up.”

“Shall we both get up?’

“Don’t do that. We have to wait till the bird fly. There is a large cover on its tail.”

“Both sides of the sea have been covered with it, I guess.”

“Will we see the sea when it goes away?’

“No. it’s very far”

“That bird is shaking its body. I think all the children have come by now.”

“There, see, It is rising up. There again see! It took its legs up now. It’s flying away now. “

“I think it’s a real bird. What do you think Sudantha?”

“I feel it could be a devise in the form of a bird.”

“In general we can’t come out through the stomach of a living bird. It may die.”

“That’s right. It must be a machine made for this purpose in the form of a bird. See there, it got landed on other side.”

“There are two figures can you see there? One is wearing black and the other one is in white. They are carrying some books with them.”

“They look like a bat and a crane.”

“Do you hear? All of you get up from the places where you are. Come forward one after another according to your previous order. Rush forward.”

“What a distance they are at? We see it as if very close. Children are moving forward, let’s run there.”

“It’s very beautiful environment, some thing like grass, large trees and a building in the far distance. It’s sure we are being taken to that place. The two figures we saw earlier didn’t come. They were talking to us from that distance far. We saw if they were very close to us. See there! There is a wonderful building. We are going straight into that, I think.”

“Those children started going into the building. It’s a huge palace. Is this the place where we are going to stay? Now the road has been changed. It’s dark and liker an underground tunnel.”

 “Don’t run. The children have stopped.
“Someone is there.”

“All the children first remove your dress and enter through the gates. The boys that way and the girls this way; now separate into two lines. You must remove the cloths you were wearing in the ship. Get into that pond. After cleaning yourselves wear these clothes. All are going to wear the same kind of clothe from here. You must proceed to the main hall passing the free area. There you must obtain a number after mentioning your name. From there onwards you will be called bay that number. There will be a welcome ceremony in the main hall. All of you will be participating.”

“Sudantha’ this is the last time that I pronounce my name. My friend you too say your name for the last occasion. “


“Have you come from Japan?”


“Only you?”

“We three came from our country. Other two were girls. Where are you from?”

“I’m from Sri Lanka.”

“Yes I have heard about it.”

“So my friend Hokaido, for the last time I’m the one who said your name.”

“Friend Sudantha, I too said your name for the last time.”

“Let’s go on in queue, what a height he has? Won’t you get frightened when you him? We are just like dwarfs. They give each child a book.”
“Son, tell your name.”

“Theywerelapher Martin.”

“You should not use this name hereafter.  We’ll call you by this number when in need. Remember the number. According to Keer Koor Moor Island you are going to stay here for 3 or 4 years.  We don’t give you a name during this period. Only this number will be in use to identify you.”

“What? Then will it not be going to twenty seven years?”

“Hush! It’s your time calculation. Not ours.”

“”0032324 can you remember your number? We print this number on your hand to keep it not forgotten.”

“It will be paining.”

“No. It won’t be.”


“Don’t cry. Talented children never cry. Next…”

“Homer Stellar”


“Oh! They don’t give numbers in serial order.”

“Get your number printed on your hand, and then you can gossoon. Welcoming function is going to start now. Next…”

“Garshell Balundi”

“Letters and numbers are together. Strange.”

“Son, take this book with you. All information about your first year studies is available in it. Read and study it well. Next…”

“Elber Thamel”
“Z5122g, next…”

“Daniel Hitoo.”
“4316924, next…”

“Hokaido Karsewelda”

“Can I have my copy of the Instructions manual?”

“Here you are.”

“Do we have to keep it everyday with us?”

“Throughout this year your education will be as it is mentioned on it. So keep it, next…?”

“Sudantha Hansajith.”
“00000003, both of you got number near one each other wasn’t it? That’s better.”

“I’m 073 and you’re 072”

“Oh! You made it short code out of that so quickly.”

“Can you explain us about the way that we should work?”

