Saturday, July 22, 2017

Who is the owner of natural rights.

 Every -day people try to make progress, as well as in countries.
 That is because there is a purpose for living. it is the mind that  creates this purpose.
 How the  mind was created , it is said to be a natural creation.
 who creates nature?
 It is not  done by humans.
 Man is subject to nature. 
The man who does  not  understand this can give it to god. god will not accept it, God gives its handover to the nature.
 The man who thinks so great that all actions take place in such a manner that they think that they are without the influence of someone , they say it is the nature.

 But there is the owner of the nature. he is the real nature of the designer.
 The real designer's design is a design,not  a model. man is also created.
 The man thus created refuses to say that he is someone else's design.
He says that he is the creator determined a price for his designs and points to its value.
 But the real designer did not set a price for the maker, and no one is allowed to tell him the right. 
The  real designer  has recorded the expiration date of every human being he created to that date, the value of the design is canceled. 
This unknown human creator says his creations are permanent .
 But who else knows  who his unknown  day does not know ?

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