“You will answers for all those questions in the welcoming occasion. Next…”

“Marker Hotta.”
“010448, next…’

“Weldin Keyleila”

“415002Z4, next…”

“Phshyma Thamashi.”
“000094285, next…?

“Maria Monterio.”
“134ZG12, go quickly, time is over.”

“I think 072 and 073 are below in the first row of seats in the auditorium. There will be children over our heads even. They have kept all the children in the same distance. The auditorium is like a globe in shape. They are in the centre so that they can see and identify all the children.”

“Sit down Hokai…, at once I remembered your name. But the pain of punching number on hand is still I feel. 072 sit down. Is that okay?”

“Still there is only one person in the stage. More children may be coming. There are about 200 to 300 children already seated here. We don’t know whether they have gone to other planets to bring children after leaving us in the island.”
“They didn’t say that. They have no time to do that.”
“I think there are some from other planets too among these. Some are pretty. Some are very ugly. You can’t look at them even. 072 see there, Can you see a large frog there? You know the shape of a frog I think.”

“Yes, of course! It’s not a frog. It’s a child.”

“Is that so?’
“See how he is. Some are like us. That guy has no alms and legs. It’s only body and head to be seen. Ah! Here came another. She is a girl. Isn’t she? My God, she is so small. Very thin but so much pretty she is. Her hair is green. Looks like a grass hopper.”

“What a man you are 073, you are joking at them. Weren’t you?”

“We’ll make friendship with her. Her number is 00000006. It means 076. See behind us. Another one came next to her place. It was 00000005. Now I can understand the serial of numbers.”

                                               WELCOME TO KEER KOOR MOOR ISLAND

All of you must understand that this is not an island.
This is a large state. You are under the law of this state
from today. You are temporary citizens of this country now.
We shall consider for your permanent citizenship if you will be
talented and with good behaviour.
This is your university. It’s an ideal place to increase your
knowledge. You should pass the annual examinations
after learning the subjects and practical activities here.
In the second step you can enter into a higher university.
All of you are united. There are a lot of students from the countries
of this Earth and  of the other planets in the universe here for higher
studies. You can associate all of them. We wish you all the best.
Thank you.
Administrative Committee of Wonder Heart Inter Universe Human University
“Are you reading that book 073?” Don’t read it. They will explain it now.”
“But it’s better to read first so that you can understand easily. If they ask whether we did read the given book we have to answer their questions. You see wed have to learn fifteen subjects in the first year. Oh! My God! Is it going to be a difficult task?”

We hope that all the children are here now, so we start this function. Senior students who are standing outside also come and sit in rear row of seats.”

“You are the new batch of students for this New year. First of all we must tell you that there is no educational institution like this in the universe. Therefore we have selected students from all over the universe on the basis of your special talents. So you have become      special characters out of ordinary children. As you have come to this Keer Koor Moor island which is engaged in this particular task,  
we consider you as extra ordinary children.

“Your lecturers are sitting on this first row. we would like to introduce them to you now.

The person who is presiding this meeting is the chief of enrollment department of this university. When we say his name you can receive his details from your data bank. He is Vishvantha Brahmaputhra Doctor. Thamilathaji Aujunstuwenson.

“You have an introduction of your subjects in the book given to you. I’ll introduce each lecturer with his subject concerned.  Take your writing tool and write the names of the teachers against their subjects on your books. Then you remind your mind his or her name. Your data bank will give you more information to understand about him or her. “

“Where did they live? What were the things they developed in their minds? How far you have to learn these subjects? Answers for all the questions can be realized by your mind with the help of your data banks. We have included the language spoken in this country in your data storage. Study them all.”
                                                                                                                    Your lecturers
,On the second row from right,
1.AnthaloojaThaloojan -    Mysteriology 
 2. Autabarden Hamithaphul  
       - Inter-Universe Science
  3. Mominugel Ketroorel  
  -   Mindology   
4. Chandrabarrel Hulheloola  
    -  Homospirtology
5. Zebrateralda Didal 
 -  Science of Myth Intelligence
                                  06. Mamisheker Evdando  -
                                   Science of     Para-material  Energy
                                8 Dapadivelta Manuhatapani    
                                     Derivational Intelligence                                       
           On the first row from right,
09. SurangabadaDevi rasalivandi  
 Plantmobile Equology    
10Kavamartchi Yakdesbulto       
 Science of Child Affection
11. Valtalmi Natabrayberilla     
 Faunal Signals Network Studies
12.Brutel Gomeri Capataveldar      
    Exteroceptional Energy
13. Nutcegetel Valdamaduradara  
    Science of After world Spirits
14. Mynamara Brutus       
    Neo probstry          
15. Promosal Niccamacheca  
  Static power                       
“You have got introduced the fifteen scholars who are going to be your lecturers in this university. You are requested achieve your goal being friendly with them. Whenever any problem crops up, you can contact the head of the unit. “

“Within this premises you have been provided a full furnished house with all facilities so that you can live in.”

“You are entitled to use everything since this university is yours. But you must avoid misusing any complicated devices if you are not familiar with it because it can cause damages to you. Therefore you should not use or occupy them without prior approval.”

“You can enjoy the right of visiting any part of this country and the permit from the Government Authorities will come to your hand in due course.”

“My explanation has come to end. Head of the Unit Vishva Brahmaputra Dr. Thamilatha Jee will address you now. After that one of the new students will be given opportunity to elaborate his or her view on this representing all the students. Thereafter every child must give his or her particulars and perform the activities based on their talents. It’s a must. In order to that we provide all facilities and change the structure of this auditorium.”

“See there 073! Dr. Thamilatha Jee has got up. His shawl is being dragged on the floor. As I feel he must be with some great power.”

“Dear teachers and my dear new students! I beg your permission to address you.”

“At this moment I’m standing before a lot of talented children. So I’m afraid that I’m not a talented here. I’m not talented in anything that much. Before starting my speech, I would like to show you one of my talents in a small way. But you all have to participate in this activity. You should not cry, disturb, and shout, run or frightened. If anyone does he becomes fail. It will reduce you marks in the first round itself. Are you ready?”
“Yes, we are.”

“We too are ready.”

“Those who are the back, if anybody not ready put your hands up.”

“Yes, nobody is there. It means all are ready now. Yes I’ve started..!

“Hush!... he has started!
What is
 Dr. Thamilatha Jee going to do?
You are going to read Keer Koor Moor -02 to know that my dear children.

In the first year half of the Sudantha’s batch becomes with children from other planets. 
Why is that?

   Hooder and Geeder are from one-legged human nation called Spreen. 
What are the talents of these twin brothers?

Sudantha disorders the Signal Network in order to go to Nebdanas with Geeder without the knowledge of Keer Koor Moor Officials.

In Derivational Intelligence period Sudantha teaches doctrine 
wrong and make the students to knock on their own heads instead of knocking other.

  One of the final year students takes control of a huge tree and uses the 
tree for his traveling purposes. Why don’t the Officials of Keer Koor Moor permit this?
 One of the student inserts his finger into a mango fruit and at a touch on the
 mango seed he brings out a mango tree. Then he gets mango fruits to his taste.
 He has been caught by the officials. Will he be punished? What will be the punishment?

To know all these,
Read Keer Koor Moor -2

It’s said that if Sudanth’s head hits
 on a rock while he’s asleep the rock
gets smashed. But if it hits while he
is awake his head will be smashed.
How can he avoid it?

He can watch at the stars standing
on a stone slab, but he needs not
look at the sky. He can see the stars
by looking at the stone slab.

You all like to eat fruits.
But they have to eat fruit
covering their noses. Why?
If they keep it open while
eating the fruit get disappeared.
Only the smell they have to feel.

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